Chapter 239 - The Summer Queen (4)

Bang! Bang! Bang! The canyons around the large castle continued to explode and eventually flattened out. However, that wasn’t even the end of it, and they even began to sink below sea level as the fight between the Eighty-One Oculus and the One-horned tribe continued.  

There was no time to think about your opponent during the chaos. You had to kill whoever was in front of you and avoid being swept away by the magic power storm. It was a mess. Everyone was only focused on defeating the other. 

The rulers of the Tower, Red Dragon, and the strongest group, the One-horned tribe fought each other in a brutal way, and killing intent oozed from the battlefield. Red portals opened over them as more forces came to back them up from both Red Dragon and the One-horned tribe. Red Dragon demonstrated their skills and the One-horned tribe warriors showed off the Mugong they were training in.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The fight spread out around the Outer Space, with the Nine Dragon Sons standing out the most. They were the elites who had received the Summer Queen’s blood: Bihee, Waltz; Imun, Chimmy; Porye, Wales; Phean, Triger; Dragon Tiger, Hyall; Gongbok, Leesoo; Aeja, Bahratan; Geumye, San; and Chodo (the Beginning), Tom. They were known as the protectors of the Summer Queen and other than Tom and Bahratan, they rarely showed their faces in public. Even the eldest, Waltz, only appeared during official meetings.

But now, they rampaged through the battlefield, revealing their strength. Roar! The second eldest, Chimmy, glowed with light and grew ten times his size, transforming into a large wyvern. He had a thirty-meter, snakelike body that glittered with black scales. Toxic fumes leaked from his mouth. He looked like a common lower-level Draconic species, but much fiercer. Dragon Fear equivalent to the Summer Queen’s boiled in the atmosphere. You parasites trying to hurt Mother, die!

Chimmy opened his mouth and the ground melted as his Breath passed. A black fog swallowed everything up. As the One-horned tribe members attempted to run away, the fourth eldest, Phean, attacked. He was a four-legged creature around five meters long who looked like a drake. His attacks made everything crumble around him. Bang! Bang! Bang!

The third eldest, Wales, looked like a sea serpent, but he slithered on the ground and the fifth eldest, turned into a frost wyrm, digging into the ground and suddenly surging out after those who were too slow. The wyvern-like Leesoo, the amphithere Bahratan, and the lindworm San also demonstrated their power.

Technically speaking, the Nine Dragon Sons were simply highly evolved wyverns created with different types of magic and alchemy. However, with the Summer Queen’s outstanding characteristics that came with her blood, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they had become a new Draconic species.

They could even use powers that the lower-level Draconic species could ever wield. Dragon Fear boiled, and Breath scorched the ground. They ruled in the domains that they had declared.

However, Waltz was clearly the most outstanding of them all, even managing to repel the Blood Mine of the Head Elder and close the distance between then. However, the Head Elder only snorted. She was challenging someone even the Martial King hesitated to spar with. Waltz’s movements seemed foolish to him. 

He could see all kinds of magic circles spinning around her lithe arms and legs, but there would be limits to them. However the Head Elder suddenly had a cold feeling and whipped his head around. Bang! Waltz’s attack barely missed him and barreled towards the sky. Boom! He saw a hole appear in the sky, the clouds scattering at the sound of the explosion.  

However, it wasn’t the force that surprised the Head Elder. It was Waltz’s movements, the way she used her fists—they were Jingak and Jinsagyung, which only experts could do. And the power that she released—“Hundred Fists?”

It was Mugong, and it was something from the gold-tier Skill Archive, which very few were allowed to visit. However, the Dragon Human in front of him used it, and even though it had been tweaked, its original form remained. The Head Elder’s face hardened. “How does a player from Red Dragon know the legacy of our tribe?”

Waltz moved her left arm under the Head Elder’s solar plexus, not caring about his words. The Head Elder gathered the Blood Mine in his veins. Bang! Blood Mine and Waltz’s Mugong clashed, the shockwave pushing the two of them back.

Waltz stepped on Jingak again, stretching her fist out. A foggy aura shot from her arm and spread like a flower in front of her. It was followed by dozens of other flowers made of tornados. Strong Qi lashed towards the Head Elder! The Blood Mine around the Head Elder scattered and planted itself on the ground dealing with each flower individually. Each Blood Mine had the power to disperse the flowers, and his Strong Qi shook the ground. 

If there was a difference between their Strong Qi, it was that the Head Elder had raised his destructive power through painstaking research while Waltz used magic power to make up for what she lacked.

The Head Elder grew silent at the thought of a magic power of that magnitude. It was impossible for someone to do that unless she’d stolen the Dragon Heart. The Mugong that Waltz was using definitely wasn’t something that she just picked up. It was something she’d taken time to learn and study. “Is this a result of Ismenios’ wariness of our king?”

However, that didn’t answer all his questions. Even if the Summer Queen’s Draconic Eyes were outstanding, she couldn’t steal Mugong that way. She might be able to mimic some of the superficial elements, but it was impossible to learn the forms exactly. Waltz had to have seen it herself.

Waltz just blew more flowers in the breeze without answering and made another attempt to approach him. It was a Mugong attack like the Hundred Fists, but it felt more synchronized than the original, with all kinds of different magic added on top. Magic circles soared from her limbs, head, and fists with elaborate effects that gave her different buffs. On top of it all was her Dragon’s power.

The Summer Queen had come up with the combination of magic and Mugong to try to defeat the Martial King. She believed that it would allow Waltz a higher level of mastery, and she completely lived up to the Summer Queen’s expectations. Rumble! The fact that she could go toe to toe with the Head Elder was evidence of their success.

“However—” The Head Elder saw through the Summer Queen’s thoughts and snickered. He could see someone else in Waltz: Yeon-woo. That guy also tried to use Mugong while learning magic at the same time. His passion was so great that the Head Elder even saw the young Martial King in him.

Waltz’s patterns were just like Yeon-woo’s patterns, from her Mugong, magic, and Dragon Body. However, if anyone were to ask him whether Waltz and Jeon-woo were alike, the Head Elder would answer, “Definitely not.” If asked why, he would then say, “She’s too rushed.”

The combination of the Martial King and the Summer Queen was an unbelievable attempt. The Martial King had created a new field of martial arts, and the Summer Queen was at the peak of the magic world. Their paths and fields of expertise were too far apart, and it seemed impossible to combine them. However, Waltz proved that it could be done as she imitated the Martial King’s Mugong and utilized the Summer Queen’s magic. The Head Elder could see that she tried her best to achieve the impossible. However, Yeon-woo was different. 

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