Chapter 488 - Akasha's Records (7)

The Akashic Records are a multidimensional collection of information on events happening in all universes and worlds. They’re also called the Void Records. From what I’ve heard, they not only contain the secrets of the creation of the universe, they also have predictions of the end.

Of course, the gods and demons who rule over omnipotence and omniscience would do anything to access this place, but no one knows how to get there. As a result, no one is sure if it even exists. Some say that it’s a library that only special beings can visit, but I think it’s a place that exists only in the imagination.

If a place like that truly existed, and all events and fates have already been recorded, that means the universe is moving along a preset path. That would mean that Mom’s illness and what eventually happens to her has already been destined. Then what would that say about my struggles to heal her?

His brother called the Akashic Records an imaginary place, a fantasy for magicians and alchemists always seeking knowledge. But even still, Jeong-woo wanted the place destroyed. If all events were already predetermined, all results already recorded, then human life was in vain. It meant that there was no free will in the end.

This was why Yeon-woo hadn’t been that interested in the Akashic Records. Although Jeong-woo despised them, he thought it was a place that no one would ever find, unless one was at least a conceptual or progenitor god—or a being of that level. ‘It’s likely even they can’t visit it. If they ever get a chance, they’ll probably have a lot of restrictions. Otherwise, there would be no reason to fight Mother Earth or have enmity among the societies.’

There wouldn’t even be a reason to struggle because of Allforone in the first place, and none of the beings would be trapped in the Tower. So Yeon-woo had believed that the records were only fantastical stories, and he never expected that he’d be given the right to view them. Even though he could only access them three times, it was the greatest reward he could ask for.

[Cerununnos is shocked.]

[Vimalacitra jumps up from his seat.]

[Erlang Shen is suspicious of your reward.]

[Thor looks at you in disbelief. He presents an agenda item to <Asgard> using his authority.]


[The godly society <Dilmun> begins a conference about you.]

[The godly society <Asgard> approves a letter to be sent to you.]

[The godly society <Olympus> expresses hostility toward you.]

[The demonic society <L’Infernal> reacts joyfully. They deliver their requests as your ally.]

[The demonic society <Niflheim> suggests an exchange.]

[The temporary ban has been released with Agares’ authorization.]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: Damn it! What’s so special about you and Cha Jeong-woo to make these things happen? It’s a thorn in my side that a bunch of gods and demons are already interested in you, but now you’re gonna be overflowing with interest! Damn it!]

[A message from Agares has arrived.]

[Message: Listen carefully. The 98th floor is in an uproar because of this. They’re even talking about your relation to the crisis theory! So be careful. Most will suggest an offer to you and you cannot…!]

[Agares’ messages have temporarily been blocked by a unanimous vote of the gods and demons connected to your Channel.]

[A banned being protests from somewhere.]

[Many gods show determination. They rush to create a list of what they can offer you.]

[A few gods do not hide their enmity toward you.]

[Many demons wish to be in the same position as you.]

[A few demons wonder what turmoil will erupt from this reward. They lament the fact they cannot watch because of their current tasks.]

[Urd and the other Norns watch you silently.]

The messages were endless. The Channels felt like they were exploding, proof of how shocking the Akashic Records were to the heavenly world. Every god and demon wished to access that place and search through the records to find a way to escape the prison that was the Tower, and they grew even more desperate as a path finally opened in front of their eyes.

Many gods and demons tried to connect Yeon-woo to their entire societies.

[The godly society <Chan Sect> suggests a secret deal.]

[The godly society <Deva> suggests a secret deal.]

They probably hoped Yeon-woo would use his viewing rights to look for the information they needed. They would offer rewards that were beyond a player’s imagination. One of them in particular was offering something so unbelievable that even Yeon-woo thought they were crazy.

[The demonic society <Jie Sect> offers you the position of Tongtian Jiaozhu.]

[Many gods complain to the Jie Sect.]

[Many demons express hostility towards the Jie Sect.]

‘What?’ Yeon-woo froze. The position of Tongtian Jiaozhu was equal to the Yellow Emperor’s. They were offering the highest position to a mere mortal?! Even if the Jie Sect had been leaderless for quite some time now, this wasn’t a decision that could be made so easily. It meant the Jie Sect would handle the law of causality required for Yeon-woo to exuviate and gain transcendence in the future.

All the gods and demons were shocked. There hadn’t ever been anything like this in history. However, it was proof of how invaluable the Akashic Records were. Yeon-woo understood why Agares had been so frantic to warn him. If anything went wrong with a transaction, he’d instantly gain powerful enemies. If he made a deal with one society, he’d become enemies with its competitors. ‘So it’s like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.’ The wonderful hand he was dealt could also lead to his destruction.

[All gods of death are curious about your decision.]

[All demons of death are curious about your decision.]

The gods and demons of death seemed to be extremely eager to know how he’d react. Fortunately, none of them asked him to make deals with their respective societies, nor did they lobby him to form agreements with other societies.  

You’re a total star! So what are you gonna do, Master? Shanon asked.

Next to him, the Vampiric Lord didn’t say anything, but her eyes were blazing. She seemed to have a lot to say, as well. She probably wanted to ask him about Count Ferenc. Just when Yeon-woo was about to say something, something shook inside of him and burst out with a brilliant red light.

Whoosh! It was the mysterious reward he’d been told would be useful to him someday.

‘Li’s Fragment?’ His eyes widened.

[‘Li’s Fragment’ reacts to the appearance of the Akashic Records.]

[Part of the seals on ‘Li’s Fragment’ have been released to summon the Akashic Records to appear in another form.]

[‘Li’s Fragment’ has ceased to exist.]

[You have used one chance to view the Akashic Records.]

[The Changgong Library is manifesting.]

As soon as he saw the name of the location that the Spirit Guai had told him, he was already there. Swoosh! ‘This is…?’ A marble floor seemed to stretch out for infinity. On it stood extraordinarily tall shelves that were filled with an uncountable number of books.

[Vimalacitra is speechless at the overwhelming scene.]

[Cernunnos is extremely excited at the endless feast of knowledge.]

[All the gods connected to your Channels are shocked.]

[All the demons connected to your Channels gasp.]

The sight immediately called to mind a library, but it was nothing like an ordinary library. The domed ceiling seemed to cover the entire world, and ladders hung on the shelves hundreds of meters long. There were so many floors that simply looking at the spira staircase that led up to them made one dizzy.  

Beyond that was an even greater sight: at the very end, where Yeon-woo’s territory of recognition could barely reach, new shelves were appearing from blackness. New words appeared in books, recording events that were happening in real time as the number of books grew.

Yeon-woo could understand why this place was called “Changgong”, which meant “sky”. It didn’t seem strange that a place so vast would contain all the information of all universes and dimensions. ‘So, the Changgong Library is another name for the Akashic Records.’

Li’s Fragment had allowed the Akashic Records, which was a basic collection of records, to appear in a form that Yeon-woo could access easily.  

[The gods who seek knowledge are exhilarated.]

[The demons who enjoy research are greedy for more knowledge.]

[The godly society <Asgard> is offering a new deal!]

[The godly society <Chan Sect> urges you to quickly accept their deal.]

[The demonic society <L’Infernal> strongly requests the rights as your ally.]

Just as the pressure from the many societies was becoming too much, Yeon-woo heard a voice from up ahead. He raised his head.

“Huh? A visitor for the first time in ages? I didn’t realize that someone was coming.” Someone was looking from the banister of the spiral staircase over Yeon-woo’s head. It was hard to see his features because he was backlit by the lights of the ceiling, but Yeon-woo had a strong impression of a mischievous smile.

‘Someone’s here?’ His eyes widened in surprise.

The owner of the voice jumped over the banister and landed in front of Yeon-woo. Even though it was a great height, the person’s movements were agile, as though the library were protecting him. As soon as he showed his face…

[Vimalacitra groans.]

[Cernunnos screams in disbelief.]

[Prince Nezha shouts, wondering how that being can be here.]

[Aamon is furious.]

[Many gods scream upon seeing the being!]

[A few gods run away, saying it is impossible.]

[Many demons bare their teeth at the being.]

[A few demons have confused faces.]

[All gods of death silently express hostility.]

[All demons of death clench their fists at the unexpected encounter with their enemy.]

“Oh, dear. You brought along a bunch of noisy visitors, too. This isn’t some rowdy marketplace; how can you guys still be gossiping together? Sheesh, that’s why you guys don’t improve.”

Yeon-woo felt like the being was reading everything about him. The being looked playful, but his autumn-colored eyes looked directly at all the gods and demons connected to Yeon-woo as though they were standing right in front of him.

[All gods and demons firmly protest at the being…!]

“Geez, it’s so loud. Don’t you guys know it should always be quiet in a library? You vulgar fools. We don’t take any solicitors, so go back!” Although the being was speaking in a joking manner, all the Channels connected to Yeon-woo were immediately cut off.

Yeon-woo quickly examined his body to check for injuries.

“Oh. Don’t worry, it doesn't affect your body. I just temporarily paused the function. There’s no need to have those voyeuristic bastards here, right?” The being winked at Yeon-woo. Now, he was wearing a black hoodie, jeans, and sneakers and was definitely speaking Korean. That meant he was from Korea on Earth…how could such a person be in the Changgong Library and laugh at the gods and demons like they were nothing?

“Who…are you?”

“Me?” The man grinned. “Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. You’re Korean, right? I was so glad to meet someone from back home that I forgot. I’m Son Ji-ho. Oh, but you won’t know me with that name, huh?” He lifted a corner of his mouth. “I’m the Heavenly Demon. Recognize me now?”

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