Chapter 106 - Duty

Chapter 106 Duty.

Chapter 106 - Duty

“Master died!”

The Death Knights stirred at Bibi's words.

[The death of our monarch means the death of us.]

[The witch is spouting bullshit.]

Bibi titled her head in confusion at their words, then she looked at Woojin. Woojin laughed as he approached Bibi, giving her a light tap on the head with his knuckles.

“Give me a tour.”

“Aikoo. Hmmm. How did you get in here?”

Bibi grumbled as she moved in quick, short steps with Woojin in tow.

“From here to there is my land. Hehe. Isn't my hut pretty?”

Woojin looked across the fence to see the land beyond it. The garden was full of weird plants from the Demon World and there was a cozy hut built there. The place was decorated with cute items, and Bibi proudly showed off each of them.

“Ehem. Wait here.”

Bibi waved her hand through empty air, and a picnic table appeared in the yard. Then bread and meat formed on top of it.

“Mmm? How'd you do that?”

“I just did it?”

It seemed Bibi was used to doing this.

“I can decorate the place more to my liking as Master gets stronger. He he he. Please work a little bit harder.”

The Summon room was a space of nothingness. It allowed each occupant to change the room to their preferences. He looked at the tower without an owner in the distance. It must be Jaenis' tower. Was the mountain...

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