Chapter 103 - Dimensional Domain

Chapter 103 Dimensional Domain .

Chapter 103 - Dimensional Domain

Woojin took out the Dimensional Fragments from his inventory.

He gained one at Pyeongyang and one which was given from Melody. He had just found one more right now, totalling to 3.


The fist sized gems rose into the air as it resonated.

The vibrating gems swirled around and combined to create a single gem. Then, it started to slowly descend. As Woojin snatched it out of the air, the bright light disappeared. A purple light vibrated inside the gem as it rippled. The light was swaying as if it was about to flow out of the gem. It was reminiscent of a light trapped inside a glass bottle.


Woojin looked at the gem's info.

<Dimensional Proof>

You can possess a piece of torn Dimension.

“I guess it's not here.”

If he wanted a piece of a torn Dimension as his Dimensional Domain, he had to find the right Dungeon. If a Dungeon was compatible with him, it would react to him on its own volition. There was no reaction from this Dungeon. Maybe it was because this wilderness had been owned by Juliel.

Woojin put the Dimensional Proof inside his Inventory, then he swept his gaze around the surrounding.

He wanted to see if Juliel's Wilderness had trophies like Rashmode's Lab.

“Bibi. Let's look for ...

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