Chapter 270 - The Hoarder (10)

‘What is that?’ Heidi stiffened as soon as she saw the Guai. They looked like shadows made of black fire, and her Fairy Eyes told her that they weren’t part of the world of the living. At first, she thought they were the undead, but it wasn’t accurate either.

Undead beings were cursed creatures who couldn’t die or born to an undead lineage, not resurrected spirits. The undead were still bound to the rules of the living, but the shadows in front of here didn’t have the same restrictions. They were unique, as though they didn’t exist among the rules and laws of existence.

Heidi, who believed that her Fairy Eyes would show her logical reasons for everything, was utterly shocked. Just then, the Guai that was digging into the brain of the Cannibal Demonic Creature turned its head.  

Heidi stepped back in surprise. The shadow monster looked like it was going to run towards her any moment. 



The team members who had survived the Cannibal Demonic Creature’s attack ran towards her frantically, with Dylan and Jun at their heels. Heidi tried to stop her comrades from approaching, but the Guai turned to look at something and then vanished into the darkness.

“Haa! Haa! Heidi, are you okay?” Dylan grabbed Heidi and checked to see if she was alright. 

However, Heidi didn’t say anything. She just looked at the spot where the Guai had been with her Fairy Eyes wide open. 

* * *

“Wh-what is this?”


Unlike Heidi and her team, the base of the Ninety-Second Squad where Ibrahimovic waited was completely annihilated. They couldn’t stop the excited Cannibal Monster Humans, Cannibal Demonic Humans, and Cannibal Demonic Creature.

The Cannibal Monster Humans killed the ordinary players while the Cannibal Demonic Humans took care of the more skilled ones. The Cannibal Demonic Creature only continued walking. Boom. Boom. 

The ground shook with each step it made, and its red eyes flashed as it searched for something. It crushed the forest, breaking trees in half as it passed.

Ibrahim held his breath in fear under some mossy rocks as he hid far from the Cannibal Demonic Creature. His crushed right arm throbbed, but the fear that trickled down his back numbed his pain. ‘Hoarder! You…!’ Ibrahimovic ground his teeth thinking of Yeon-woo, who was to blame for all this. His plans had been reduced to ashes as soon as the messages arrived about the Cannibal Demonic Humans and the Cannibal Demonic Creature.

The players of the Ninety-Second Squad had died like insects: stepped on, blown away, and toyed with. He’d run towards the Cannibal Demonic Creature to try to stop it somehow, but he’d only injured its pinkie finger while his arm had been destroyed. However, he’d managed to infuriate the creature, and it was now looking for him, sniffing for a trace of his presence. Ibrahimovic had hidden his scent with an artifact, but he couldn’t erase every single trace of himself.

The distance between them was shrinking, and he was in danger of being caught. He had to leave the island before that happened. ‘A boat! I have to get on a boat!’ In fact, Ibrahimovic had a secret boat his subordinates didn’t know about. It was only a small canoe, but Charon had made it. Ibrahimovic decided it would be wiser to escape and request help from the Fantasy Regiment. ‘I’ve already contacted headquarters. I just have to find the coordinates!’

Ibrahimovic quickly racked his brain. He felt sorry about sacrificing his subordinates, but someone needed to leave the island to request help as soon as possible. The canoe wasn’t too far away, and he’d hidden it among thorn bushes so that no one would find it. ‘Please, please.’

Ibrahimovic looked around warily as he heard footsteps come and go. He found himself dashing through the forest without any plan. There was no time for it.

<Speed Wind>

It was a priceless skill he had bought for emergencies like this, and he could escape from danger with explosive speed. Although it used up a vast amount of magic power, it was worth it. He could sense the Cannibal Monster Humans chasing after him, but he evaded them easily. ‘Yes!’

Ibrahimovic was sure he would succeed. Although the Cannibal Monster Humans were fast, they slowed down as soon as they left their territory. He could no longer feel their presence or those of the Cannibal Demonic Humans. Up ahead, he could see the large rock he’d placed as a marker to show where the territory of the Cannibal Demonic Creature ended. The canoe that he had hidden under the bushes was somewhere close to that marker. ‘I’ve survi—!”

Just as Ibrahimovic sighed in relief, a large shadow crushed the rock, and a hand stretched out towards the shattered pieces to grab Ibrahimovic’s neck. The Cannibal Demonic Creature looked at him in amusement. What happened? Ibrahimovic saw a bloody mess dangling in the Cannibal Demonic Creature’s left hand. He almost couldn’t recognize him, but it was the subordinate who had always protected him.


He didn’t know if his subordinate was referring to the canoe or the rock, but it was obvious that he had given up the location. The Cannibal Demonic Creature suddenly spoke, making Ibrahimovic’s mind go blank. “I’ve found you, rat.”

Fear exploded inside Ibrahimovic. ‘H-he can talk?’

Bang! “Urk!”

The Cannibal Demonic Creature didn’t care about Ibrahimovic’s reaction and just tossed him to the ground. Ibrahimovic felt like his body was breaking apart. He used different skills, but they all scattered against an invisible barrier before they could reach the Cannibal Demonic Creature. ‘Fuck…it’s resistance.’

This was the scary part about Cannibal Demonic Creatures. They had high resistance and so much power that they could eat most players easily. Boom! Boom! Boom!  “Heehee! Whee!” The creature threw Ibrahimovic to the ground several times in amusement.

Ibrahimovic’s arms and legs were crushed, and his internal organs were ruptured. Blood poured out of his cracked head, clouding his vision. Would he die so pointlessly? Ibrahimovic wanted to endure, but his consciousness was slowly fading away. However, right before he passed out, he felt his body being flicked away and he rolled on the ground.  

When he opened his eyes, he could see a black shadow fighting with the creature. The Cannibal Demonic Creature was trembling in fear. “Monster! Monster! Go away! Go away! Monster! Aaaack!” It shook its fists, but the black shadow avoided them and turned the Cannibal Demonic Creature into a bloody mess in seconds. 

The Cannibal Monster Humans protecting the Cannibal Demonic Creature were all dead. Just as Ibrahamovic had been terrified by the creature, it was terrified of the shadow, which seemed to be pushing it to its death.

Ibrahimovic wondered what it was, but his thoughts were beginning to fade. Just before he exhaled his last breath, he saw the Cannibal Demonic Creature’s head fly into the air spurting blood.

* * *

[You have discovered the ‘Cannibal Monster Human’ village.]

[The enemy procession is beginning.]

A black fire that began in the forest spread to the village, surprising the Cannibal Monster Humans, who were enjoying a feast of human flesh. They all tried to put the fire out with water, but the fire just grew bigger and swallowed everything in its path. 

The crops and fruits that they had grown so carefully the past year instantly turned to ashes, and their cottages were scorched into charcoal. The yards where the villagers danced and sang instantly became fuel for the fire. 

The Cannibal Monster Humans were confused since they couldn’t pinpoint the source of the fire, and the insanity that had infected them after the deaths of their comrades flared up again. However, another disaster was waiting for them.

A whirlwind emerged from the black fire: Yeon-woo. He moved rapidly to get rid of the Cannibal Monster Humans in his way. He didn’t even have to pull out Vigrid or use his Black Aura, and he killed them all with just his Magic Bayonet. He massacred them, and they couldn’t even fight back.

[The difficulty is increasing.]

[The difficulty is increasing.]

[The ‘Cannibal Demonic Creatures’ are arriving more frequently!]

“Human! I’m going to kill you, human!” A few Cannibal Demonic Creatures ran towards him but he dispatched them easily as well. When he swung his sword, a creature’s fist flew out like a piece of straw, and when he swung it another time, a creature fell to the ground, its throat cut.

“H-how…?” It was a bloodier sight than when Ibrahimovic had been ripped apart. The Cannibal Demonic Creatures all met anticlimactic ends. ‘They’re too weak.’ Yeon-woo stepped on the corpse and jumped forward. Blood spread out and evaporated from the heat. 

Cannibal Demonic Creatures and Cannibal Monster Humans continued to rush towards him, but they were no match for him. They were weak. All of them. It was so disappointing for Yeon-woo. 

He knew that the Cannibal Demonic Creatures wouldn’t be particularly strong, but he still assumed they would pose a greater obstacle than this. His brother had been annoyed at fighting them, after all. However, their attacks were so insignificant that he hadn’t even awakened his powers. It was just like his fight with Apophis’ exuviae. 

[The chief has discovered that you have sent the village into chaos. He has sacrificed the lower-level priests and begun to chant a new prayer.]

[The Cannibal Monster King’s arrival is close.]

[Current progress: 81%]

Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes at the message about the arrival of the Cannibal Monster King. Would he be strong? He hoped he would be better than Apophis’ exuviae. When 100 percent appeared, a new message appeared.

[The prayers have been accepted. The chief has begun to evolve.]

[The Cannibal Monster King has arrived.]

In the distance, Yeon-woo saw a small island. It was the location of the chief’s residence. Yeon-woo spread his Fire Wings and flew over the River of Souls, and using Wind Path and Blink, he slid over the water and arrived at the island. Crunch. Crunch. 

He saw a creature as big as Apophis’ exuviae voraciously eating something. The creature sensed Yeon-woo’s presence and turned his head. His red eyes narrowed fiercely. “So, it’s you. The one who hurt my children.”

Yeon-woo put his Magic Bayonet away and pulled Vigrid out. As he swept his black Aura around, he wondered if the creature was weak or strong? His brother had definitely said he was strong. Jeong-woo said he’d struggled and had only managed to beat him with the help of his comrades.

If that were the case, how would Yeon-woo fare? He knew that he was stronger than his brother, but he hoped the creature would at least pose a challenge.

“Are you using Fear Fire? Funny. Using hellfire on the prince of ghosts. I’m blessed by the River of Souls. Fear Fire can’t defeat me. I can counter it as easily as putting out a fire with water.”

The air around the Cannibal Monster King became humid. Acidic fog settled down, and it seemed like it would start to rain. It was the trait of a being that excelled at using Fear Water. Yeon-woo kicked off from the ground in annoyance. “Blah-blah, you talk too much.”

* * *

“H-how…?” The voice was full of disbelief.

Yeon-woo snorted at him. “You really talk too much.” Yeon-woo broke the Cannibal Monster King’s head. Blood spurted out and evaporated in the heat. ‘He’s just the same.’ Yeon-woo sighed. Apophis’ exuviae and the Cannibal Monster King had fallen easily to his Aura. ‘I guess there’s nothing I can do except climb to the higher floors quickly.’

He had expected too much from the lower floors. ‘This won’t do. I should find Lana and quickly get through this. Gosh.’ Yeon-woo decided to switch his priorities. At first, he’d planned on taking everything he could and slowly climb the Tower, but there wasn’t any need for that anymore. It was better to just find what he needed and move onto the next floor. 

Yeon-woo found another village on the island where young and old Cannibal Monster Humans trembled in fear. Yeon-woo was only interested in the elders. The Cannibal Monster Humans were naturally gifted warriors, shipwrights, and boatmen. The older ones knew the secret to crossing the River of Souls. 

If he could put them to good use, he could get to the thirtieth floor without too much trouble. 

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