Chapter 252 - Growth (2)

Yeon-woo took his mask off in front of them without any reluctance. It might have been from the influence of the alcohol, but he didn’t have any regrets. It was the first time he had shown them his face out of his own volition. 

Edora smiled with a nod, and Phante looked at Yeon-woo in surprise. “Heaven Wing…?”

Yeon-woo began to tell them his story. As he did, his emotions raged inside him, but he didn’t show any of it, speaking as though the story were someone else’s.

Phante was the first to break the silence. He pumped his chest with his fist like he was furious, and he even slammed his glass down. Edora’s eyes trembled as she listened, realizing that the situation was more serious that she’d believed. However, she only said, “What about Father? Does he know about this?”  

Yeon-woo shook his head. “I’ve never told him.”

“Is it fair that he doesn’t know his disciple has gone through this?” Phante shot up from his seat. “This won’t do.”

“What are you gonna do?”

“Why are you asking me that?! You’re now a member of our tribe. Your business is the tribe’s business. Why would the tribe leader sit on his ass sipping tea if one of us is going through this?” 

He looked like he was going to dash out, but before Yeon-woo could stop him, Edora shouted. “Sit down, you bastard!”

“Wh-what? Did you call me a bastard?”

Edora had been trying to behave demurely in front of Yeon-woo for a while, but she couldn’t control herself. Phante was shocked, but Edora continued shouting at him with narrowed eyes, “Yes, I did! Do you really think Father doesn’t know anything?”

Phante closed his mouth. The Martial King liked to pretend that he didn’t care what was happening outside the village, but his eyes and ears were always open. Phante couldn’t deny that his father was sly, and besides, their mother, the Psychic Medium, was always next to him. 

“Don’t you get it? Father is giving Oraboni a chance to fly with his own wings. He’s protecting him from his enemies.”

Phante suddenly sobered up and plopped back into his seat. He placed his glass down on the table. His sister had so much common sense, he had no idea why he was so impulsive.  

“Father knows that Oraboni will leave the nest one day. He also wants to see Oraboni finish things on his own.”

Phante nodded. He knew Yeon-woo well enough to know that he wasn’t the kind of person who’d hide in the tribe. Suddenly, Phante grew curious. Why had Yeon-woo, who hadn’t said a word about his background suddenly telling them all of these things? He stared at Yeon-woo intensely, as if compelling him to say more.  

Yeon-woo understood the question in Phante’s eyes as he tipped back another shot. The liquid burned down his throat, but instead of being drunk, he felt alert and wide awake.

“I…” Yeon-woo told them what he’d been suppressing for so long. “Want you to become my wings.”

“Wings?” Phante looked blankly at Yeon-woo. However, Yeon-woo could see the excitement burning in Phante’s eyes because Phante liked cheesy things. 

Yeon-woo clenched his fists and continued. “Yeah. Wings. Like I said, what I’m going to be doing in the future might be futile since I want to fight the Tower itself. That’s why it’s hard for me to ask you guys to help me. Also, your tribe…”

“Hyung.” Phante picked his ear like he was bored and cut Yeon-woo off. 


Puff! The substance on Phante’s finger flew off as he blew at it with a smile. “In times like this, you only have to say one thing.”

Yeon-woo was puzzled.

“Say ‘help’.”

Yeon-woo was silent.

“And I was wondering why you looked so serious. You’ve always been so curt and frustrating, but now I see you’ve also got a lot to say, huh? Hehehe.” Phante chuckled, his shoulders shaking. Edora nodded as she looked at Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo heard her voice echoing in his head again: ‘I want to share your burden.’

Yeon-woo silently closed his eyes. He only had one thing left to say to the siblings. “Thanks.” He had felt this for a long time. The best thing he’d done since entering the Tutorial was meeting these two.

Phante scratched his nose. It had grown red, perhaps from alcohol or embarrassment. He gulped down the rest of his glass. “Heh! You don’t have to worry about anything else. Father will take care of the tribe even if he doesn’t have us, and who cares if someone else takes over my spot as the heir? I can just give it to them.” Only Phante would say something like this with a mischievous grin. “Also, a man should have the courage to fight the world! Kya! It sounds awesome when I say it!”

“But I’m a girl,” Edora said jokingly.

“Hm? Why are you a girl now?”

“Do you want to die?”

“Your precious Oraboni is watching.”

“Let’s have a talk later.”

“Hahaha! Let’s talk now, little sister.”

Phante burst out laughing at how much Edora glared at him. Edora ground her teeth and promised herself that she would make him pay once she sobered up. She looked back at Yeon-woo with a calm face. “But Oraboni, what are you planning on now? You must have brought this up for a reason.”

Yeon-woo nodded. “I have plans to make a clan.”

Their eyes widened. 


“I see you’re trying to establish an organization first.”

“Well, that’s the most important part. We can only get somewhere after we have a foundation.”

“Hehehe, and we’re the founding members?” Phante laughed in amusement. 

“But we only have a small number of members, and it’ll be hard to found a clan if we’re not prepared. What should we do about that?”

“Hm.” Phante shut his lips. 

“Become strong enough that we can’t be crushed, regardless of whoever tries to push us down.”

“You’re telling us to become stronger so we’re not an embarrassment to you. That hurts my pride a little.” Phante shot up, his eyes glowing as though they were on fire. “But you know, that’s a good thing. I don’t want to be a burden. You asked me to become your wings, but maybe I’ll be your teeth instead. You should work hard too, or else I might swallow you up.”

Since they were done drinking, Phante spun around and left. Edora bowed to Yeon-woo and followed after Phante. As he sat by himself, Yeon-woo drank down his entire glass of alcohol. When he put the glass back on the table, it made a loud sound.

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