Chapter 105 Dimensional Domain (3).

Chapter 105 Dimensional Domain (3).

Chapter 105 - Dimensional Domain (3)

“What the heck is the Synchronization Probability?”

Woojin was rubbing his chin when he saw and read the explanation located at the bottom of the window.

It was written that he would be able to gain territory equal to his Synchronization Probability.

“That's not too bad.”

Woojin pressed the 'Domain Declaration' button on his Information Window.

<You have declared the Wyvern's Nest as your Dimensional Domain.>

<Before the Ranking can be recorded, would you like to change the name?>

Did he even need to think about it? Of course, it was Alandal.

<Kahng-woojin has become the lord of Alandal.>

<Kahng-woojin's Alandal is being recorded into the Ranking.>

<After the 30 days Stabilization Period of the Domain is up, you will receive challenges from Adventurers. If you fail in your defense, you will lose your Dungeon Entrance. Part of the Domain's possessions may be looted.>

<After the protection period of a new Lord passes 30 days, you may receive requests from other lords for the Domain Battle..>

Woojin rubbed his chin.

He now understood the meaning of all the Modes that was listed before he entered Juliel's Dungeon. Several things suddenly made sense to him. It also explain the principle behind the structure of the Dungeons.

‘The Dungeon itself is the Entrance. When someone clears it, one loses that Entrance.’

Dungeons were the gateway for the Dimensional Domain, and one's...

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