Chapter 110 - Second Alandal

Chapter 110 Second Alandal .

Chapter 110 - Second Alandal

Woojin ordered Minchan to finalize the negotiation for the real estate near the Seoul Station, then ordered a move to that location. He immediately tried to head towards his Dimensional Domain.

<The Return Portal's recharge isn't complete. Would you like to recharge it using Energy?>

“What the heck.”

Woojin had no choice but to hitch a ride to the Seoul Station. It wasn't far away, so he didn't feel the need to waste his Energy.

"You are here, president?”

The Alandal’s Guild employees had already been dispatched to the 1st Exit and were guarding the entrance. They had followed Woojin's instruction. They hadn't taken any appointments and had sealed up the exit. There was only a single door where only Woojin could go in and out.

“Work hard.”

“Yes, president.”

The founding member of Alandal knew Woojin from before, but the new employees only knew him as the world famous Kahng-woojin. The president was a high rank Roused who was up on the high perch above them.

<You've entered the Seoul Station's 1st Exit.>

<This is the Dimensional Domain's Restored Dungeon.>

<You can either choose Hunting or Domain Return.>

“What? I can hunt in my own Dungeon?”

Woojin laughed at this nonsensical situation. If he was short on levels, he could hunt down...

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