Chapter 133 - Awakening (3)

Leonte opened and closed his mouth at the way the guy had spoken to him, as though they knew each other. He had a strange feeling that the masked man was happy to see him as though he’d finally met a friend after a long separation. However, at the same time, the murderous intent in the voice was extremely clear.

Who was this guy? If he hated him to this extreme, it had to be someone he knew. After the fall of Arthia, he had tried to live as quietly as possible, so he couldn’t guess who it might be. He tried to rack his brain but it was getting difficult to think. Swish! There was a bright flash in front of him, and that was the last thing Leonte saw.  

Leonte’s head soared into the air, blood gushing out of his neck. With a bitter expression, Yeon-woo reached out with his left hand and put it on the toppling corpse to take any of the Neidan that might be left. ‘To think this guy ate Jeong-woo’s Mythical Beast’s Neidan.’

He’d heard that his brother’s Mythical Dragon disappeared after his brother died, but he never imagined that the Cheonghwado caught it. It was a relief that he could collect it now because his brother’s relationship with his Mythical Dragon had been so special. The Mythical Dragon was also the reason why the ancient dragon Kalatus had taken an interest in his little brother.

[You have used Bathory’s Vampiric Sword. It is absorbing the energy left in the corpse.]

[Your strength has increased by 2 points.]

[Your health has increased by 5 points.]


Yeon-woo looked at the dried-up corpse and tossed it aside like trash. The corpse scattered into dust, and Yeon-woo no longer thought about Leonte anymore. That bastard had been one of the people who had stabbed Jeong-woo in the heart. However, the relief and satisfaction Yeon-woo should have felt didn’t appear. Instead, he only felt as though he’d crossed something off a list. He felt good, but that was it. He had a lot of things to take from Leonte, but he could summon him later now that he’d put him in the Soul Collection. It was time to focus on his other prey. Yeon-woo turned to look at Bahal, who had stopped short.

“Cain?” Bahal’s face was twisted in confusion. “Why are you here?” He hadn’t told Yeon-woo where he was going to go and had simply told him to help out with the Foreign Legion. The more Yeon-woo distinguished himself in battle, the more useful he would become.

Bahal was genuinely planning on nurturing Yeon-woo as his right hand, to be his chief of staff and help Red Dragon flourish. However, as he looked at the cold, emotionless eyes behind the mask that made Yeon-woo look like a marionette, Bahal felt that something was wrong.

He no longer worried about the Summer Queen’s orders to capture Leonte alive or that he needed to get the stone. The only thing that he could think of was that he needed to get away as soon as possible.

He was too injured at the moment, and even though he was a high ranker and a skilled member of Red Dragon’s pride, the Eighty-One Oculus, the situation was too dangerous. He instinctively took a step back, shocking himself. After leaving Arthia and entering Red Dragon, he had never done anything like this. He was embarrassed at his action, which made him realize where the fear was coming from: Dragon Fear.

Although it was weak compared to the Summer Queen’s, it was clearly the murderous intent that only the Draconic species could exude, pushing down all living creatures. He didn’t know why this power was emanating from Yeon-woo, but he knew that he had to get out of there and let everyone know that someone other than the Summer Queen could use the power of the Draconic species and that this same person had set them all up. If he couldn’t share the news personally, he had to send someone from Flame Beast.

However, before he could escape, Yeon-woo used the power that accompanied his Dragon Body: “Domain Declaration.”

[Territory of the Dragon, 'Binah', has been announced. You can apply your power within the chosen territory.]

[The 1st step of the awakening has been released.]

[Power: Draconic Blood]

[Within a limited time, all stats increase according to a set amount.]

[Within a limited time, all defenses increase by a set amount.]

[Within a limited time, all element defenses increase by a set amount.]


[You have awakened the energy of the dragon.]

[Draconic Blood]
[Description: The ancient dragon Kalatus set up an eight-step process to help the contractor adjust to the Dragon Body quickly. This is the first step. The blood of the Draconic species consists of pure mana, so it has outstanding immunity and resistance. Also, it has the effect of maximizing the potential of the user.]
[*Awakening of Dragon Blood
You continuously receive dragon blood. It provides an incredible immunity to different properties and resists other types of magic power. In addition, it has the ability of quick healing and can fix injuries and tiredness.]
[*Sense of the Dragon
In the announced territory, the user will have increased sensitivity. As proficiency increases, the senses grow more sensitive until they near the ability to predict the future.]

A blue magic circle appeared below Yeon-woo’s feet and spread out over a large territory. Yeon-woo felt power entering his body as his blood changed to Dragon Blood. The navy-blue scales on his skin grew darker. As his eyes opened, he could see everything around him in detail. His senses also picked up even the tiniest details, and he could see everything within his announced territory. Information rushed into his expanded mind like a waterfall.  

He felt a momentary dizziness, but his ability to assess grew quicker, along with his ability to think. His Magic Circuit cried out as the Cores all activated as one, releasing magic power. The Fire Wings erupted from his back as Vigrid shook. The first power was the awakening of Dragon Blood. It forced Dragon Blood to flow through his veins, pushing all his physical abilities to the extreme. He could also set rules within his announced territory.

Bahal couldn’t move, as though his feet were bound in invisible shackles. The more he tried to shake them away, the tighter they grew. Bahal wasn’t the only one affected—the players who’d survived Gungnir’s explosion found themselves unable to escape. Both Red Dragon and the Cheonghwado found their feet locked in place, their faces growing pale. Dragon Fear not only coursed through their bodies but also froze their souls.

And there was more. Summoned by Yeon-woo, black shadows began stepping out of the edges of the magic circle and took on physical forms. They looked like ghosts or monsters, and an ashy fog began seeping into the air at their appearance.

Boo was holding his bead up and screaming, Dead souls, follow the master! At his command, corpses began to shake and stand. Undead creatures like skeletons, ghouls, and zombies approached the living players with rolling eyes, their disgusting scent permeating the air.

Shanon led the undead army just as he had once led his subordinates. They began to hunt the living. Honor to the master! Clang!



The players fell one by one to the Guai and the undead. The players had already been injured by Gungnir, and they could barely put up a struggle. They collapsed from the fire and ice that fell from the sky, and the undead stepped on them or the Guai sliced their throats. Screams of horror rose everywhere, as though they were in the land of the dead. Bahal stood blankly, muttering to himself. “How?” One person was controlling the power of the dragon and the power of death. Just one of these alone was considerable enough to flip the Tower over.

However, Yeon-woo didn’t see any need to respond, and he kicked at the ground, rushing towards Bahal.  

Bahal instinctively pulled away, sending his fist flying forward. He thought the fear was only because of the Dragon’s strength since Yeon-woo had barely won a battle with a semi-ranker. He was growing fast for a novice, but the speed didn’t make sense. Also, Bahal was too injured from Gungnir, and his magic power was depleted. It was almost unbelievable that he was still on his feet. He was almost on the brink of death, and he would be in real danger if a high ranker appeared. However, he didn’t think he’d lose to Yeon-woo.

From Arthia, to Red Dragon, he hadn’t had an easy path. But the obstacles made the fire that bloomed from his fist as he punched extremely strong, and it burned everything around him into ashes. However, just as his fire exploded, Vigrid slipped past to attack him. Clang!

“Ugh.”  Bahal was pushed back, and when he found himself struggling to find his balance, his face filled with disbelief. The power of the push wasn’t the power of a semi-ranker. It was at least a high ranker’s strength. He’d never expected Yeon-woo to have this kind of power.

He was shocked, especially when he realized that his fire didn’t even affect Yeon-woo all that much. Bahal thought he’d made a mistake, so he gritted his teeth when Yeon-woo followed him and chopped down with his hand. It was painful enough to make him feel as though his magic were ripping apart, but he didn’t have time to worry.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Fire Lightning poured endlessly from the sky as though it would swallow Yeon-woo up. However, Yeon-woo only swung Vigrid once, and the Fire Lightning split apart. Each time he made the move, Holy Fire appeared on the blade’s edge to absorb any leftover magic.

Yeon-woo’s Fire Wings grew bigger. Since he already possessed the origin of all fire, the Holy Fire, Bahal’s fire magic couldn’t affect him easily. Yeon-woo had the upper hand when it came to elements. He attacked Bahal relentlessly, afraid of losing the upper hand and activated his Cores to their maximum strength, pushing Bahal into a corner each time he swung Vigrid. Boom! Boom!

“Shit!” Bahal became angrier. He tried to push Yeon-woo away, but his injuries only increased. Fire exploded out, only to be diverted by Vigrid. The sword ripped his left shin open, and Bahal shook as his muscles were torn apart. He fell to his knees, and without making a sound, he struck the ground with his hand.

Roar! Boom! Once again, Fire Lightning fell from the sky. Thinking that it might be difficult to deal with it using only Holy Fire, Yeon-woo spread his wings wide and flew back. The Fire Lightning fell to the ground, charring it. Fire Lightning fell once more, and since it was difficult for Yeon-woo to avoid it again, he raised his left arm. Aegis floated up, five of its layers repelling the Fire Lightning and scattering it.

[Combat Will]

[Sense Strengthening]

Yeon-woo could now use both skills at the same time as though it were a passive skill. His improved thinking abilities deepened his Combat Will, and with the slowed time, Yeon-woo could focus and make decisions even as he moved. Sense Strengthening gave him even more information after combining with a Dragon’s senses. With the stream of information in his head, he could predict Bahal’s next movements. Thanks to the smooth cooperation of his skills, Yeon-woo blocked the Fire Lightning with Aegis and read its trajectory in order to use Shunpo to avoid it.


[Blessing of the Blue Spirit (Temporary)]

The gift that the Abyss Turtle had given him allowed him to freely use all the blessings of the Beasts with his Dragon Body. From Heaven Wing Mana Control to Eight Extreme Fists and from Magic Circuit to Vigrid, the magic power circulated everywhere. Holy Fire blazed on the sword’s edge, and he cut off Bahal’s left arm in an instant. Swish!

Vigrid pierced Bahal’s right side deeply, breaking his ribs. His internal organs flowed out as Holy Fire entered his body and cut off all his magic power. However, Bahal wasn’t taking this all lying down. Even on the brink of death, a high ranker was still a high ranker. Even though Yeon-woo had the advantage when it came to the Holy Fire, Bahal’s magic power was still stronger.

Each time he punched out, his fire exploding, his magic power created a storm that injured Yeon-woo. Although the bones of his left shoulder were broken, his legs bruised, and the side of his torso slashed and dripping blood, Yeon-woo didn’t care. Instead, he spread out his Fire Wings, and with fast movements, he repeatedly dashed forward to attack Bahal and retreated just as quickly. Yeon-woo’s Draconic Blood circulated and healed his injuries. Then, Vigrid split the air, the ripping sound shattering Bahal’s eardrums.

Vigrid continued to slash at Bahal until it severed his right arm. Soon, Bahal was burned all over his body, and he screamed as the sword slashed his right leg. “Damn! Damn!” Bahal seemed as though he couldn’t take it anymore. He squeezed his remaining magic power out and engulfed Yeon-woo in fire.


Bahal activated his signature skill along with Fire Lightning, and a storm of fire spun around him. However, Vigrid slashed at the imperfections, and Bahal’s attack disappeared as the sword hurtled through the flames and plunged into Bahal’s chest.

“Urk!” Bahal collapsed, his limbless body flopping on the ground as blood dripped from his mouth. He desperately hoped that someone would rescue him, but he knew that it was impossible. There wasn’t anyone else around other than Yeon-woo. The Guai and the undead army had already killed everyone, and Yeon-woo had already added the souls of Bahal’s and Leonte’s best warriors to the Soul Collection, making it an excellent harvest for him.

Bahal trembled in fear at his looming death. It was the first time in his rapacious life full of victories that he’d encountered a situation like this. He wanted to scream for help, but his vocal cords had been destroyed, and he couldn’t even make a single sound.  

Yeon-woo stood over him and took off his mask. When Bahal saw the face with its cold smile, he felt his world turning white. It was a face that didn’t belong in this world, it was a face that belonged to a dead person. Seeing it right in front of his eyes filled him with shock, disbelief, and fear. He couldn’t even ask how this dead person came back to life.  

As soon as his eyes filled with those emotions, the Magic Bayonet pierced between his eyebrows, and Bahal’s strength left his body. He fell back, his eyes still wide open.

Yeon-woo slowly squatted down, his body still heated from the tension. He closed his eyes, emotions spinning inside him turbulently. “Jeong-woo.”

It was the only thing he could say. As if it were responding to his emotions, rain began to pour, the raindrops landing on his shoulders as if they were patting them to comfort him.

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