Chapter 642 - Creator God (4)

『…Son, my ass. You’re going to be punished. You’ll be punished, I tell you!』

Kronos had returned to his human form with a depressed face, and Cha Jeong-woo’s vestige came over to pat his shoulder. Cha Jeong-woo said,『Father, he’s always been like that. You should be the bigger person.』

『Why does his dirty temper seem to be getting worse?』

『It’s because he becomes more crooked every day. Just look at him. He looks like a sour old fogey.』

Yeon-woo looked flabbergasted, listening to his father and brother insult him right to his face. However, he just ignored them and turned around since he’d only be more offended if he argued. 

「Haa! Haa! Working with you is great!」

But Yeon-woo found something even more horrid upon turning, seeing Laplace, who looked revolting with his cheeks flushed and exhausted panting. Yeon-woo felt like his eyes would rot at this rate, so he just simply stuffed Laplace back into the furnace. It was a relief that Laplace had already told him how to use the system keys. 

[System Key (Snake)]

[Category: Unknown]

[Rank: Unknown]

[Conditions for use: Sixth High Guardian]

[Description: This is the sixth part of the system key that has been divided into twelve. The holder will have the authority to approach the sixth section of the system’s settings. The holder can also do important tasks like backing up data and restoring information. 

**This artifact is intended for Guardians, not players. If someone other than a Guardian possesses this artifact, they must report it to the Bureau immediately. If this rule is not adhered to, the player may be eliminated from their player status. 

**The original owner (snake) cannot be found in the vicinity. All functions are paused. Please report to the Bureau as soon as this key is found.]

The system key was now a dull color, contrary to its radiating appearance when it had been in Hayang’s hand. It looked so ordinary that it being a system key was almost unbelievable.

[Many beings of the heavenly world show interest.]

However, the message that kept on popping up in Yeon-woo’s vision demonstrated how much everyone in the Tower wanted the key. ‘They’ve become quite patient.’ Yeon-woo smirked at the sky. From what he had experienced until now, beings of the heavenly world, especially the gods, were creatures who always attempted to take something they wanted upon making the decision.

[The godly society <Olympus> is carefully watching the movements of the other societies within the heavenly world.]

[The supreme god’s representative, Athena, warns they will take action once any unnecessary movement is caught.]

[All gods of death observe the godly societies.]

[All demons of death observe the demonic societies.]

Athena held an iron clutch over the heavenly world. In addition, the gods and demons of death were now loyal to Yeon-woo, so she kept a close eye to make sure no one could step up easily. For her and the other supreme gods, stepping up also probably meant they’d have to deal with Yeon-woo and his subordinates. 

However, Yeon-woo could tell that their patience wouldn’t last long. The power of the system key was too great. He thought, ‘Being able to move freely between the stages and having some authority of the Guardians…it’d be difficult to name a better item than this.’

Of course, there was the issue that only a High Guardian with the position of “snake” could use it, but loopholes could always be found. Urrrng! The system key shook as Yeon-woo input his magic power inside of the system key, which didn’t shine or absorb the magic power. It was as if it was refusing Yeon-woo’s magic power. 

[Warning! You do not meet the conditions to use this artifact.]

[Warning! You do not meet the conditions to use this artifact.]

[An unidentifiable power attempts to hack the artifact.]

[The artifact has defended itself.]

[The artifact has defended itself.]

[The artifact has failed to defend itself.]

[A part of the pre-existing data was damaged due to the hacking. The section ‘conditions for use’ has been changed.]

[A new sentence has been inserted to the section ‘conditions for use.’]

[New condition: Abuser.]

[A new trait has been added.]

[Warning! You have damaged the artifact with your forbidden actions.]

[Warning! The current action is strictly against the rules of the Bureau. Submit the artifact to the Bureau.]

[Warning! The current action…]

The system continued to send warnings to stop Yeon-woo, who didn’t care. The Central Bureau had probably realized what he did, but they weren’t able to take action. Since they’d lost three High Guardians at once, they would only suffer more damage if they tried to stop him. Moreover, the attention of the heavenly world was focused on him. 

[Many beings of the heavenly world show interest.]

[The godly society <Chan Sect> watches you closely.]

[The godly society <Dilmun> watches you closely.]

[The gods of death observe them even more closely.]

It wouldn’t be easy for the Central Bureau to jump in amid this situation. Thus, Yeon-woo focused more magic power into the system key. Ding! Unlike before, the system key let out a clear sound and began to activate. Suddenly, a screen that was as large as Yeon-woo appeared in front of him, and numbers began to blink on it. 

[The godly society <Tuatha Dé Danann> watches you closely.]

Then, the screen turned black. 


『Odin has been defeated! How…?』

『The holy power is moving!』

It revealed a battlefield that was turning into a desolate land.

[The godly society <Avesta> watches you closely.]

[The godly society <Memphis> watches you closely.]

On the battlefield, Brahm emitted a fierce aura with a strange dotted black book. 

Odin tried to fight back but disappeared in an instant, and the black shadows that spread across the green fields like paint shocked the many supreme gods. The black lightning reminiscent of Sword Thunder that streaked across the sky clearly showed who was dominating the battlefield. 

[The godly society <Deva> watches you closely.]

[The godly society <Deva> is shocked at the return of their supreme god.]

[The Lokapala that are ruling over <Deva> have a heavy discussion.]

[A few gods of Deva doubt the strength of ‘Brahm (Brahma).’]

Deva was glad that their former supreme god had regained his divinity, but they were also confused. They could tell that Brahm’s power was closer to death and destruction than creation.

Brahm’s previous divine powers had gone through changes after becoming Yeon-woo’s subordinate and creating new legends. However, divine powers could alter vastly depending on how the god interpreted it. It wasn’t strange that the “new life that comes after death” that Brahm had seen next to Yeon-woo had influenced these changes.

Deva seemed to be confused because the powers were too different from their mission, but it had already been a long time since Brahm left them. 

[All godly societies watch you closely!]

[All gods observe the battlefield occurring in the hidden stage ‘Garden of the Gods.]

[Many gods are shocked at the unexpected sight.]

[A few gods look away because it is too gruesome.]

[A few gods watch on with fearful eyes.[

[The godly society <Malach> remains silent.]

The godly societies all held their breath. Although the gods had been absent for a long time because of Heavenly Demon Disease, they were once kings whom many gods served. It was impossible to be unaffected watching such kings bleed and die. At the same time, the gods resented that the Sea of Time had created this stage and reduced the gods to entertainers of a comedy. 

Dududu! The sky trembled with the collective gazes of the gods. 

[All demons watch with interest.]

[The demonic society <L’Infernal> is glad.]

[Vimalacitra enjoys the war in the ‘Garden of the Gods.’]

[Cernunnos watches the war with unreadable eyes.]

On the other hand, the demons seemed to be happy that their opponents were losing manpower. 

‘But why are they not trying to interfere when their kings are dying?’ Yeon-woo was surprised that the gods weren’t attempting to steal the system key. 

Just then, an explosion boomed beyond the screen, and the system key shook. 


[The gods watching the ‘Garden of the Gods’ are shocked!]

[The demons enjoying the ‘Garden of the Gods’ cheer!]

Yeon-woo turned his head to see, and Kronos spoke in a quavering voice for the first time.『Could that child be…?』

Brahm’s storm had been sweeping the other supreme gods away when lightning suddenly divided it. The blinding gold light tore Brahm’s holy power and shot towards him. 

『Zeus!』Kronos shouted upon realizing who the golden lightning belonged to. 

[The gods of <Olympus> are greatly surprised by the appearance of their past king!]

[<Olympus> is taken aback.]

[Your chief apostle ‘Athena’ is silent.]

[The apostle ‘Ares’ is silent.]

[The apostle ‘Hercules’ is silent.]

[Poseidon looks at his younger brother with wavering eyes.]

Although Yeon-woo held authority over Olympus, Zeus’ influence couldn’t be disregarded as most of the leading gods were Zeus’ family. It was only natural the gods were surprised and confused. Yeon-woo’s subordinate Brahm and the former king Zeus—if only one could survive, who did they need to support? Even Kronos was being shaken. 

‘This isn’t good.’ Yeon-woo had expected to go through a lot of effort to get rid of Zeus’ shadow once Zeus was found, but it seemed the process would be a lot more difficult than he thought. 

‘I need to interfere somehow.’ Yeon-woo clenched his teeth and boosted the system key. 

[A gate has been created.]

[You are attempting entrance into the instance stage ‘Garden of the Gods!’]

Just when Yeon-woo was about to step inside the gate, lightning suddenly fell from the sky and blocked his path. Crash! He stiffened because he knew exactly what this was.

[The gods watching the ‘Garden of the Gods’ request that you do not interfere.]

[‘Heavenly Punishment’ is activated!]

[‘Olympus’ and the other allied forces are on high alert.]

Yeon-woo’s expression turned grim. Heavenly Punishment could only be activated when two-thirds of either the godly societies or the demonic societies agreed. And because it was extremely difficult for the various societies to come to an agreement, it was almost never used. But the gods had come together as one to stop him from interfering… 

Olympus and the other allied forces stood warily against the other gods, but the other societies perceived it negatively. 

[The gods watching the ‘Garden of the Gods’ warn the allied forces that the ‘Heavenly Punishment’ will continue if they continue to disrupt.]

[The godly societies are at odds!]

[All demons observe the godly societies with joy.]

[A message has arrived from Erlang Shen of the allied forces’ <Chan Sect>.]

[Message: Death King. We know very well what Brahma means to you and how intense your disapproval of the plot of the Sea of Time and the Central Bureau is.] While the allied forces and the other godly societies faced off, the Chan Sect secretly sent Yeon-woo a message. Death King was a name used to designate Yeon-woo since his name was still filtered by the system. Additionally, it was a sign of respect, since it meant Yeon-woo was the king of all death. 

[A message has arrived from Erlang Shen.]

[Message: However, I request this personally and officially as part of the allied forces. Please don’t interfere in the holy ceremony and watch until the end.]

[A message has arrived from Erlang Shen.]

[Message: You may not understand why we call such an uncivilized act a holy ceremony, but… I know the Sea of Time created this stage to mock us… This is very important to us. Appointing a one and only god is something we gods have only dreamed about.]

[A message has arrived from Erlang Shen.]

[Message: And I am certain this is no different in your Olympus as well.]

‘What?’ Yeon-woo’s eyes slightly widened. 

[A message has arrived from Erlang Shen.]

[Message: I will await your wise decision.]

Erlang Shen had said he requested it of Yeon-woo, but in truth, he had subtly warned that if Yeon-woo jumped into the battle royale, the Chan Sect could possibly leave the allied forces. 

Yeon-woo clenched his fists. Only then was he able to remember how much the gods had wanted a “king of kings” even during all their strife. 

Kronos had become closest to that position after becoming the king of gods, but after he was brought down by Zeus, no one was able to get that close again. 

However, if one god was able to come out of the supreme gods’ battle and take the master king, it wouldn’t be strange for him to call himself the one and only god—a king of kings. It was clear to see how much the Sea of Time had seen through the gods’ desires… But that didn’t mean Yeon-woo could just stay still. The creation of such an existence wouldn’t help him in the slightest, and he didn’t like that they’d be playing things out as the Sea of Time wanted. No, even with that aside, if there was a victor, either Brahm or Zeus, or both of them, could die. That couldn’t happen. Yeon-woo gripped Vigrid tighter. 

[The gods watching the ‘Garden of the Gods’ become wary of you!]

Just when it seemed as if Heavenly Punishment would drop from the sky again, a white pillar descended… Crash!

[An envoy of <Malach> Michael descends!]

Michael spread his pure white wings apart as he smirked, just like when they first met. The left arm Yeon-woo had pulled out in the past was now regrown. 

『I’m delivering the celestial scribe’s words. Irrevocable problems can arise in godly societies if the standoff becomes worse. Malach hopes to arbitrate the situation and wishes for the representatives of each society and the Death King to negotiate.』Michael’s voice rang throughout the stage.『This is an invitation to Eden in the heavenly world.』

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