Chapter 263 - The Hoarder (3)

From its tip to its handle, Vigrid glowed with a bright light that was whiter than the snow. From far away, it looked like Yeon-woo was holding a long stick. 

[Vigrid – ???]
[Category: Single-handed longsword]
[Rank: ???]
[Description: During the Silver Age, the forgotten days in the distant past, there once existed a divine sword that every great hero longed to wield. But as it changed hands from hero to hero, the sword had become tainted with too much blood. In the end, the sword was corrupted and turned into a demonic sword that injured its own master.
After a long time, the curse has been successfully removed by a nameless master’s holy power and Dragon Blood. Now that the holy sword is revealing its hidden light, it will be the envy of great heroes, and evil enemies will be caught in fear and shock.]
[*Sword Purification
Vigrid’s existence has been full of battle, and so it contains the blood, sweat, and tears of those it has fought. The profound vestiges of heroes always reveal themselves in battle.
The more it fights and the more murderous intent it absorbs, the more it buffs its user. The stronger the enemy, the stronger the sword’s fighting force grows.]
[* Blessing Wavelength
The final attack on an opponent will curse all the enemies nearby. When the curse has been applied on them, their defenses decrease and their movements will slow.]
[*Hero – Unyielding
When the willpower and hatred of the user exceeds a certain amount, the vestiges of the heroes inside the holy sword will be awakened after a large amount of power is used. Attack speed will increase from 50% to 2,000% and damage will be amplified by 40% to 50%. However, defense and properties skills will decrease by a maximum of 70%.]
[*Villain – Expel
Vigrid contains the grudges of monsters along with the vestiges of heroes. These grudges have turned the holy sword into a demonic one, but with the removal of the curse, the sword can now punish demons. When the option is activated, injuries from recognized enemies will lessen in number and the chances of defeating the enemies will increase exponentially.]
[**This is a unique artifact. No other artifact like it exists in the Tower, and it will be bound to its owner. It cannot be transferred or traded between players. 
**You have removed 99% of the curse. You have successfully unsealed all functions but have not found the sword’s true name yet. You must find the true name to restore the sword.]  

Previously, Yeon-woo had wondered what would happen if he fed Vigrid the Summer Queen’s blood. Dragon’s Blood was a precious superior elixir, and because it could change countless Factors, Yeon-woo had been able to awaken his Dragon Body, and the Summer Queen managed to create the Eighty-One Oculus and the Nine Dragon Sons. If a holy sword swallowed Dragon’s Blood, what would happen? After all, in the legends, dragons were usually villains that heroes killed.  

Although there was a danger that he might place a new curse on the sword, Vigrid had found its own function as a holy sword and was repairing itself through holy power, and it could probably purify itself.

And so, Yeon-woo decided to pour the Summer Queen’s blood into Vigrid. He didn’t really do anything other than that except to check on the changes Vigrid was undergoing with Boo. 

The experiment turned out to be a success since Vigrid contained both the grudges of monsters along with the vestiges of heroes. The vestiges of the heroes awakened the functions of the holy sword through holy power, and the grudges of the villains reacted to the Dragon’s Blood, revealing its demonic traits. The source of the curse reacted to the Dragon’s Blood, and the sword now had both holy and demonic traits. The last option had also been released, although there was still a tiny percentage to go before completing the sword.

Yeon-woo gripped the unique sword that glowed with a white light. It almost looked beautiful. He swung it with the vestiges of heroes and villains, and both light and fire spewed out. The Wave of Fire split the snowy mountains with a flash of light.

There was a fiery explosion that almost made him go deaf and many of the snow monsters were swept away. He couldn’t even hear their screams. The fire continued to spread with more explosions, pushing away the storm and creating a tornado of heat. The snow that covered the mountains evaporated, revealing the barren soil.

The wind continued to blow, pulling the fire towards the center and revealing the horrific sight of a scarred battlefield. Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed. ‘Vigrid is definitely pretty destructive. I’ll raise the strength of the attack from here and…’

The snow monsters ran towards Yeon-woo as soon as they saw him, holding their injuries. He could no longer see any semblance of order from them, and they were furious that a mere human had looked down on them. They likely believed that this crazy attack left him weakened.

However, Yeon-woo swung Vigrid the other way this time. Kashing! As he poured as much magic power as he could inside the sword, Vigrid made a happy sound. Previously, it would have screamed in pain, but with its awakening as a holy sword, it could now use magic power easily.

He shot out Wave of Fire once again on an even larger scale. Heatwaves ripped into the atmosphere again and again. It was the equivalent of tossing an explosive into a sea of fire. Yeon-woo didn’t stop there and repeatedly swung Vigrid: three, four, and five times.

By the sixth swing, the snowy mountains had almost collapsed. The monsters couldn’t do anything about the explosions anymore. Yeon-woo was completely uninjured, his clothing fluttering in the wind. In fact, he even looked refreshed after releasing his full strength after such a long time.

When he had first created the Wave of Fire, he hadn’t been able to use it properly because of how destructive it was. It was the same reason that Jeong-woo’s Wave of Light couldn’t be controlled.

However, after training his Consciousness, Yeon-woo had found a solution. His brother had used Mana Control after the twenty-first floor to prevent the Wave of Light from hurting him, but there were disadvantages to restricting its power in that way.  

After absorbing the Summer Queen’s soul, Yeon-woo had developed the same ability, but he wasn’t satisfied with it. He wanted to be able to use Wave of Fire to its fullest capacity, and he found a solution that was elegantly simple: property synchronization.

He changed all his special properties into the fire property after developing his Consciousness, and after pouring his Consciousness into Wave of Fire, he’d also refined its property so that the fire and heat could easily pass through his body. Yeon-woo was fire and fire was Yeon-woo. This freed him, and he could use Wave of Fire without any restrictions and worries. It felt like all of his frustrations had disappeared.  

‘This is pretty useful.’ In fact, it wasn’t just useful. It was satisfying. The Wave of Fire that at first had only been an experiment was more powerful than he’d expected. The air was so hot that the earth seemed to boil. Yeon-woo slowly began to pull the Wave of Fire to himself. 

He didn’t just want to just unleash its destructive power; he wanted to have full control over it. He condensed it into a tiny ball and locked it into Aura. The Wave of Fire with Aura was spectacular, and he was sure that it didn’t fall short of the Martial King’s Palgwae. His own Consciousness energy had been born. 

The more he swung his sword, the more the Wave of Fire built up on Vigrid. The temperature began to climb even higher as he gathered the fire, as if the atmosphere itself were warping from the heat.

The thirty-first swing, thirty-second, thirty-third…then the forty-eighth, forty-ninth…when he reached the fiftieth swing, Vigrid’s light began to look wild, and by the seventieth swing, Vigrid was trembling as though it were too much. By the ninetieth swing, the fire had disappeared and only a frightening heat whirled around Yeon-woo. The white sword had turned red-brown and shot out sparks that caused unbelievable explosions when they hit the ground.  

By the ninety-sixth swing, the heat around Yeon-woo had settled. Light, heat, and the wind were trapped in his Consciousness. By the ninety-eighth swing, the Aura, which had previously seemed to be on the verge of exploding, seemed to settle, and by the ninety-ninth swing, turned black. He’d created a dark Strong Energy: Black Power.  

At his 100th and final swing, Yeon-woo brought the Black Power down. Crash! The leader of the army of snow monsters who had still managed to survive was split in half.

“Mon…ster!” With a horrified expression, it turned into ashes that whirled away in the fire.

[You have successfully defeated the 13th squadron and its leader, Whey.]

[You have made an achievement that is not easily accomplished. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired 10,000 karma.]

[You have acquired 15,000 additional karma.]

[You have found a new way to use Consciousness.]

[You have successfully created Strong Energy.]

[You have discovered a method to trap fire in Aura. Your control of the fire property has dramatically increased.]

[You have completed the skill ‘Wave of Fire’.]

[Wave of Fire]
[Number 002]
[Proficiency: 8.1%]
[Description: A form of energy that player ### has condensed in a complex manner using ‘Fire Rain’, a numbered skill. It can be used in various ways, and it has incredible firepower and destructive power.]  
[*Fire Thunder
An explosion will be created according to the amount of magic power used. It may destroy barriers and confuse opponents by destroying their surroundings.]
[*Simmering Spark
Lightning bolts will rain down from the condensed power, accompanied by explosions. The lightning bolts will transport the firepower along a certain distance with continuous explosions, leaving destruction in its wake. The spark cannot be extinguished easily and the damage will continue after it has passed.]
[*Black Power
A form of condensed Aura. The high temperature will leave burns even after just passing by. An enormous amount of magic power is needed to create the Aura, and failure to control it will lead to critical injuries.]
[**This is a unique skill. No other skill like this exists in the Tower. If it is successfully passed on to another player, it will lose its uniqueness. Instead, additional options will be provided.]

Number 002! It was then that Yeon-woo completed Wave of Fire, which replaced Wave of Light in the second position. 

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