Chapter 206 - Grand Demon Duke Agares (6)

[Trait: Demonic Dragon Body]
[Dragons and demons have been at odds with each other since the beginning of history. Their enmity is deeply embedded in their genes.
Since the Draconic species focuses on the mind while demons focus on emotions, they can have a great influence on each other. Sometimes, they make changes within themselves by incorporating traits that belong to their mortal enemies.
The Demonic Dragon is often the object of derision among the Draconic species, but it is more powerful than the other members of its species because of the combined powers of a demon and a dragon. However, without sufficient control, its existence may be compromised.]
[*Black Dragon
You can adjust the powers of the Draconic species and demons bit by bit.]
[*Territory of the Dragon and Demon
According to your qualifications, you can announce ‘Binah,’ a territory of your own.]
[*Dragon’s and Demon’s Knowledge
Access to the knowledge of dragons, ‘Hochma’, and the knowledge of demons, ‘Netzeth’.]
[*Dragon's and Demons’ Power
According to your qualifications, you may have the ability to open the power of truth of the Draconic species, ‘Keter’, and the power of demons, ‘Tiferet’.]

The Demonic Dragon Body was something that his brother had only imagined.

The Draconic species and demons are unable to mate with each other. They both use magic in different ways and hate each other to the depths of their souls. They’ve been enemies for thousands of years.

However, there were outliers among the Draconic species who wanted to become stronger or maybe they were black sheep who wanted to form connections with demons out of boredom. There were also those who sought power. This group gave up part of the traits of the Draconic species in exchange for the traits of demons so that they could become a new species: the Demonic Dragons.

Demonic Dragons beings belonged neither to the Draconic species nor the demons. The Draconic species considered them a humiliation, and the demons were furious at being imitated. They were killed by both species as soon as they were discovered.

However, it was very difficult to catch a Demonic Dragon. It was a being that had surpassed the limits of its species, and they had to be hunted in groups of at least five. If the Draconic species and demons ran into each other in the course of hunting a Demonic Dragon, they would put aside their differences to focus on killing their prey. The Draconic species and the demons feared that large numbers of Demonic Dragons would dilute their unique characteristics and traits.

His brother had been interested by that point, but since the Draconic species were already extinct, that also meant that there wouldn’t be any Demonic Dragons left, either. However, it would be incredible if they could be created once more. Jeong-woo believed that he would be able to surpass part of the limits placed on dragons and make better use of his Dragon Body.

But although Jeong-woo had plenty of theories, he hadn’t actually begun the process because the ancient dragon Kalatus had been watching him. And after Kalatus died, Jeong-woo didn’t feel that it would be right to attempt it. The Draconic species had gone extinct because of the demons, and his brother didn’t think it was right to use the power of those who had caused Kalatus’ demise. No one could match Kalatus’ pride in his species.

When Jeong-woo and Vieira Dune had made a contract with Agares, Kalatus had set boundaries. Jeong-woo needed to have part of the Demonic Factors to grow stronger, but Agares wasn’t allowed to cross a certain line. If he did, the contract would be invalidated.

Until the end, his brother had kept his promise to Kalatus. He didn’t even think about attempting it and only theorized out of his own interest. After some time passed, something else occurred to Jeong-woo. Since Demonic Dragons had existed in the past, it wasn’t hard to repeat the process of becoming one. However, would it be possible to overcome the limits of a Demonic Dragon?

It wasn’t as though the gods and demons were completely unparalleled. Gods were aloof and shone in the sky like the sun, but they had almost been pulled down by the mighty Giant species. If he could combine the Giant’s blessing with the blessings of those they’d fought…how far would he be able to go?  

No one had ever answered these questions before, and although his brother had been eager to find the answers, his search was interrupted by the war with the Eight Large Clans and the betrayals of the members of Arthia.

However, since he’d recorded his findings the diary, Yeon-woo could use it as a foundation to compete the Demonic Dragon Body. Normally, he would only attempt this after more research, but the situation was so urgent that he didn’t have the time.

However, he was helped out by the fact that he’d awakened a new step that could  help him control his extreme power.

[Elemental Contact]
[Description: The ancient dragon Kalatus set up an eight-step process to help the contractor adjust to the Dragon Body quickly. This is the third step. You can now control the elements within the Territory of the Dragon.]
[*Owner of Fire
Your control of fire property dramatically increases.]
[*Owner of Water
Your control of water property dramatically increases.]
[*Owner of Air
Your control of air property dramatically increases.]


[Territory of the Dragon, ‘Binah’, has been strengthened. You can exercise control over your power and properties within the specified territory.]

[Over a certain time, all stats will increase by a set amount.]


[‘Property Synchronization’ has been successfully accomplished.]

 Yeon-woo had already used Owner of Fire and Owner of Darkness. No one could match Yeon-woo’s control of the fire property, and if it were amplified, even demons would be scorched.

Grahh! After being stabbed, the monster trembled, its roar making the entire stage tremble. It felt as though the sky would fall. There was several successive explosions and fire poured out, combining with the light to push the monster back.

The stage was filled with fire, bursting with all kinds of powers, skill Effects, and the holy power of Athena’s blessing. Even Hermes’ back turned cold at its strength, and Agares experienced an intense pain after being hit. 

The fire that Yeon-woo used was infused with Holy Fire, which was basically poison to a demon. The hole it made in the monster’s body didn’t heal, and instead, it grew as the fire ate away at it. Wave of Fire’s option Boiling Spark only fanned the flames.

As sparks flew to other locations, they caused small explosions that punctuated the large ones caused by lightning. The red flames rushed over the monster.

How dare you? How dare you? Agares was furious that Yeon-woo had humiliated him, but Yeon-woo wasn’t done.

Hahaha! This is hilarious! It’s funny as hell!

I’m using my full power for the first time in a while.

My lord, please give me your blessing.

After Yeon-woo received the blessing of Athena and activated the Owner of Darkness, Shanon, Hanryeong, and Rebecca, who also began to feel a power that exceeded their limits, didn’t miss their chance.

Yeon-woo’s fire wasn’t enough to defeat Agares, but it could hurt him because he was already injured. From behind, Boo activated his rune magic to support them. The two Death Knights and the spirit stabbed their swords into the monster. Hermes didn’t miss his opportunity either.

The boa constrictors rushed towards Agares once more. There were dozens of them now, and they bit the monster and injected venom into him with their fangs. Bang! Agares fell to the ground powerlessly. It was like watching a mountain collapse. The boa constrictors entered the monster body and began to eat it.

The black monster began to turn into an ashy color as the boa constrictors’ venom spread through it. So much demonic energy continued to pour out of the hole that Yeon-woo had made that it could create a few demons on its own.

Wishing to completely end Agares’ life, Hermes sent the boa constrictors even deeper. Yeon-woo watched with attention. ‘We might be able to capture him!’ He wouldn’t have even dared to attempt it without Hermes and Athena. However, the possibility was growing stronger. ‘If I send out my fire one last time.’ He was about to step up when he tasted iron in his mouth, and his head began to spin. He stumbled forward and fell. 

Hey, Master? Master! Shanon quickly came to support Yeon-woo. Master, are you OK? Say something!

Yeon-woo wanted to say that he was fine, but blood continued to flow out of him and the strength left his body. He could barely stand on his own.

It looks like he’s used everything up. Just changing the trait already took a toll on him, but he went ahead and used so much holy power…he really pushed himself past his limits. Hanryeong sighed after checking Yeon-woo’s condition. Yeon-woo had overtaxed himself. Even though he’d received Athena’s blessing, it was a huge feat for him to even hold his own during a battle between a demon and a god. He’d also gotten a trait and awakened another step, taking a huge toll on the magic power in his Magic Circuit. It was amazing that he was still in one pice. 

“N-no.” But Yeon-woo wanted to stand up. He needed just a little more time; he could struggle a little more. He could catch Agares and seal him. ‘I have to help Sesha.’ He clenched his teeth, thinking of the debt he owed her. He couldn’t use ignorance as an excuse for letting his niece suffer for so long. He couldn’t lose her like he had with his little brother. He had to save her, even if he were destroyed in the process.  

You stubborn fool! Shanon scolded in an irritated tone as he read Yeon-woo’s thoughts. Yeon-woo was usually so cold that sometimes, Shanon wondered if blood flowed in his veins. It frustrated him to see Yeon-woo filled with those regrets, but it didn’t matter what he said, Yeon-woo didn’t want to listen.

A large magic circle flamed up beneath Agares, who was still being consumed by the boa constrictors as he burned with Holy Fire. A wide-open iron door appeared. Since he was a being tied to the ninety-eighth floor, his time anywhere else was restricted. It looked as though Agares was being forced to return.

“I guess there’s nothing I can do.” Hermes clucked his tongue as he looked at Agares. He had been planning on completely ending Agares’ life, but it seemed like Agares would be deported to the ninety-eighth floor at any moment.

However, since his strength had already been used up, he might not live too long anyway. The demons that scrambled around him enviously hoping to climb to the top wouldn’t leave him alone. They would devour him—and if they didn’t, the leader of L’Infernal, Baal, would gladly do the honors.

Hermes ordered his boa constrictors to stop eating and chase Agares to the iron door.

Let go! I said let go!』 However, Agares resisted, holding onto the door frame, refusing to be sent back. His large eyes glowed with madness as he roared. He didn’t want to be sent back to the ninety-eighth floor yet and waste this rare opportunity. He didn’t know when he’d get a chance again, and he was worried that Yeon-woo might already be dead by that time. Mine! It’s mine!

Despite Agares’ resistance, the iron door, which was tied to the laws of causality, pulled him in inexorably. The boa constrictors were also pushing him out as well. I will not lose it this time!

Suddenly, the monster stretched out towards Yeon-woo. Hermes quickly sent a boa constrictor to intercept it, but the darkness had already grabbed Yeon-woo.

Shanon and Hanryeong quickly stepped forward to stop it, but the monster flicked them back into the shadow easily. This time…come…with…me.

The darkness gripped Yeon-woo’s neck as Agares’ anxiety and madness roiled in his eyes. He wanted that face, the one that looked like Cha Jeong-woo. He’d wanted it so badly but he’d never been able to take it.

Although Yeon-woo wasn’t Jeong-woo, it was close enough. He had to have Yeon-woo, and he didn’t want to lose him.With me…with…!

Yeon-woo trembled at Agares’ obsession, unable to breathe. If things didn’t change, he would be dragged through the door with Agares.

Athena’s blessing grew stronger, but he still didn’t have enough strength to push Agares away. Out of desperation, he spread his left hand. Clack! Clack! Bathory’s Vampiric Sword planted its teeth in the arm.

[‘Bathory’s Vampiric Sword’ has been activated. You have absorbed life and energy.]

[Your strength has increased by 11 points.]

[Your dexterity has increased by 16 points.]

[You have gained Demonic Factors.]

[You have gained Demonic Factors.]


[Warning! You are exceeding your limit for Demonic Factors. The balance between Demonic and Draconic Factors has grown precarious. Your Demonic Dragon Body is in danger of overheating.]

Although he’d only absorbed Agares for a little while, Agares had too much demonic energy. The Ceratopsian Dinosaur couldn’t even be compared to him, and his demonic energy didn’t just intrude on the Magic Circuit, it even reached Yeon-woo’s soul. 

His black-blue scales turned black. His skin turned a deep black as well. Devil Poison was rapidly spreading throughout his body. If it kept up, his Demonic Dragon Body would be destroyed. 

However, Yeon-woo had no choice but to grab onto Agares like this, and Agares didn’t let go of Yeon-woo either. Just as Yeon-woo was sure he was about to die, a strange, familiar laugh echoed from the sky. An invisible blade cut through Agares’ wrist. “Ohyohyohyo. What’s this, what’s this? I wanted to leave you alone, but at this rate, you might ruin the stage and nothing will be left.”

No! I said no! It’s mine! Mine!

“Goodness, you’re too obsessed. Don’t you know that it’s not an attractive trait in a man? Ohyohyo. You won’t be able to go far, so have a safe trip.” Finally, Agares was quickly sucked through the iron door without Yeon-woo. 

Boom! The iron door closed, and lowered itself beneath the magic circle. The darkness on the stage disappeared as well. Where the door had been, a portal opened and six people emerged, all wearing tuxedos. One of them stood out in particular to Yeon-woo. “Really! There’s always something big going on each time I see ###.” Yvlke adjusted his monocle and smiled in a friendly way. The Guardians had appeared.  

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