Chapter 112 - Hearing

Chapter 112 Hearing.

Chapter 112 - Hearing

Woojin sat on the throne surveying the buildings he was able to build.

He would be able to build farms and mines as a means to gather Bloodstones. There were also grocery stores, restaurants, and cafe for the residents of the Domain... There were several dozen commercial shops one could build. There were also guard towers, observation posts, and even military facilities where one could train one's forces. There were a lot of variety of buildings.

“I thought one's forces had to be bought through Energy?”

<Barracks - Military Facility> - 1,000p

One can gather the troops one wants and train them.

After building the barracks, he just had to assign a trainer to drill the soldiers. Then, he would have to send out a recruitment notice to all the Dimension to gather members to train.

The military facilities didn't only train soldiers. There were facilities intended to train monsters and other races. For example, there was the Wolf Training Center, and Elf Archery Firing Range. Moreover….

“Huh huh. They even have this.”

<Wyvern's Nest - Military Facility> - 3,000p

Wyvern lays eggs and rears the young.

Growth : 90 days, Number : 1

The price of purchasing a Wyvern was 300, and this option was 10 times that price. However, it had an advantage of adding one Wyvern every 90 days without expending any additional Ene...

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