Chapter 102 Juliel’s Wilderness (2).

Chapter 102 Juliel’s Wilderness (2).

Chapter 102 - Juliel’s Wilderness (2)

Woojin opened his Point Store to see if there were any items regarding this event. The Point Store had Skill Books but it also sold numerous regular books as well.

[Stewardship of the Dimensional Domain]

“I guess this is it….”

It was manual on how to govern a Dimensional Domain, and the price was 2,000 Achievement Points. However, it wasn’t the price that was a problem.

The problem was there was a lock on it, so he wouldn't be able to read it at all.

<Only the Corresponding Grade can have access to it.>

Woojin looked at his Stat Menu to check his Grade Menu. Woojin hadn't paid much attention to it since it had stayed the same. There weren't any numbers or marks. It was empty.


It wasn't going to work right now. It wasn't as if he would get more answer from worrying about it.

It would have been better if he had a guide, but it wasn't as if not having a guide would deter him from going forward.

Woojin chose the 'Clear' option.

<You are attempting the Clear Mode.>

<When you complete the Clear, you will be able to earn Achievement Points.>

“Hmmm. This is a bit different.”

He knew what to expect since he had entered Rashmode's Dungeon before. He had thought the Clear Mode was akin to breaking into another house to plunder...

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