Chapter 111 Second Alandal (2).

Chapter 111 Second Alandal (2).

Chapter 111 - Second Alandal (2)

Woojin looked at his mini-map and saw a orange colored dot not too far away from the Domain's border.

“What is it? Is it a person?”

He got close enough to see the presence of bipedal creatures. Woojin got closer and realized they weren't humans. They were one of the Beast race. There were of the Ho-in race.


The Wyvern landed as it created a gust, and Kiba's Phantom Wolf appeared not too long after.

[Ggoo-roo-rook. What is your business with Alandal?]

Kiba grabbed his axe, asking in a threatening manner. One of the Ho-in with a large body stepped forward.

“Please let us meet the owner of this Domain, oh Undead Warrior.”

Woojin jumped off the Wyvern's saddle and stepped forward.

“I'm the owner here.”

“I beg of you. Let my family and I stay briefly in your Domain.”

Woojin looked over the party. They were a 8 membered Ho-in family. There were 5 males and 3 females. The man speaking from the front seemed to be the head of the family.

“All right. I'll allow it. However, I have a condition.”

Their faces brightened when Woojin assented, but their faces quickly hardened. Their shadowed faces indicated that they had gone through a lot of hardship.

“What's the condition?”

“I would like to hear your life story...

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