Chapter 113 Hearing (2).

Chapter 113 Hearing (2).

Chapter 113 - Hearing (2)

 Woojin exited the Seoul Station's 1st exit and was greeted by Soonghoon.

“You are back?”

“Yes. Where's Minchan?”

“He went to the airport to greet her.”

“I guess he'll be here soon. Let's head to our office.”

“Yes, I will guide you there.”

He had spent a brief time meeting his family and Jiwon when he wasn't at his Dimensional Domain. However, the rest of his time was focused on building his Domain. This was why Woojin had never seen the new office yet.

Woojin stopped after following Soonghoon for couple steps.

“What's going on over there?”

“The people started to gather here and….”

“Huh. Jeez.”

Woojin smirked as he looked at the stalls lined up in front of the Dungeon.

There were fish-shaped buns and oden. A variety of street food stands were lining the street.

“Who purchases all these stuff?”

“The reporters and the civilians who come to see the sights all purchase these foods. It sells since the weather is cold right now.”

“So what's tasty here?”

“We don't purchase food from such facilities.”

“Stop lying.”

“The fish-bun bread over there tastes the best.”

“Buy me a couple of them.”

“Yes, sir.”

Soonghoon was the chief secretary. He had brought 6 members to guard Woojin. It was standard to travel with these men now. One of the guards hurriedly ran to a stall and bought some fish-shaped buns.

The reporters who...

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