Chapter 109 - Vampire Hunt

Chapter 109 Vampire Hunt.

Chapter 109 - Vampire Hunt

*Inside a dark alleyway.*

A man was embracing a woman wearing a miniskirt.

“Ah ah.”


A moan leaked out of the woman's lips, sounding as if her strength was being leached away. After a lengthy time, the man and woman separated from each other. The woman fell to the floor and the man wipe the blood from his mouth with laughter.

“Koo koo koo. Is this place a paradise?”

Humans with fresh blood were overflowing in this place.

He'd never seen a dimension with this many humans. He had already sampled the blood of 24 people today. In the past, he had to survive by drinking the blood of animals and monsters. If those bloods were like grass porridge, human blood was like a sweet cookie.

He coveted more blood, but it was time for him to move.

“Kook. I have a lot of time.”

He was the loyal vassal of Railer. His great lord was of the 7th Step and he possessed 7 Thrones. His name was Veymort, and he was Railer's best scout. He was sent to earth so he could find the most suitable dungeon his master could link to.

“I'll enjoy it slowly.”

He had a lot of time. He would look around the human world, then slowly gather information. He would have to find a place to sleep when the morning sun ascends.

As he was about to transform into a bat, his expression suddenly hardened.

“Whew. I finally...

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