Chapter 108 Duty (3) .

Chapter 108 Duty (3) .

Chapter 108 - Duty (3)

It was a hospital not too far away from the Sahdahng station.

The roads weren't fixed yet, so it was probably faster to run there than to ride a car. When Woojin opened the door to enter the hospital, the inside of the hospital was filled with people. It was so packed, there wasn’t a place for his feet.


There were several times more injured people than casualties.

The elevator was pretty much paralyzed by the number of people trying to use it. He bypassed them and ascended using the emergency stairway. He walked past the corridor filled with patients, then headed towards the isolation ward.

“You can't come in here.”

Woojin had suddenly entered the ward, and the nurses were surprised by his appearance. They tried to stop him.

“It's all right. I'll just go in for a brief amount of time.”

“No. You might become infected.”

“I'm a Roused, so I'll be fine.”

Being a Roused didn't mean his body was invulnerable. She was busy, so why was he being so obstinate?

Woojin pushed forward his Roused Card. When the nurse saw it, her eyes became round.


Rank A was printed on the card, but this was merely the Rank that was registered with the Roused Association. Kahng-woojin of Korea was known to the world as a Rank AA Roused. There were those who considered his rank to be as high as Rank S.

“Still, you might get infected….”

“I'm fine.”


Now that...

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