Chapter 354 - Dis Pluto (4)

“I did wonder…… but I didn’t think you would finish it so quickly.”

Hades laughed in disbelief. It was the type of laughter for when unexpected luck suddenly came in one’s way. 

His long-missed helm was right in front of him. 


The powerful artifact that allowed him to kill Kronos during the war with the Titans. 

It had helped him be silent as death but disappeared too easily, like a sandcastle washed away by waves. 

『Try it, sir.』

Brontes, Steropes, and Arges were bowing with emotional faces. 

Hades nodded, moving his hand towards Kynee. Black light shot out from the ends of his hand into the helm. 

Granting Holiness. It was the process of binding the artifact to its owner. 

A black energy spread around the throne. It was bright, but it seemed holy. 



The three Cyclops brothers trembled from old memories while Yeon-woo read the changes occurring around Kynee with heavy eyes. 

His eyes settled heavily as his second pair of eyes opened. 

[Divine Draconic Eyes]

Rank: power

Summary: An power from the ancient dragon ‘Kalatus.’

Dragons can see many things as they grow. Of those, there is a side of the truth that humans will never be able to see, so many different types of knowledge can be discovered. 

*Observer’s Perspective

The eyes to observe and discover all things. They can quickly learn information about items or people they see. 

As a result, they can see the flow of flaws and holes. The greater the proficiency, the more they can see. 

*Eyes of the Absolute

Dragons are beings who are ahead of all other species from birth. No being could be the same after meeting their eyes, and they discourage the spirits of their opponents. 

It will be applied to all skills of powers related to “eyes.”

**Currently connected skills

-Fiery Golden Eyes: Eyes of the Monkey King. A part of the Great Sage’s power is borrowed to open Heaven Bracket. 

-Wise Man’s Eyes: Eyes of Vimalacitra. You can share a part of the Asura king’s old experiences.


The moment Divine Draconic Eyes opened for the first time, Yeon-woo realized that he was walking a new path. 

Draconic Eyes were only used by young dragons.

No dragons used Draconic Eyes after they had grown to their full sizes. They had already learned too many things after living for over a thousand years. 

However, the ancient dragon Kalatus was different. After organizing his knowledge, he had created a new power. 

Those eyes….. were passed down to Yeon-woo. 

[A hidden being is watching you.]

Yeon-woo thought that the ancient dragon Kalatus, who was somewhere in the dragon’s temple on the 50th floor, had given it to him so he could grow further. 

There was no way he could use an power without an owner so easily. 

[The skill effects of ‘Divine Draconic Eyes’ are being applied to view the great artifact ‘Kynee.’]


Type: Helm

Rank: Great Artifact

Summary: The artifact of Hades, a god of 〈Olympus〉.

It has the same properties as his symbol that contributed a lot to the Titanomachia. However, its traits haven’t been unlocked because Holiness hasn’t been granted to it. 

Holiness is in the process of being granted. 

**You have an authority to use ‘Kynee’ that is separate from its owner Hades. However, if you activate your authority, you may cause Hades to become angry, so be aware. 

There were two lines from Kynee shown by the Divine Draconic Eyes.

One was towards Hades, and the other was towards Yeon-woo. 

This was probably displaying who had the authority to use it. Yeon-woo’s line was clearer because Holiness wasn’t fully granted to it yet. 

Yeon-woo knew that if he focused Consciousness on the connection, Kynee would react instantly. 

And the result that would come after…..

‘The Black King’s set will be finished here.’

He was tempted. 

If the set of the Black King was completed, he would be closer to the power of death that he desperately wanted. He could be a clue closer to finding his little brother. 


‘That will be the end.’

Would he be able to handle the fury of Hades and Dis Pluto? Yeon-woo didn’t think so. Even if they were focused on the war against the Titans and Giants, there wasn’t much that could stop a god’s wrath. He could be stuck in Tartarus without an exit. 

Furthermore, there was no guarantee that he could use the Black King’s set to its full power just because he completed it. 

‘When I first gained Grief, the options didn’t unlock right away. There might be another condition for the third piece, the Cast.’

He wanted to take it slow and steady. The message that he had completed the quest hadn’t popped up yet, but he had kept his promise to give Kynee to Hades, so the three Cyclops brothers would help him. 

‘I can try to unlock the seal on the pocket watch….. I can try for Kynee after that.’

He could contribute to the war and receive Kynee as a reward, but it would be hard to do so with the apostle Lam still around. 

He decided to take his time with his decision. Depending on the situation, it could change anytime. 

The Holiness-granting process would take more than a couple of days to be completed. 

There was still some time left. 

[Current progress: 99%]

Hades quietly took his hands off of Kynee and let out a sigh of relief.

* * *

While Yeon-woo’s party was giving Kynee to Hades. 

“This is where you’ll stay.”

Kahn, Doyle, Galliard, and Creutz were visiting Dis Pluto with Lam’s guidance. 

Unlike Yeon-woo and the others who were participating in creating Kynee, they were assigned as combat members as they didn’t have any talents in crafting. 

‘How cold.’

Kahn clicked his tongue internally as he followed Lam. 

He had felt that Lam didn’t like any of them since he first met her. 

No, it was more accurate to say that she was wary of them, like a cat who was wary of other cats in its territory.

‘But we have to be closer for life to be easier in the future.’

It didn’t seem like it was time yet. He could approach her slowly to make her lower her guard. 

Kahn straightened his back unknowingly. He felt like he could see Victoria’s narrowed eyes for some reason. 

‘What, it’s not like I’m in that kind of relationship with the granny anyway. And I’m not saying I’m gonna seduce Hades’s apostle either.’

He made ridiculous excuses to himself and quickly changed the direction of his thoughts. 


His eyes shined as he looked around the base. 

“I didn’t know there would be this many players.”

Doyle suddenly spoke with awe. 

Tartarus was a hidden stage; not many knew of its existence. Moreover, it was extremely hard to reach. 

He had heard that there were some people who came here because they weren’t satisfied with the Mountains of Penances on the 20th floor. 

Upon seeing it for himself, there was more than what he expected. 

Most of the soldiers were players. He could even see rankers who had disappeared from the Tower long ago. 

It was incredible. 

‘Since this is the place with the most intense fighting in the entire Tower.’

Yeon-woo was just exceptional in how he continued to grow every day. 

Most players stopped growing after some point. 

The easiest way to overcome it was through battle. 

There was much to gain in a fight to the death. 

It was understandable that players came here. 

However, because of the frequent collisions with divine beings, the mortality rate of players was probably high. 

The fact that so many players were here despite the dangers…..

‘That’s how helpful being in Tartarus is to them.’



Kahn suddenly reached over to pinch him. 

Doyle frowned, wondering what strange thing Kahn was doing now. 

“You said the same thing I was about to say.”

“How can you still be so childish…… never mind.”

They said people changed after going through something big. Seeing Kahn the same as ever, he couldn’t help but sigh. 

Kahn grinned and slapped Doyle’s back. 

“Why are you sighing so much? Let’s smile a little.”

Doyle shook his head then grinned. This was probably how Kahn was able to save him without giving up. 

As he was thinking those thoughts, there was a sudden commotion from a section in the base. 

Kahn and Doyle turned in that direction. Galliard and Creutz looked as well and turned stiff. 

They were all horribly injured, like they had just been in battle.

However, their eyes were as sharp as ever. 

“…..Why is the Elohim here?”

Of the Eight Large Clans, the Elohim stood out the most. It was probably because of their arrogant way of thinking—that they were superior to all others. 

The people who stood out in the chaotic crowd were acting like them. 

While players were congratulating them, they accepted the compliments like it was obvious. 

“The woman in the front seems to be the head of the Family of Life and Production and the Family of Light. But she’s in….. horrible condition.”

The leader of the Elohim group was a woman with short hair, Paneth. 

Aether was following her like a dog. The Golden Headband was tied around his neck like a leash. 

While Yeon-woo left Tartarus to look for materials, Paneth’s party had teamed up with Dis Pluto to help them. 

They distinguished themselves in battle, leaving for expeditions on their own to invade the territory of Titans, steal their castles, or destroy the cores of the monsters. 

They had become the center of Dis Pluto. 

Even now, while the Titans were attacking the holy territory, they had been successful in fending them off. She had aimed for where the defense was weaker, hunting a Titan who had been alone. 

And the result…..

[A god of 〈Olympus〉, Poseidon, is glad you gained the title ‘God Assassin’ and gives you a new Factor.]

[Hestia is with him.]

[Demeter is with him.]

[Hera is with him.]

The Titan Megaera’s head was on the platter she brought. 

“From Astraeus to Megaera…..”

“And they say that Kynee will soon be created.”

“We might be able to win this war.”

Hades’s secretaries, the lower level divine beings, were excited. 

Paneth nodded without much emotion, already having heard everything on her way there. 

However, Aether, who was following her like a dog, knew that she was extremely displeased. 

She was supposed to have all the honor and glory for defeating Megaera, but someone else had gained the title of God Assassin before her, taking all the honor and glory she was supposed to receive. 

The Hoarder. 

He was back. 

She ground her teeth. He was someone she had to meet sometime, but it was annoying that he made her accomplishment pale in comparison. 

She tried to calm herself down. 

There was no need for her to show enmity here. She had to fight against the Hoarder someday anyway. 

[A message from Poseidon has arrived.]

[Message: As you promised, rip all of them apart. Don’t let any of them live. Not a single one.]

Paneth spoke to Poseidon and the three goddesses who were watching her from somewhere. 

“Then you must really…..!”

[A message from Poseidon has arrived.]

[Message: I’ll promise once again. In the name of Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.]

[A message from Poseidon has arrived.]

[Message: If you fulfill the prophecy, I will take away the suffering of your tribe.]

The promise of reviving the honor of their tribe after they fell to their mortal status. 

The prophecy she had received before she left the Elohim was beginning.

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