Chapter 100 - Bullet Taxi

Chapter 100 Bullet Taxi.

Chapter 100 - Bullet Taxi

“Hooo. So what happened here?”

At Sunggoo's question, one of the Roused next to Haesol spoke.

“Ah-yoo. You don't know the half of it. It started at the Sadahng station, then the nearby Dungeons Broke in succession. Currently, the entire city of Seoul is in a state of emergency. I'm not sure which guild you are from....”

At a glance, they could tell Sunggoo's combat ability was extraordinary. With this much skill, he should be a famous high rank Roused. However, his face was unfamiliar to them, so they carefully asked Sunggoo the question. At the man's words, Sunggoo acted like his usual self. He let out a laugh.

It seemed that more than one Dungeon had experienced a Break. Even now Sunggoo could hear sounds of explosions and guns. It tickled his ears.

Amongst the words spoken to him, there was a word that bothered him.

“The Sadahng Station Broke?”

“Yes. It was the first one to Break. Hammer guild was nearby, so it looked as if it would be resolved pretty quickly. However, after the Dungeon Break of the first 6 star Dungeon, a 5 star Dungeon and a 4 star Dungeon broke one after another. It seems they are still trying to settle the situation.”

There were numerous entrances to the subway stations, and there was an equal amount of Dungeons to the exits. Three consecutive Dungeons had Broken nearby, and it would take some time to clear the monsters.

Moreover, Sadahng station was the epicenter of the Breaks. The stations around the region Broke. No matter where one turned one ran into a monster.

His family was there….

“Ms. Haesol. I'll have to go to Sahdahng.”


It was only a distance of one station away.

Sunggoo quickly started to run.



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