Chapter 131 - Awakening (1)

Yeon-woo was eager to finish the succession process since it was like an inheritance that his brother had left for him along with the pocket watch. It was proof that his brother had lived in the Tower, and Yeon-woo, who was taking his brother’s path, had to see it through. 

However, the Draconic species was too superior, and it wasn’t easy to inherit their power. Even though Yeon-woo had finished the Tutorial by breaking all the records and slammed through the Beginner Zone, even though he received an artifact named after a god and became a successor of the Legendary Beasts, even though he trained his Mugong and set up a Magic Circuit—it was still difficult to complete the succession.

It had always been within his grasp but it seemed as though it were forcing him to reckon with the weakness of being a human. But now, with the great power of the Legendary Beasts that he’d taken from the Saber God, he finished the succession.

Bathory’s Vampiric Sword fully activated with the Magic Circuit to draw in the Legendary Beasts’ power as though it were returning home. There was such a large amount that it filled up the Magic Circuit and made it overflow. The magic power entered his bones, making them strong enough to repel most artifacts. It entered his cells to wake up his Draconic arteries and veins.

Everything in his body was crushed and remade. The top-down foundation that Shanon noticed collapsed and a firm foundation stood in its place. It was done by the time everyone passed through the portal and reached the ground. Yeon-woo felt something tingle throughout his entire body as though he were seeing a new world. Sparkling blue scales covered his body from his chest to his neck. It was Draconic Scale.

[You have successfully awakened all Factor of the Dragon. Your awakening is completed.]

[Your properties have successfully changed. Trait ‘Diamond Physique’ has been changed to ‘Draconic Body’.]

[You have accomplished a great feat. Additional karma will be provided.]

[You have acquired 10,000 karma.]

[You have acquired an additional 15,000 karma.]


[Your condition has been changed from ‘Nearly Complete Dragon Body’ to ‘Complete Draconic Body’. You have acquired the authority to view the relevant report on the Draconic species.]

[The locked ‘Report of Dragons’ has been partially unlocked.]

[The locked ‘Dragon's Knowledge’ has been partially unlocked.]

[The locked ‘Power of Dragons’ has been partially unlocked.]

[Trait ‘Diamond Physique’ has been changed to ‘Draconic Body’.]

[Trait: Draconic Body]
[Description: The ancient dragon Kalatus thought it was a shame that a species as great as gods and demons would disappear like the Giant species. Before closing his eyes, he left an inheritance that he hoped would spread his species’ greatness far and wide.
That feat has been delivered to a new heir, and a flower has bloomed once more. The great ancient dragon’s grace and blessing will display the greatness of the Draconic species in mind and body.]
[*Territory of the Dragon
Depending on the qualification, you can spread ‘Vina’ within a predetermined area.]
[*Dragon's Knowledge
According to the qualification, you can open the system of knowledge, ‘Hawkma’.]
[*Power of the Dragon
According to the qualification, you can open the power of truth, ‘Cather’.]

Swoosh! Yeon-woo’s body wasn’t the only thing that changed; his soul had grown and he sensed the world differently. In the past, as his knowledge had increased, he had felt it faintly, but he could access it fully now. It was the power of the Draconic species to study the truth in everything and to understand it. He felt as though he could control it easily with some practice.  

Although the changes had taken place in only a few minutes, things had grown vastly different. His rank changed, and he now felt an overpowering belief that he could do anything. ‘This must be the source of the pride that the Draconic species had.’ He thought that they deserved to think that way.

Also, there was one more thing that he could truly feel now: ‘Power.’

Since he had a Draconic Body that received the blessing of the ancient dragon, he was now able to open the eight authorities. This power was only the first step, but it was still amazing. Yeon-woo desperately wanted to see it in action. As he headed to his destination, a voice spoke in his head.

Is this the new successor that the child talked about? It was a low rumbling voice that he’d heard before in the diary. ‘Kalatus!’

Yeon-woo’s eyes widened. The ancient dragon Kalatus had met Jeong-woo through the Mythical Dragon, and he’d left everything to him before he closed his eyes forever, willing him to spread the greatness of the Draconic species far and wide.

I’ll be waiting here for you to find me. Before Yeon-woo could find a way to reply, Kalatus’ voice faded away. Yeon-woo quickly searched for a way to reconnect to Kalatus, but even with the improved speed of his mental abilities, he couldn’t find one.

He returned to the normal passage of time at the battlefield. Time had slowed because of his awakening, but now noises and screams from the chaotic battlefield grew apparent, along with a new message.

[You have completed the hidden quest (Void Dragon’s Second Test).]

[You have been rewarded with Bead of Abyss, Wrath of the Void Dragon, and Nest of the Void Dragon.]

Because he had absorbed the Saber God’s magic power along with the power of the Legendary Beasts, the quest was considered complete. Even if he hadn’t done so, he’d set everything up, and he thought that would be enough to satisfy the Void Dragon, as well.

However, Yeon-woo wasn’t done, yet. He wanted to add more souls to his collection, especially the souls of high rankers. He could use them in so many ways.

Thank you, Master.』 He heard Chirpy’s voice. The little Phoenix had just woken up, and after Yeon-woo told him that he’d see something interesting in a while, he began looking around.

‘The first goal was to catch the Saber God. Now I have to try for the next guy.’ With the senses that he gained from the Draconic Body, he could quickly figure out what was going on. ‘There are a lot to choose from here.’ Yeon-woo smiled widely, showing his canines. The area was full of rankers, high rankers, and superior players. It was a great place to harvest souls. Also, Yeon-woo saw battlefields as little more than playgrounds. They were places where he could truly shine. ‘Cain.’ He planned to live up to the codename he’d received on Earth.

His Magic Circuit began releasing heat and circulating at a frantic pace, powering up his body even further. Wings made of flame and tinged with Holy Fire wrapped around his body. He slowly pulled Vigrid out, increasing the range of his senses. He could feel the entire base of the Cheonghwado as though he were looking at a picture. He quickly found his target. ‘Found you.’

Thankfully, he was nearby. Yeon-woo headed over without any hesitation, straight to Leonte.


The Summer Queen landed in the Cheonghwado’s base like a falling meteor, shaking the ground. Her extreme aura shook the air; the presence of a Dragon was that powerful. It triggered an instinctive fear, and the weaker players who couldn’t bear Dragon Fear fell to the ground, vomiting blood. Even the skilled players were affected. The Summer Queen didn’t stop there. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, revealing a power as scary as Dragon Fear: Breath.

Hellfire enveloped everything from corner to corner, erasing everything in its path, including rankers. They couldn’t even fight back. No one in the Tower could, aside from Allforone. Every player, whether from Red Dragon or the Cheonghwado, was pressed down.

The sight was so unbelievable that it would make people wonder if it was even possible. The players of the Cheonghwado trembled from the horror that crept up their hearts. They had devoted themselves to martial arts and wouldn’t crumble easily while facing a strong opponent. The realization of their powerlessness made them crumble even more. They felt as though they would never catch up, no matter how hard they trained. Despair and hopelessness overwhelmed their brains, and a feeling of failure spread across the Cheonghwado.

Summer Queen! You bitch, you dare? The Sword God noticed what was going on and was angered. He’d already lost the power of the Legendary Beasts, and his anger was already at its extreme. He was planning to get the stone and the sword, but he’d been blocked. Oil had already been added to the fire, he couldn’t simply turn away from the Summer Queen, who was also making the fire spread even more. 

The Sword God stepped on the air and quickly arrived at the head of the Summer Queen. Before him, his four swords quickly drew an arc and created a huge explosion, shredding the air to pieces around the Summer Queen. At the same time, the Spear God hurled his spear at the Summer Queen’s side. It was a new skill he had created after leaving the tribe, and it exploded as it wounded the Summer Queen.

The Bow God pointed his arrow at the sky. With the same strength that had dropped the nine suns, he drew his bow. Nine arrows with different colors shot out. As they fell, they split into hundreds of pieces, falling like rain until they created a large net made of light.

The net landed on the Summer Queen’s head. Boom! This was how the confrontation between the Summer Queen and the three Martial Gods began.


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