Chapter 527 - Giant Demonic Divine Dragon (2)

[You have consumed the Fruit of Good and Evil!]

[Fruit of Good and Evil]

[Rank: Supreme Holy Artifact]

[Description: A treasure that possesses the possibilities of absolute good and absolute evil. It possesses the folklore of the banishment of the first humans from paradise. It is considered a top-ranking holy artifact.

A single bite will turn you into a transcendent being, two bites will grant you wisdom beyond truth, and three bites will give you mighty powers to use all these elements together. However, there is no information on what happens after the entire fruit is consumed as it has never once occurred. There are rumors of the leader of Malach and the master of L’Infernal eating a Fruit of Good and Evil, but no other information is available.

This Fruit of Good and Evil was created from archangel Gabriel and high demon Gamigin. It is unknown whether this Fruit of Good and Evil is more powerful than the past ones. It is only certain that unworthy persons who attempt to consume it will suffer more than just death. On the other hand, those who are worthy might be eligible for the Supreme Throne.]

*This artifact is banned in the lower world. Please be aware that the longer you possess it, the more limitations the system and laws of causality will place on it.

**The effects of this artifact are unknown. At worst, consuming it may destroy your achievements. It is advised that you only consume it after understanding all of its effects.

***You are currently too far from the system’s blessing. You may be penalized for changes made to yourself in the outer world once you log in again.]

[The Fruit of Good and Evil has increased your Giant Factors and unbalanced Factors (Draconic·Demonic·Divine·Giant) have now reached equilibrium.]

[A large portion of the Fruit of Good and Evil’s energy is undigested.]

[‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ begins to digest the remaining energy.]

[The Fruit of Good and Evil once again affects the equilibrium of the four Factors (Draconic·Demonic·Divine·Giant).]

[The equilibrium has improved!]

[The equilibrium has improved!]

[Your soul has undergone changes due to the equilibrium.]

[The level of your soul has increased.]

[The level of your soul has increased.]

A storm began to whirl around, blowing away the darkness and tentacles extending towards Yeon-woo.

Are you doing something amusing again? What will you show me this time?

Perhaps it was because they’d encountered each other so many times by now because Yeon-woo could now fully understand the Crawling Chaos’ thoughts.

The Crawling Chaos burst into laughter as he looked at Yeon-woo, realizing that more entertainment was coming. The Crawling Chaos was going to see a common microbe of the universe transform into something entirely different—a rare occurrence in the universe’s history. His profound comprehension allowed him to watch it all play out.

Although Yeon-woo’s outer shell remained the same, everything inside him was changing, beginning with the foundations. Although Yeon-woo was still himself, he was turning into a complex being that was levels beyond what he had been before.  

[The awakening process of the Giant Demonic Divine Draconic Body has resumed.]

Crack. Yeon-woo felt the Giant Factors within. His body was completely changing now that the equilibrium of the four Factors had been achieved. The Sin Stone grew along with his transforming body, and his Dragon Heart vibrated as it took in a new type of magic power.

With holy power, demonic energy, magic power, and giant power—it felt as though all the energies of the world were circulating in his body. It seemed as though the vast universe were contained within him, and Yeon-woo felt like he had become a microcosmos or small world. The traits of the great four races of the universe had gathered within a single body, which meant that he now possessed all the potential of the world. Yeon-woo could tell he was no longer the person he had been on Earth. He was almost unsure that he was himself.

When all the changes were complete, Yeon-woo opened his eyes.

[The Giant Factors have successfully combined with the Divine, Demonic, and Draconic Factors.]

[Your properties have successfully transformed. The trait ‘Demonic Divine Draconic Body’ has been changed to ‘Giant Demonic Divine Draconic Body.’]

[This is the first body of its type. Nothing is known about its nature or limits. You must uncover information about this body yourself.]

[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired ??? karma.]

[You have acquired ??? additional karma.]

[Vimalacitra becomes excited after sensing your presence from far away. He greatly looks forward to seeing you again very much.]

[Cernunnos closes his eyes with complex thoughts.]

[All gods of death feel your presence.]

[All demons of death are astonished at the level of your soul.]

[Trait: Giant Demonic Divine Draconic Body]

[Description: Since the beginning of time, dragons, demons, gods, and giants have been the species at the top of the universe due to their supernatural qualities.

Dragons sought the hidden truths of the universe with their hunger for more knowledge, demons entertained themselves by creating various types of desires for the microbes of the world, gods built and managed civilizations so that the universe would flow properly, and the giants used their uncontrollable violence to bring about destruction and carry out the universe’s natural law.

They were like cogs of a wheel that allowed the universe and dimensions to operate smoothly, but the cogs began vanishing one by one. The universe stopped progressing and entered a stagnant period.

However, for the first time, a being who holds all four traits has been born. With this mighty accomplishment, the path that you walk will become a singularity that decides the direction of the universe’s history.]

[*Dragon Lord

You can use some of the powers of dragons, demons, gods, and giants.]

[*Domain of Dragons, Demons, Gods, and Giants

You can declare your domain, ‘Binah’, over a specified territory based on your qualifications.]

[*Dragons, Demons, Gods, and Giants’ Knowledge

Depending on your qualifications, you may view ‘Hochma’ that the dragons investigated, ‘Netzeth’ that the demons created, ‘Iesod’ that the gods established, and ‘Gevurah’ that the giants completed.]

[*Dragons, Demons, Gods, and Giants’ Powers

Based on your qualifications, you can activate ‘Keter’ that dragons learned, ‘Tiferet’ that demons mastered, ‘Chesed’ that the gods set up, and ‘Malchut’ that the giants realized.]

Crash. Rumble! The wave of power that pulsed from Yeon-woo was so strong that countless nebulas shattered and pieced themselves back together. When he opened his eyes again, the Crawling Chaos burst into laughter once more.


Yeon-woo had fulfilled the Crawling Chaos’ expectations. No, he had exceeded them. On the outside, Yeon-woo showed no sign of change. He had the same characteristics of a Dragon Human. However, each move he made shook blackness and crushed space. The pressure of his soul was so heavy that he found it difficult to maintain his form in a three-dimensional space.

The tentacles of the Crawling Chaos tingled as he looked at Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo’s strength was probably at par with the Outer Gods, who were considered the gods of gods by otherworld gods. Of course, he hadn’t exuviated or transcended yet, so it was difficult to know where his abilities stopped. However, Yeon-woo could complete exuviation or transcendence any time.

Yes. You must be at least this strong to call yourself his successor. The Crawling Chaos finally acknowledged Yeon-woo. He couldn’t help taking an interest since none of the otherworld gods had been able to claim to be the successor of the Black King. As he’d thought in the conversation with the Resident of the Border, he thought it would be amusing to set Yeon-woo aside the being he’d secretly created in the Tower.But you’re still not complete. You are one, but originally, you were two. If only one of you is complete, it won’t work. The Crawling Chaos advised Yeon-woo, knowing he was working with the Demonism.

However, Yeon-woo had no intentions of listening to him, and he brandished Vigrid. Whoosh. Magic power condensed, and Vigrid’s brilliant light instantly swept aside the fog that made up the Crawling Chaos. Yeon-woo discovered the Crawling Chaos’ enormous core, which was larger than most planets, although it only seemed like a small dot from where Yeon-woo stood.

Swish! Yeon-woo sliced with Vigrid to open emptiness, and he instantly reached the core. Clatter. Countless tentacles and darkness rushed to stop him, but black chains emerged from pockets of emptiness and tossed them aside, destroying them and preventing any from approaching Yeon-woo.

The core shrank into a humanoid form since the Crawling Chaos found it inefficient to fight Yeon-woo in his true body. As he wanted to rile Yeon-woo, the Crawling Chaos took on Cha Jeong-woo’s appearance. Rumble.

Sky Wings

Wave of Light

The Crawling Chaos used Cha Jeong-woo’s signature skills to further fan the anger inside Yeon-woo. Clang! Vigrid and Dragon Slayer clashed. A fierce wave of magic power rushed out, shaking the universe.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Their magic and powers crashed in mid-air, creating a fall of sparks. Sometimes, transcendent beings fought battles mentally since they didn’t have tangible forms, but most of the time, they created incarnations that could battle physically.

Vigrid slid up Dragon Slayer’s blade, heading for the Crawling Chaos’ neck. It was a fast and powerful strike, but the Crawling Chaos flapped his wings and created a distance between. Blackness opened, and various tentacles shot out towards Yeon-woo.

In response, emptiness opened its mouth and black chains lashed out, attempting to tighten around the tentacles and reach the Crawling Chaos’ true body. Although the fight was close, if the chains managed to bind the Crawling Chaos’ true body, Yeon-woo would win.


These must be the chains that stuck him in emptiness. They’re so interesting each time I see them. I almost want to meet the master who made these. The Crawling Chaos showed no fear as the chains greedily wrapped over his true body. He hacked off all the tentacles, and his wings flapped, speeding him through space.

The chains were hot on his heels, blocking off all potential paths. The Crawling Chaos’ radius of movement became smaller. Yeon-woo had been waiting for this moment, and he opened emptiness to pop up behind the Crawling Chaos. He stuck Vigrid into the Crawling Chaos’ true body.

Pewk! The reflection of the injured Jeong-woo flashed in his eyes, but Yeon-woo didn’t budge. Rumble. The Sword Thunder from Vigrid struck the Crawling Chaos’ incarnation and his true body. As the universe lit up as if a supernova had just exploded, Yeon-woo spread open his left hand and stuck it inside the Crawling Chaos. “Devour.”

Sharp teeth appeared from black bumps and began to take bites.  

[‘Hades’ Spirit Eating Sword’ is attempting to eat the ‘Crawling Chaos’!]

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