Chapter 115 Hearing (4) .

Chapter 115 Hearing (4) .

Chapter 115 - Hearing (4)

Alandal's guild master Kahng-woojin and the President of Korea, Kim-byungmahn, stood in front of each other. The President raised his hand.

“I'm President Kim-byungmahn.”

“Uh? The comedian?”

“Hahaha. We have the same name.”

Woojin was being rude but Byungmahn glossed over it with an affable laughter. Woojin smirked as he shook the President's hand.

“I thought all politician were shady. You are ok.”

“Huh? If you get to know me, you’ll find out I’m a pretty shady guy.”

Woojin shook his head from side to side. His soul wasn't clear like Jiwon's soul, but it was still light in color. At the very least, it meant he was very determined like Haesol.

Woojin wasn't concerned if this man was involved in scandals or not. It was more important to find out where his pure will was focused on. If he was like Haesol, who was adamant in serving her country, then it would be perfect….

“I won't tell you how bad you are. Let's sit.”

“Haha. You are exactly as I've heard. You are very straightforward.”

The President and Woojin sat on the sofa. His attitude was more rude than straightforward. The Chief Officer's expression hardened, but he didn't move an inch. If he moved even a little bit, his fists shaking in anger might be seen.

“How much have you heard?”


“I'm sure you've investigated me.”


Kim-byungmahn let out a laugh. His political career hadn't been short, but he had almost never held a conversation...

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