Chapter 636 - Time (8)

The Yin Sword that Yeon-woo had mastered was on a completely different level from the numerous skills and powers that existed within the Tower. The Tower’s system recognized each player who entered as data. Whenever this piece of data achieved something, it would receive a commensurate award and its stats would be adjusted. This process strongly influenced a player’s growth and made a player more dependent on the Tower’s system.

This meant that the closer a player was to transcendence, the more that player would become exposed to their dependence on the Tower’s system. Yeon-woo wanted to tear this dependence relationship apart. However, his master the Martial King had never completely escaped from the system’s influence during his lifetime, and in the end, the Martial King could not surpass Allforone.

Overcoming this dependency was not as easy as it sounded, and Yeon-woo had chosen to take a different approach. He would start all over from scratch. The Martial King had achieved a power level similar to an emperor level through exuviation and transcendence and yet could not overcome the system. That implied that it was impossible for players to become independent of the system through traditional means.

Yeon-woo had to come up with a different method that entailed a complete departure from the system. In other words, the data recorded in the system’s cloud would be deleted and a completely new being would be born. Yeon-woo had boldly dismantled and disposed of everything he had accomplished: his skills, powers, divinity, legends, as well as his own ego.

Yeon-woo’s cold and calculating personality, which made him see his own life as a tool to achieve a purpose, made him choose this drastic path. Of course, simply dismantling his achievements and identity without a plan to reestablish himself would have been meaningless. Thus, Yeon-woo had controlled his Consciousness and made sure to leave his will intact.

Although he had taken a huge risk, Yeon-woo succeeded, and once he achieved the yin soul, Yeon-woo succeeded in completely breaking away from the system. However, there was one caveat: ‘If the Tower’s system doesn’t recognize one’s data, it actively rejects the unrecognized data.’

Since the system operated according to certain rules, beings that did not fall under the system’s categories had two options: forced subordination to the system or removal. When he achieved the yin soul, Yeon-woo also faced removal at the same time. The system saw him as an irregularity and deprived him of all qualifications and authority to stay within the system.

If he were forcefully kicked out of the Tower, then Yeon-woo wouldn’t have a chance to overcome Allforone. Even if he found a way to get back into the Tower, Yeon-woo wouldn’t be able to climb the floors, so his situation wouldn’t change. Yeon-woo had to change his approach once more.

‘Even if I am free from the constraints of the system, I need to keep one foot within the system. My data must not be completely erased.’ Yeon-woo had gotten a clue from Laplace, a king of the Demonic Sea, who had qualified as a player. The Demonic Sea originated from an otherworld god, so it possessed a property that the Tower’s system would not allow. The Crawling Chaos tried to expand its influence within the Tower, but in the end, Yeon-woo managed to block all of the Crawling Chaos’ efforts. However, Laplace had used an idiosyncratic approach to overcome the restriction, so Yeon-woo simply copied what Laplace had done. ‘I must maintain my qualification as a player but free myself from the system’s limitations whenever necessary. I need to be a being that can utilize either identity.’

[Warning! The powers currently being used are based on data not recorded in the system! If the user utilizes a bug, the user may be penalized.]

[Warning! The powers the user is currently using are based on a foundational model that is not recognized or allowed! It is a rule that irregularities are excluded from the system! The user is being warned to immediately stop utilizing these powers!]

[Warning! The user…]

[The system has designated the user as a bug and attempts removal.]

[A patch has been activated.]

[It has been confirmed that the user is a player. The patch has stopped.]

[The system has designated the user as a bug.]

[The patch has failed.]

[The user has been identified as a bug user. The firewall system has temporarily been elevated to level five.]

[The patch has been forcibly activated.]

[Access to the user has failed.]

[Access to the user has failed.]

[The patch has failed to remove the user!]

[The system withholds judgment on the user.]

[The user is not a player. New qualifications are given according to the features of the user.]


[The qualification of the user is ‘Abuser’.]

With a classification never before seen in the Tower, Yeon-woo spread his shadow filled with Yin Spirit Art properties in all directions.


[Warning! An unknown force is attempting to take over the stage!]

The shadow undulated and covered the stage as if it were a tsunami.

“N-no…!” Lapis Lazuli was fully exposed and she screamed out with a pale complexion. As a great mage, she immediately recognized how absurdly powerful and structurally unique the oncoming shadow was. Although she could not claim to have mastered all the knowledge in the world, she still held a vast amount of knowledge in her head. However, she could not even fully comprehend the elements of this shadow, which seemed to originate on an unknown foundational model. She had never seen anything like it before.

Although others might have dismissed the shadow as a power, as a High Guardian, she was aware the shadow was something that shouldn’t have ever been established in the first place—and yet it was right in front of her eyes. Terror of the unknown was clear in her eyes.

She tried with all her might to escape. If she were in her normal condition, she would have found a way to escape and save herself, but there was no way she could flee from Yeon-woo’s grasp after suffering such severe penalties and serious injuries. Even if she could escape…

[The power ‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ has recognized a target!]

[The power ‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ strikes with its sharp jagged teeth!]

If she encountered the cruel eyes of the beasts hidden in the dark shadows, her mind would break down since they were the natural enemies of a High Guardian who relied on the Tower’s system. In the end, Lapis Lazuli could not defend herself, and her body was ripped to pieces as though she were being devoured by wild dogs and disappeared.

The dark shadow gradually raised itself above ground and approached Diablo, who was moving around in the sky.

‘The Twelve Zodiacs are a pain in the ass for me, especially if they’re cooperating with the Sea of Time. I should get rid of them when I can.’ Yeon-woo did not immediately come forward to help the Head Elder and Ananta because he was trying to find the right timing. He waited patiently for a critical moment to strike and found his opportunity when the High Guardians mobilized.  

Sss! Sharp tentacles soared endlessly from the black shadow. Diablo tried to attack the tentacles with his Breath, but only the tentacles in his Breath’s path melted and the rest weren’t damaged at all. Soon, Diablo fell to the ground, his body and wings riddled with holes. He, too, had been completely stunned by the sudden appearance of an irregularity.

At that moment, Yeon-woo moved.

[The spring of death is operating!]

Bam! Yeon-woo appeared over the swaying black shadow with Vigrid in one hand and flew towards Diablo. It was the first time Yeon-woo had attempted unity with Vigrid after comprehending the Yin Sword. A violent aura raged out like a whirlwind.

While he had the chance, Yeon-woo was dead-set on eliminating Diablo, one of the strongest of the High Guardians.

[An unknown force has targeted the High Guardian ‘Diablo’ for elimination!]

At that moment, Diablo quickly attempted to polymorph into his human form. After a flash of dark light, his form scattered into a magic mist.

[At the request of the High Guardian ‘Diablo’, the system has designated ‘Diablo’ as a patch to remove the irregularity!]

Rumble! A fire spread in all directions. The entire stage trembled and rumbled.

“Ah!” Ananta and the Head Elder were the only ones unaffected by the shadow tsunami, and they stared blankly at the sky where countless flames flickered.

I guess my brother's back. At that moment, the pocket watch started operating, and Cha Jeong-woo’s vestige appeared with a gentle smile.

Although they had been pursued for so long, Jeong-woo no longer felt the need to keep running. He didn’t believe that Yeon-woo would lose, neither did his father, who was with him.

Boom! A loud explosion threw Yeon-woo back into the sea of black shadows. Yeon-woo’s eyes narrowed when he saw the existence that had opened up a space right before Yeon-woo clashed with Diablo.

“Hu hu hu! Long time no see. I didn’t think you’d show up now to disturb me at a time like this! Hew hew hew!” Laplace smiled softly as he looked at Yeon-woo. It was their first face-to-face meeting since Laplace had taken the Psychic Medium’s eyes.

Yeon-woo did not move hastily. Facing Diablo was not very difficult but facing both Diablo and Laplace would be too much for him to handle.

“I’ll deal with him. Get out of the way!” Diablo growled, covered in his own blood. Since his true body had been injured, his human form was also full of injuries. However, Diablo continued to glare at Laplace, even though Laplace had saved him. In Diablo’s eyes, Laplace was interfering.

Laplace laughed at Diablo’s behavior. “You talk so well while injured. Just shut up and listen to me.”

“I said get out of the…!”

“This is Yvlke’s order.”

Diablo’s wrath instantly cooled.

Laplace crossed his arms with a serious expression on his face.

“This is just too much. Why does everyone listen to Yvlke? Well, I guess I follow all of Yvlke’s orders as well. Hew hew hew!”

Yvlke was a huge figure to those who had pushed out the other High Guardians and taken over the Central Bureau. He was beyond a mere leader and was almost like a lord. There was no other choice but to follow the commands of an entity like him.

Diablo ground his teeth to quench his wrath. As he glared at Yeon-woo, Diablo resolved to get back at the being who disgraced him on this day. Laplace pretended to be sympathetic and patted Diablo’s shoulder before facing Yeon-woo. “I’m sorry for disturbing you again, but it seems that our side is in a disadvantageous position, so we’ll be going now. That makes us even, so there’s no objection, right?” Before Yeon-woo could reply, Laplace answered his own question and opened up a space to leave.

However, although he didn’t speak, Yeon-woo’s answer came in the form of his actions.

[Draconic Eyes]

[Fiery Golden Eyes]

[Black Gubitara – Philosopher’s Eyes]

Yeon-woo searched for their weakness using his golden eyes.

[The spring of death is spinning at a furious speed!]

[Many cogwheels are mashing together!]

Rumble! Taking advantage of the time the portal took to fully open behind Laplace, Yeon-woo materialized a Sword Thunder strike near Laplace and detonated it. The Yin Sword was an art that allowed the caster’s will to affect the physical world. Yeon-woo no longer had to follow the laws of physics, and he could place his Sword Thunder anywhere he liked.

A plane of blackish-red light flashed diagonally across Diablo’s face. This time, Laplace did not even have a chance to react.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

[The dead inside ‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ greedily devour the existence!]

The remnants of Diablo’s soul were torn to pieces and sucked into the dark shadow.

[‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ has successfully devoured the High Guardian, ‘Diablo’!]

“Do you think I’m going to let you go back so easily this time around?” Yeon-woo materialized another Sword Thunder strike and detonated it as Laplace stood with wide eyes.

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