Chapter 107 Duty (2).

Chapter 107 Duty (2).

Chapter 107 - Duty (2)

President's room of Hammer Guild.

Four people were looking at each other as they sat.

It was Hammer Guild's president Park-sahngoh and vice president Park-jinwoo. These two Rank A Roused represented Korea. Hong-sungoo and Jung-minchan was sitting in front of them.

One was a former employee turned vice president of the Alandal Guild. The other man was an inconsequential Roused they hadn't paid much attention to, yet he had already become a Rank A Roused. Park-sahngho felt restless as he looked at Hong-sunggoo.

‘What a waste.’

If he had been able to absorb them all into the Hammer guild then he would have 3 Rank A Roused and an AA Rank Roused on top of that. No, it was a misnomer to call him a Rank AA any more.

The awkward silence settled around the office until the intercom rang.

When Park-sahngoh pressed the button, the secretary's voice flowed out.

[Mr. Kahng-woojin has gotten on the elevator. He'll be arriving soon.]


Park-sahngoh lifted his finger off the intercom button, then looked at Minchan.

“Does Mr. Kahng-woojin know something about this situation?”

Jung-minchan let Park-sahngoh's gaze flow off of him.

“I'm not sure. You should ask him when he gets here.”

How would Minchan know? There was just the story Woojin said was true. Woojin also warned him once that the world's laws and morality would fall. He wondered if the current Dungeon Breaks were a...

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