Chapter 312 - The King of the Underworld (2)

Yeon-woo instinctively spread his wings of fire apart and soared up into the sky.

A bunch of ghosts wrapped around Yeon-woo to protect him.


“…..What is this?”

The Giant god didn’t take any action.

Yeon-woo belatedly realized the eyes that were previously fixed on him weren’t focused. He didn’t feel any life either.

The Giant god he had been standing on was already a long-dead corpse.

‘Its size is so…..’

The corpse was lying on its long side, but it had been so tall that he thought it was a ridge, and its length seemed to be tens of kilometers.

The eyes beamed like the sun and the moon, and the hair on its flesh and limbs made it seem like a forest.

From what Yeon-woo knew, even Giants weren’t that large.

Giants were considered large if they were around 20 meters tall. Considering how the last King of Giants had been 30 meters tall, this being couldn’t be called a Giant.

‘Is it the corpse of a Titan? Then is Tartarus filled with these beings?’

Information about Titans and Giants wasn’t well-known within the Tower either.

There weren’t many players who could clear the ten gates in the first place, and even fewer could pass through the bronze door.

His brother had also only promised himself to enter Tartarus at a later time. He hadn’t gone there himself.

It wouldn’t be strange for Titans and Giants to have strange appearances. In the end, they were “gods” who couldn’t be understood by logic.

Yeon-woo flew up higher to examine the corpse more carefully. It was also to look for Creutz, whom he had lost sight of after entering the portal.

‘He’s extremely large. It’s weird up here, too.’

Yeon-woo clicked his tongue as he flew up. The higher he went, the darker it became. He was only able to see because of Holy Fire and his sharp senses.

Tartarus was an abyss, filled only with darkness.

When he thought he was high enough, he attempted to release his Consciousness.



The ground suddenly began to shake. Along with it, he felt an intense pressure.


Yeon-woo quickly recalled his Consciousness. His heart started to pound inside of his chest. His instinct warned him that he would be in danger if he revealed his Consciousness here.

Instead, he hid his presence as much as possible and turned his body in the other direction. Once again, the world shook up and down.

Something was coming towards him through the darkness. As it drew closer, Yeon-woo felt shivers run down his back. A presence comparable to Agares from the 23rd floor was coming.

[Athena looks at the same being you are with still eyes.]

[Hermes looks at the same being as you in silence.]

[Agares clicks his tongue.]

[Hundun is silent.]

The gazes of the gods and demons who used Yeon-woo as a chess piece became silent. Even Hundun, who didn’t show his messages often. That was how great the being’s pressure was.


Yeon-woo swallowed. The Giant god was almost right next to him now.

He was smaller than the corpse of the dead Giant god below, but he was still a hefty size. Yeon-woo looked like a fly next to him.

『It should be somewhere around here…….』

The being looked around as if searching for something. His movements were slow because of the size of his body. It took a long time for him to turn his neck.

But every time he did, the atmosphere trembled, and the heat exuding from his skin made it hard to breathe.

Yeon-woo knew the being was searching for him. His eyes were familiar. It was one of the gazes that had been on him while he was clearing through the gates.

He had probably appeared here because he knew Yeon-woo had come.

However, he just looked around for a while and wasn’t able to find Yeon-woo.

Because Yeon-woo was so small compared to him and was hiding his presence, it wouldn’t be easy to find him.

However, that wasn’t a relief for Yeon-woo.

If he moved in the slightest, it was likely the being would discover him immediately. He couldn’t stay there. It was only a matter of time before more beings would come to find him.

‘What should I do? Should I attack first?’

Yeon-woo held and released Vigrid with hesitation.

He knew his attack wouldn’t have any effect. Still, he thought he would be able to stall for time.

He thought that it would be better to attack and run away than to be a sitting duck.

Yeon-woo swallowed and activated his Draconic Eyes. He could see a few flaws. However, they were near nonexistent.

The closer one was to perfection, the greater the level of one’s existence. It was difficult to make out the flaws of such a being.

After inputting magic power into his Draconic Eyes, he was able to see a clump of flaws around the being’s right breast.

Yeon-woo tightened his hold on Vigrid. He only had one chance. He needed to activate all his powers and attack the being instantly. If not, that was the end.

His eyes were red with anxiety. Just then, he could feel the being’s gaze turn towards the opposite direction.

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.



『You foolish bastard!』

Open Speaking rang in Yeon-woo’s ear. His body was swept aside.


That was when the Giant god turned to look in Yeon-woo’s direction. He looked around and muttered to himself.

『Did I…… feel wrong…….』

The Giant god narrowed his eyes and began to walk again.

『This place…… must not be it……. did he…… run away already?』

Judging that Yeon-woo wasn’t there, the Giant god looked away again and started to move.

B, Boom—



Yeon-woo stood up only once the footsteps had faded away. The being was so large that it took a while for its footsteps to disappear.

“You attempted to attack a Titan? To none other than Perses, at that. You foolhardy bastard.”

The one who rescued Yeon-woo crumpled his face after realizing there wasn’t any danger.

“Do you know how complicated things almost became because of you?”


Yeon-woo stayed silent. There were about 10 people in the group around him.

All of them were warriors with bronze armor and gear. Each of their auras was outstanding.

The one who seemed to be the commander even had a divine atmosphere around him.

‘Dis Pluto.’

Dis Pluto was a group of warriors under Hades who protected the Underground and stopped the Titans and Giants who tried to break through the bronze door.

They may have looked like ordinary warriors on the surface, but each and every one of them had a level that could match a lower-level superior being’s.

Yeon-woo realized he had survived thanks to them. The Perses whom the commander had spoken about was a Titan who symbolized destruction. If Yeon-woo clashed with him, things would’ve gotten out of control.

“Still, it’s a relief you’re safe. Are you injured anywhere?”

Just then, Creutz jumped out from behind Dis Pluto and examined Yeon-woo. When Yeon-woo nodded, Creutz sighed in relief. It seemed like he had been discovered and rescued before Yeon-woo.

The commander confirmed that the Giant god Perses was gone once more and turned back to Yeon-woo. It was hard to tell what he looked like because he was wearing armor, but his eyes were intense.

“Anyways, I don’t know how you received the help of the spirit that His Majesty gave to the Cyclops Brontes, but you are related to him, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Yeon-woo nodded.

“His Majesty has ordered me to bring you to him safely. However, this is the territory of the Titans. If they catch us, we’re done for, so follow me carefully.”

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.

“By His Majesty, are you talking about Hades?”

It seemed like the missing Hades was still in Tartarus.

The commander frowned.

“Don’t speak his name in vain, player. He has taken his hands off the Tower for a while now, but he’s not someone who you guys can…..”

“I’ve brought a message from Persephone. Please let me meet Hades.”

“…..From Lady Persephone?”

The commander was about to become angry but paused. A player who had come on the queen’s request. If so, he needed to lead them as respectfully as possible.

He seemed unsatisfied, but there was nothing he could do. The commander turned around stiffly.

“Anyways. Follow me.”

Fortunately, it seemed like things would proceed smoothly.

Yeon-woo and Creutz began to follow Dis Pluto.

* * *

The commander called himself “Ray.” He was the chief of the nineteenth squad out of the twenty-four corps.

Yeon-woo knew the names of most of the gods and demons, but it was a name he had never heard before.

‘I suppose that makes sense. The only thing known about each godly society is which greater gods leads it.’

Obviously, each of the “societies” like Olympus, Asgard, and L’Infernal comprised many beings.

Not only did the societies have gods, but they also had the subordinate gods to the gods and the soldiers below them. The scale of the upper world was incredibly vast.

However, in most cases, their names weren’t known, or they weren’t famous even if their names were known.

It was because they weren’t memorable enough to the players of the lower world.

Ray was one of those beings. Still, because he belonged to the heavenly world, he had a holiness about him as well.

Yeon-woo couldn’t imagine how strong he was.


‘Is he stronger than Seseungnim?’

People who had holiness meant they had become supernatural. It was a peak that all mortals wished to reach. Although no player had gotten this far, other than Allforone, when Yeon-woo compared Ray to the Martial King, he didn’t think Ray was stronger.

Of course, it could’ve been because Ray hadn’t released his holiness around him, but the Martial King hadn’t shown his full strength either. He hadn’t used his full power even when he was fighting the Summer Queen.

‘Just what is the standard for holiness? Is it not something you can gain just because your level is higher?’

Yeon-woo’s eyes deepened.

‘Or is there something preventing you from getting it?’

Yeon-woo continued to walk as he pondered these thoughts.

“What are you looking at?”

Ray felt Yeon-woo’s gaze on him and turned back to look at him.

“It’s nothing.”

Yeon-woo shook his head firmly.

Ray snorted and looked forward again.

“I’ll say this in advance, but I don’t like you players that much.”

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.

“Can I know why?”

“Why? There are a lot of reasons why. This battlefield where we fight our entire lives for our beliefs is just a playground and training ground for you guys.”


Yeon-woo shut his mouth. It seemed like he was talking about the players who crossed over into Tartarus after clearing the 10 gates.

They came here to raise their skills, risking their lives.

However, that was only what the players thought. How would that look to those who considered this place the battleground of their lives?

“Only you guys think of this place as easy. Even Olympus in the heavenly world doesn’t dare think that. Everyone who comes here dies because they are weak or runs away once they think they’ve learned something worthwhile. How can we like them?”


“Moreover, at the moment, each soldier is important to us. But because of you, ten of us had to come to this dangerous place. Just know that I’m not saying any more than this because you’re Lady Persephone’s messenger and you know where Cyclops Brontes is.”

It was a warning for him not to die futilely and to know his place and stay low.

It sounded like he was being rude because he was here first, but Yeon-woo could feel the bitterness and urgency behind his words.

‘Is that how bad the situation is?’

Just when Yeon-woo’s eyes settled deeply.


Ray suddenly paused, using Open Speaking towards the party. Just when Yeon-woo was wondering what was going on.


The ground they were walking on suddenly crumbled, and a Giant god popped out.

I found you……!』

It was the Titan Perses, who had just been searching for Yeon-woo. He smiled evilly and stretched his hand out to where Yeon-woo was.

“Run away!”


Ray shouted frantically and held up his shield. Holy power was released in front of him, causing smoke to whirl around.


The Titan Perses was one who could somewhat hold a battle with Hades. He wasn’t someone that a lower-level being like Ray could block. Ray couldn’t hold him for long and became a bloodied mess, then disappeared.

『Where are you…… trying to go……?!』

The Giant god didn’t stop there and waved his arms to catch his target, Yeon-woo.

Strong winds blew around them like a tornado. Dis Pluto frantically stepped in front of Yeon-woo. They looked ready to die in battle.

Yeon-woo clenched his teeth and released his powers. No, he tried to. The Channelings were blocked, like they were covered by something.

[The Channeling with Athena is weak. The ‘Stigmata of the Goddess’ is dissipating.]

[The Channeling with Ceto is weaker. The ‘Sea King Stone’ has failed to activate.]

[The Channeling with Agares is weak. ‘Wicked Devil’ is dissipating.]

[Agares is furious!]

The only power that worked was awakening his Dragon Body. While he was hoping that the 72 Bian and Wave of Fire would work for a while, the being’s great shadow was right above his head.

That moment.


Blue light gathered in the dark sky and turned into lightning, landing in the face of the Giant god.

The Giant god screamed and stepped back. He covered his face with his hands as blood spurted like a fountain from his injuries.

And in front of him, a god swung his sword, wearing bronze armor that emitted an ashy.

The darkness simmered like fire, hugging him like it was protecting him, then stretched out around him like spiderwebs.

He was way smaller than the Titan, but the aura around him was greater than the Giant god’s. Every time he swung his sword, a more powerful strength than Poseidon’s spread out.

Yeon-woo realized who it was right away.

A superior god who had been born as the oldest out of the 6 brothers, including Zeus but had thrown away the throne of Olympus for his little brothers.


The King of the Underworld had come.

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