Chapter 356 - Cha Jeong-woo (2)

The voice was vanishing as if it had never been there.

The guy was quietly watching everything like always.

Yeon-woo was a bit annoyed, but he continued to pull out the purple energy. He had said he wouldn’t touch him until Yeon-woo was ripe, so he was sure he’d be fine for now.

It wasn’t that hard to move the purple energy. After pulling it up, it was sucked to the Philosopher’s Stone like they were connected by glue.

He did wonder if he could use all of it properly because there was so much, but he didn’t stop.

The Philosopher’s Stone heated up.

It was a difficult task because it seemed like it was about to explode any second, but after enduring the horrible pain of his body burning, he succeeded in moving all the purple energy.

The Philosopher’s Stone trembled, as if it was still hungry.

He didn’t know where all of it had gone.

Gathering his Consciousness into one, he created a phantom form. It was easier this way to examine the Soulstone deeper.

And when he opened his eyes again…..

Yeon-woo could see countless letters in the Philosopher’s Stone.

To my brother, who’ll read this diary someday.

From the first sentence that he had heard so many times he nearly memorized it–

……Sorry. Because of me……

……A strange message was sent to my phone.……

……I lost my tie to reality after that……

……It occurred to me I might be able to get the elixir faster than I expected……

To the last sentence at the end of the diary.

The voices his brother had left behind were floating around as words.

‘The diary.’

Yeon-woo realized he was at the core of the Soulstone–the magical tool that made the diary work. The source of magic power was most definitely in here.

He observed each of the words carefully.

However, there were too many of them, like fish swimming around in an ocean. They came together to make new sentences or words he couldn’t decipher.

Yeon-woo moved through the letters.

The letters didn’t simply create words or sentences.

Sometimes, they took the shape of something.

Most of them were of Jeong-woo, as if they were trying to act out the scenes in the diary.

There were many images of Jeong-woo–Heaven Wing swinging his sword, spreading his wings, and looking down at the world.

Then, they all scattered and took another shape.

Yeon-woo looked at the multiple scenes soundlessly and was able to find a pattern to them.

Slowly treading through the flow, he reached the center.

The concentration of the letters was so deep that the white world was now black.

At the end, Yeon-woo found himself stopping in his tracks.

There was a person there.

A naked man whose head was gathered in his knees.

He couldn’t see how the man looked because his body was covered by his wings.


Yeon-woo could feel his heart beat faster.

‘Could it be…..?’

The man didn’t lift his head from the clutter of letters that was wrapped around him. Was he in a deep sleep? He had probably felt Yeon-woo’s presence, but he didn’t budge.



Yeon-woo’s heart beat faster. Although he was only a phantom, he really felt like his heart was beating. His breathing turned rapid. He couldn’t think properly because his head was blank.

Only one word rang in his head.


The voice he heard when he left Persephone’s temple. Why was the only thing he could think of the voice that desperately called his name?

Yeon-woo quickly gathered his wits and ran toward where the man was in case he lost him.

……I found someone I love……

……Time continues to flow even now……

……Everyone was tired because of the long war……

Letters spun around the man. The sentences danced for Yeon-woo to come join him.

Each word, no, every syllable had his brother’s touch. They were traces of the lonely times he had. Happiness, regert, and sadness were gathered in the words.

……One by one, they left……

……My body felt heavier……

Yeon-woo climbed above the flood of letters. The letters collided against Yeon-woo’s body. Bruises and injuries appeared on his phantom body.

It hurt.

Too much.

……I miss you……

Yeon-woo wanted to shout that he was here. But there was no way to express himself in a world that he couldn’t speak. He felt frustrated.

He tried to reach him as fast as he could.

But the flood of the letters were so strong that he couldn’t fight against it anymore. With just a single misstep, he would be swept away.

……Only I was left in Arthia……

Still, he treaded forward, to get closer to him.

……Where did it start to go wrong……

He finally reached him.

……No one was on my side……



Yeon-woo gasped for breath. The man was close to him. Close enough to touch. But the shape that was spewing letters was stopping him from getting closer.

He thought of how to get rid of it, but it was hard enough not getting swept away by it.

What could he do?

There had to be some way.

‘If not…..  then with brute strength!’

Yeon-woo clenched his teeth.

[3rd Step Dragon Body Awakening]

[All powers Released]

He pulled all 900 of the Channelings he had to him. Countless gazes stuck on him.

The purple energy pulled from the Soulstone moved according to his will for the first time.


His wings of fire spread apart. He felt fuller than after Astraeus. Now, he was confident he could fight against most Nine Kings.


With such power, he ran at full strength.

But the shape didn’t break. Rather, more letters covered him and tried to push him away.


Still, Yeon-woo didn’t stop. He threw his body forward with the resolve to fight back as much as it pushed him away.

The Philosopher’s Stone and his magic circuit spun like crazy. His Consciousness became firmer and his senses more detailed. His flashing Fiery Golden Eyes looked for any weaknesses.

But the shape still didn’t budge.

There weren’t any cracks in it either.

Only words that were broken into syllables. But even those were created into new sentences after being thrashed around by the waves.

‘This isn’t enough.’

Brontes had said he was the key. The only key that fit in the keyhole and could open the lock.

So when he had unlocked the seal to enter the Soulstone, he thought that was it.

However, there was another lock.

All the letters.

The diary was a lock.

……Where did it go wrong……

From some time, all the letters that he could see were filled with regret.

They were probably from what the guy was thinking of.

It would’ve been better if he was thinking of happy memories, but why was he only thinking of useless things?

‘Damned bastard.’

Yeon-woo cursed at him.

He was like that back on Earth too. On the outside, he was bright, but internally, he was always depressed.

A timid guy who was always worried about others.

When Yeon-woo said anything about it, he would argue back about what he had done so wrong.

That was why after he died, he was continuing to regret even here.

And he was making himself suffer.

……Because I trusted people too much? Or because I didn’t take care of my team members and tried to take care of my greed?……

It would be nice if he could do something about these damned letters at the very least.

How was this depressed guy one of the greatest rankers? And Arthia’s clan ranking was 6th at one point?

Yeon-woo wondered if Jeong-woo’s personality had changed after entering the Tower but that didn’t seem to be the case either.


……After I abandoned my family?……

It had to stop.

He needed more strength.

Something to break it at once.

‘Isn’t there anyone who can help?’

Yeon-woo looked up to the sky.

There were more than the 900 gods and demons looking at him now.

Those who were trying to peek at him using whatever method they could.

The supernaturals took an interest in him after he killed a god.

[‘Adad’ of the godly society〈Dilmun〉is watching you with Nergal’s help.]

[‘Thor’ of the godly society〈Asgard〉has paid a small price to Vimalacitra to observe you.]

[‘Erleng Shen’ of the godly society〈Chan Sect〉is speaking about you with Prince Nezha.]


[‘Sitri’ of the demonic society〈L’Infernal〉has approached Agares to watch you.]


[Current available powers: 2,711]

Because they couldn’t watch due to the block of Tartarus, they were paying a price to gods and demons who were connected to him to share their vision.

The price was probably extremely high.

A price so high that a mortal like him couldn’t even imagine what it was.

That was how much attention Yeon-woo was getting from gods and demons.

Since things had come to this, Yeon-woo was planning on accepting all the powers.

No, he was even going to accept everything that was offered now.

‘Although I don’t know if I can endure with just Consciousness.’

Yeon-woo wondered if he could accept the powers properly in his phantom form and not his actual body, but he didn’t care.

What he needed now was a mighty firepower.

[You have gained the power of ‘Adad,’ ‘E-Karkara.’]

[You have gained the power of ‘Thor,’ ‘Lightning God’s Hammer.’]

[You have gained the power of ‘Erleng Shen’, ‘Dragon Kill.’]


[You are gaining too many powers. Your body cannot handle it. It is advised you stop contracting potential apostle positions.]

[Warning! You are gaining too many powers. Your body may be destroyed.]

[Warning! You are gaining…..]


[Divine Factors are activating. The divine powers will be used.]

[Demonic Factors are activating. The demonic powers will be accepted.]

[Draconic Factors are activating. Your dragon body is strengthened.]

[The Philosopher’s Stone has been strengthened.]


[Your Demonic Divine Dragon Body has been strengthened.]

[Your Demonic Divine Dragon Body has been strengthened.]

Even in that moment, the letters around him continued to change.

……Did they think I could cure the poison……

……Everyone came to kill me……

Crunch, crunch-

When he had some firepower, he tossed his body forward one more time with as much power as he could.


A mighty firepower that covered the letters in flames poured down on the world. It was so strong that he felt like his body was going to be split apart.

But even in the explosion, the shape didn’t budge.

Still, Yeon-woo endured.

……No one was on my side……

He didn’t give up, consecutively using Regeneration to repair his body as he stretched his hand out to the shape.

Fortunately, because of the characteristics Wave of Fire had, the shape was continuing to be shaken.

The letters were shifted side to side. Finally, his hand reached the shape.

……I knew then……

……There was only one person in the entire world on my side……

How could he get rid of this damned shape that wasn’t budging?

No matter how hard he pushed, it didn’t move. No, there was a small crack on it that was about the size of a finger, but it could close up at any moment.

If only he had a bit more time.

If only someone pushed him.

He thought it could be possible to reach him and somehow wake him up.


……But I couldn’t show my weak side to them……

Yeon-woo felt like someone really was pushing him. And not just one, but two people.

Who was here? He looked around with surprise and found a familiar face smiling at him. No, to be exact, he was smirking at him.

‘The….. Monkey King?’

[An unnamed being licks his lips as he looks at you.]

What are you doing like a fool? You can’t even use your strength. You think your future wife will be satisfied?

It was most definitely the Monkey King’s shedding he had swallowed.

And next to him…..

[An unnamed being scoffs at you.]

A woman with long fiery hair scoffed at him with arrogant eyes.

I don’t like you, but I have something to say to that guy there.

She was also someone who shouldn’t be here, like the shedding.

They were the two beings who had taken care of all the unnecessary Channelings when he was suffering from the divine fever.

The two pushed him before he could ask them anything.

Thanks to them, although Yeon-woo experienced the pain of his body being split apart by the letters, he was able to reach him.

Reach the younger brother who was trembling like a baby bird, with his wings around his body.

Yeon-woo spread his arms around his little brother.

Even then, the letters were showing the information of the diary.

……With this, I’ll end the diary.

Because I believe that my brother will come here someday if I leave this behind……

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