Chapter 101 Juliel's Wilderness .

Chapter 101 Juliel's Wilderness .

Chapter 101 - Juliel's Wilderness

“W...what's happened?”

“Let's talk a little bit later.”

Woojin left Sunggoo and headed towards Juliel.

“Was it you? Were you the one going around and causing Dungeon Breaks?”

Woojin's heart ran cold. When he returned after attaching 6 Shadows to the terrorists of interest, Holy Maiden Melody informed him of the situation in Korea. Daegoo had an unexpected Dungeon Break.

He was quickly getting ready to head back to Korea when he had heard of the broadscale Dungeon Breaks in Seoul. When all the news channels were talking about the situation, Woojin decided to catch a ride on a missile.

With General David's aggressive support, he was allowed to use a ICBM with its warhead removed. He used Dolsae's ability to cobble together several fighter jets and attach it to the ICBM. He had made a rocket taxi.

He didn't need such things like a landing gear.

The Spirit Armor had protected Woojin.

This was the reason why Woojin was able to step onto the soil of Seoul within couple hours of the Sahdahng Station’s Dungeon Break.

The existing rules of the Dungeon Break had been turned on its head, and one of Trahnet's Commander Juliel was in front of Woojin's eyes.

In Woojin's memory, this guy wasn't that strong. They had frequently clashed with each other, but he hadn't been too much of a threat.

[I don't believe it….]

Juliel's body...

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