Chapter 290 - Poseidon (2)

In fact, Yeon-woo acquired something slightly different from Poison Blood.

[Disabling Poison Blood]
[Number 28]
[Description: A combination of the poison of souls from the 30th floor, Anti-Venom Bayluk’s poisons, Devil King Poison, and a few Draconic Factors. It can cause critical damage depending on how it is used. Your blood will also become acidic and poisonous.]
[*Hundred Poison Immunity
You gain a strong resistance to many poisons and acids. Even if you are poisoned, immunity will be created quickly. You will automatically store the information about the poison. ]
[*Poison Factory
An organ that exudes poisons will be created next to your heart, allowing the poisons to flow through your circulatory system. The information from the Hundred Poison Immunity will influence the quality of the poisons. If the concentration of poison in your blood exceeds a certain threshold, you may be harmed. The higher the skill proficiency, the more superior the poison is.] 
[*Poison Fog
A large amount of your blood will be used to create heavy Poison Fog. The closer you are to the center of the Poison Fog, the stronger the poison becomes and the more symptoms you will develop.]
[**Information about current poisons (8 kinds)
1.Devil King Poison
2. Soul Poison
3. Ecstasy Heal]


‘The number is the same.’ Even the summary of the skill was similar to Bayluk’s, granting outstanding resistance to poison and using your own blood to artificially create poison.

Bayluk used this in many ways. He would rub his blood on his comrades’ swords so they could use the poison, store his blood inside a glass bottle and throw it when necessary, and many other methods. Poison Fog was especially destructive since it made the environment itself deadly and didn’t discern between foe or ally.  

There was only one difference between the Disabling Poison Blood and Bayluk’s Poison Blood. ‘It adds the knowledge of new poisons.’

Bayluk used two ways to amplify the power of his Poison Blood. One of them was to raise the skill’s proficiency to make it more effective, and the other was to use it with another skill to combine multiple poisons at once. But thanks to the Disabling Poison Blood, Yeon-woo had an option that analyzed poisons automatically. ‘So it means that the effects of the skill will be greater the more poisons I encounter, right?’

Perhaps this was a result of forcing down all of Bayluck’s poisons over and over with the Regeneration skill. He had succeeded in creating an antidote for the most dangerous poisons. Perhaps it was due to the special abilities of the Demonic Dragon Body. Whatever it was, Yeon-woo was satisfied. He was ready to set up an appointment with Atran and By the Table as soon as the trial was over to ask for all the most dangerous and purest poisons he could get. ‘I hope it’ll be effective.’

With those thoughts, Yeon-woo gripped Carshina’s Dagger and made a cut on his wrist. Blood spurted out, Regeneration quickly healing the wound. The blood that had gushed out turned into a heavy, dark-red fog that began to disperse in the air.  

“Rise.” At Yeon-woo’s orders, a shadow stretched out, and the waiting Guai appeared. 

[The Third Spirit]

Yeon-woo activated his power. Strengthened by Azrael’s Factors, his power had a huge effect on the Guai, and with the buff, the Poison Fog floated down on them.


The Guai all shrieked with joy. Their ashy black skin glowed with a red light as they began to take on the qualities of the poison they absorbed. Every breath they exhaled was now filled with poison.

‘There’s no reason why I should be limited to putting my blood on weapons or on the Poison Fog.’ Yeon-woo’s attacks were already powerful. His Wave of Fire could be used from a distance, and when he added black Aura to it, there was nothing he couldn’t cut through. 

An option called “Simmering Spark” was activated whenever the black Aura touched an opponent. Even after they were swept away by the fire, they were hit with damage again and again. As a result, Yeon-woo didn’t have to rely on Disabling Poison Blood for victory. It was effective and easy to use, but it would have more impact if his Guai could wield it as a weapon.

The Guai had the potential to do many things because they could freely move through shadows. Since they were strong from the time they were created, they could easily take care of more players. But the stronger they grew, the better it was for him. With the poison, they would be able to accomplish even more. Finally, since Disabling Poison Blood used Yeon-woo’s blood as a medium, it also provided nutrients for the Guai.  

Kyaaaa! Kyaaa!

The Guai began to jump off the cliff, and the Triton players who were cleaning up the docks looked up in surprise. 

“Wh-what is…! Urk!”


The player who saw the Guai first couldn’t even finish screaming when a Guai clawed his face violently. The player’s head popped off. The other Guai moved quickly and attacked the other players. 

“What are these…!”

“Where did they come from?”

“Block them! Block…urk!”

The Guai were quick and agile. Before the players could even get their weapons, the Guai dashed through the shadows, aiming for their vulnerable spots. Those who couldn’t defend themselves had their limbs cut off. Those who used shields to block the attacks were also injured and pieces of their armor were sliced off.

“How dare you…!” The players quickly twisted to catch the Guai, but they had returned to the shadows. The players were about to move with angry expressions when they suddenly lost their balance and collapsed to the ground, vomiting blood.


“What is going on…”

Messages suddenly began to pop up in front of them. 

[You have been affected by ‘Disabling Poison Blood’!]

[You have been afflicted with the status ‘Confusion’.]

[You have been afflicted with the status ‘Poison’.]

[You have been afflicted with the status ‘Hemorrhage’.]


[Your health has severely decreased.]

[Your attack power has severely decreased.]

[Your defensive power has severely decreased.]

[Your life is draining away.]


All the players were wondering what had happened to cause this. Those who had only received minor injuries felt like their body parts were about to fall off, and their flesh was beginning to rot. Blood was pouring uncontrollably out of their bodies, making them faint. It was a poison that was so extreme that it sent them into a critical condition with just a tiny amount.

The quick-thinking players among them immediately cut off their rotting limbs, but those who didn’t do so in time suffered extremely painful deaths. The players quickly attempted to drink healing potions, but it only stopped the effects of the poison for a brief moment.  


“Urk! This is crazy…”

As the players were filled with fear, the ships began to crack. Those that weren’t cracked filled up with water or had their sails ripped. Once the players died, their souls were immediately absorbed. The Guai ate without leaving anything behind and soon, there were no players left on the docks.

‘It’s more effective than I thought.’ Yeon-woo didn’t interfere with the Guai and just observed with his Draconic Eyes open. The experiment was successful. ‘It must be from the increase in holy power too.’

The Guai didn’t become stronger just because of Disabling Poison Blood. The four elixirs for creating a Divine Human had influenced them, as well. Yeon-woo no longer had to hide them as a secret weapon. Previously, he’d only unleashed them when necessary because he didn’t want to attract undue attention and reveal his full strength, like during this fight with Waltz’s Nascent Soul Body. However, it seemed like they would be a very useful weapon now. 

If he was powerful enough to do this to Triton, it meant that he wouldn’t have any difficulty with most groups. ‘He should be here by now.’ Yeon-woo still didn’t make his presence known as the ships began to sink one by one. He could have blown them all away with Wave of Fire, but he had refrained, not only because he was testing the Guai’s abilities but also because he was waiting for someone. ‘Benteke.’

He wanted to end the fight that they’d started. ‘Someone’s coming.’ Yeon-woo sensed the arrival of an Apostle with an immense holy power. However, he frowned behind the mask. ‘It’s not Benteke.’

He could tell because he had swallowed a part of Poseidon’s holy power. The holy power he sensed was similar to Poseidon’s but it wasn’t his. It seemed like one of the commanders of Triton under Benteke was making an appearance.

“Stop right now!” Boom! Someone suddenly dropped from the sky, his aura on par with Benteke’s. He appeared on a large wave that was dotted with ship debris.

“It’s Lord Ted!”

“It’s Lieutenant Ted! Lieutenant Ted is here!”

The expressions of the players who were struggling against the Guai brightened as soon as they saw Ted. They thought their savior had come. However, Ted ignored the cheers of his subordinates and looked around with blazing eyes and a fierce aura. He swung his hands around powerfully, and a wave crashed down on the Guai, sending them scurrying back into the shadows.

Ted followed the shadows’ movements with his eyes and saw Yeon-woo on top of a cliff. He looked just as he did when he fought Benteke. Ted’s suspicions that Yeon-woo was hiding a skill were confirmed. The Hoarder was using a skill that he hadn’t shown when he had fought Benteke. 

However, the Hoarder had made a foolish mistake. Ted was sure that he hadn’t attacked the fleet because he hadn’t fully recovered yet. Ted leapt up without any hesitation. He thought he could take care of Yeon-woo.

However, Yeon-woo’s shadow stretched and blocked him. Clang! Shanon and Hanryeong crossed their swords in front of him, their Inferno Sights ablaze. 

“Who do you think you are?!” Ted tried to twist his body to take care of Shanon and Hanryeong. Antaeus’s holy power activated, and a powerful force whirled around the two, but Ted’s shadow unraveled like vines to wrap around him. The Guai that he’d attacked with a wave were now trying to bind him.

Ted instinctively tried to shake them off, but he vomited at the stinging pain that suddenly flowed through his body. “What is…!”

Strange messages about his condition popped up. Ted usually didn’t even blink an eye at most poisons. He had never heard of a poison that could dominate an Apostle. He ripped apart the shadows with his holy power, worried that he was in danger, but Shanon and Hanryeong quickly moved to stab him. The poison spread even more quickly through his body. The shadow tentacles gathered again and reached up to his chin. 

Cough! He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t move. His body was no longer listening to him. He felt like his heart and soul were bound by something he couldn’t see. Two lines appeared over Yeon-woo’s head and opened with blazing blue fire. They were Boo’s Inferno Sight.

No one…can approach…Master…without…permission.

Ted’s mind went blank, and he could only feel horror. What was it? He felt like he was looking at someone a living person shouldn’t see. Ted wanted to shout “Save me!” He couldn’t even hear Antaeus’s voice anymore. His holy power had been tied up. He didn’t even know what the shadows that struck their swords in him were. 

He could only see death ahead of him now. His trembling eyes focused on Yeon-woo, who looked back at him in amusement. “Does it work on Apostles too? I suppose it’s because of Poseidon’s Factors. This will be useful.” With those words, Yeon-woo stretched his hand out towards Ted’s face. Black Aura flared up like fireworks on his fingertips. 

Ted’s eyes didn’t close until the end. He couldn’t believe that he had lost without even touching Yeon-woo. He felt wronged—and scared. Puk!

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