Chapter 130 - War Preparation (5)

The eyes of Madodan’s leader shook. It had been an illusion. Everything had been an illusion, even the pandemonium outside. It was all a trap and they’d walked into the tiger’s den on their own two feet. The heads of the Shindodan and Jindodan were already at the feet of the players surrounding them with glares.

『I thought about giving you a chance. You’re the first friend I’ve worked with, along with Spear. But you couldn’t wait and you had to do this. Was it really necessary?』 The Sword God glowered at the Saber God as though it was all his fault that the Shindodan and Jindodan were dead.

However, the Saber God only looked at his dead subordinates with dry eyes. He slowly opened his mouth to speak. “Since you judge everything according to a value from one to ten, you probably can’t understand that they died smiling. Pitying them is cursing them.” The Saber God kicked open the iron box. “And I hope you understand one more thing.” The Saber God’s eyes flashed coldly. “I want only one person.” His gaze landed on Leonte, who stood behind the Sword God.

The nine swords in the box flew out. Saber God took the biggest and smallest of the swords and ran towards Leonte.

“Protect the master! Make sure nothing gets in his way!” Madodan blocked the other players from interfering with the Saber God’s attack. The other players ran to them with shouts.


As expected of Madodan, who was in the top three of the Cheonghwado, they killed their comrades without any hesitation. In fact, because they were so strong, they even managed to push them back as the Sword God and the Saber God swung their swords at each other. The combined magic power exploded and the blades flew around, creating a storm. Boom! The air exploded. The Saber God pulled out the swords planted in the ground and continued to swing them. The storm grew bigger and forced the Sword God back.

[Sword Whirlwind]

[Tomb of Nine Swords]

The Saber God’s signature movements were known by almost everyone in the Tower. The tornados his swords made when they were put in the right order turned everything around him into a mess. The wind was filled with aura, and it ripped up everything in its path. In addition to that, he had pulled out Nine, which he loved so much. With the Neidan of the Four Legendary Beasts, it was like a strong gust of wind. Even the Sword God looked like a sailboat stuck in the middle of a stormy ocean.

However, the Sword God didn’t give up, and instead, he even headed straight to the storm like a shark. His four swords rotated to break the storm’s fury, tearing apart the aura in the air. His blades, which were known as “Death of the Sacred”, followed his orders to make a path for him, and he soon neared the Saber God.

The Saber God was surprised at the Sword God’s speed, but he smiled, showing his canines. The stupid fool had walked straight to him. The Saber God didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so he pulled a nearby sword and slashed the Sword God’s back.

However, before it could make contact, the Sword God stopped its trajectory by catching the blade between his thumb and forefinger. It was impossible. The Saber God paused, not understanding how the Sword God could block him so easily. The Sword God added pressure to his fingers and the magic sword named after a devil broke, its pieces scattering in the air. The Sword God reached out past the pieces, one of his swords reaching his hand in time for him to cut the Saber God’s shoulder, chest, and back deeply.

The Saber God quickly retreated and picked up a thin sword, planning to send the Sword God flying. Clang! The Sword God’s sword seemed to greet the thin sword welcomingly and broke it, as well. The same happened to the Saber God’s next sword, and the sword after that.

The blade named after a god and the sword that had been used by a hero in the past couldn’t keep up with the Sword God and flew out of his hands. When the ninth sword broke, the Sword God’s sword stabbed into the Saber God’s thigh. As though they’d been waiting for a signal, the rest of the swords pierced the Saber God. He trembled and fell to his knees, vomiting blood. “H-how?”

There was an expression of disbelief on the Saber God’s face. He looked at the Sword God with trembling eyes. He had more magic power, and his skills were more powerful than ever. His aura could even compare to the Sword God’s. But the fight had been so one-sided. He hadn’t even made a scratch on the Sword God, and he had to watch in humiliation as his nine swords were broken. He hadn’t even had a chance to activate his signature skill.

The Sword God spoke with eerie eyes. 『That is the level.』

The Saber God’s eyes widened, and he smiled bitterly, recalling why he’d joined the Cheonghwado in the first place. Back then, he’d been immature and only desired to become stronger. He’d lost to the Sword God in a fight, and after getting over his shock, he followed him to learn more.

And as time passed, the gap between them had only grown bigger. Magic power and artifacts couldn’t make up for it. Perhaps it was obvious why. Unlike the Sword God, who devoted his life to training, the Saber God had taken a lover and had a son. Focusing on that meant that he wouldn’t get stronger and his senses weakened.

‘Is this it?’ the Saber God wondered. He’d put everything on the line to save his son, but it had all been futile. Motivation faded from his eyes and his head drooped with sadness.

『However, I’m thankful to you.』

The Sword God’s words confused him. “What…are you talking about?”

The Sword God replied carelessly, his voice only audible to the Saber God.『Since you successfully mixed the Neidan of the Four Legendary Beasts, the only thing I have to do is take it out.』


『I’m very grateful. I never imagined I’d get my hands on it so soon. Should I thank Red Dragon for this gift?』

The Saber God suddenly realized what the Sword God had been planning all along, why he’d told him to hunt down the Four Legendary Beasts, and why he’d protected Leonte all this time. He didn’t know what the stone was exactly, but he knew it had something to do with magic. He’d always been like this, planning a few steps ahead to make sure he got what he wanted.

“Hahaha!” Saber God couldn’t help laughing. It didn’t matter what the outcome was, he’d been used by Red Dragon and the Cheonghwado. He was only a marionette, and even though he was honored as a Martial King and a high ranker, he was still someone who could be discarded easily.

However, he didn’t have any way to resolve his regrets. He’d been severely injured, and his son was dying.

『Come to me.』 The Sword God spread his right hand and placed it on the Saber God’s chest to take out his heart and Neidan.

In that short moment, the Saber God thought about what he could do. He hated dying like this. Also, if he died, his son would also die. His son had lived in pain his entire life, and he was a flower that would die without even having a chance to bloom. He didn’t want that to happen, and at the very least, he wanted to save his son. That meant he needed leverage.

Did he have anything? What would Red Dragon like? He thought of the note he received that had come with his son’s eyeball. It had coordinates to Red Dragon’s base written on it. At the time, he didn’t know why they’d included it, but now he knew. The Saber God’s eyes began to burn as though they contained hellfire. It made him look like his old self. “Sword, you made a mistake.”


“You shouldn’t have told me about the Neidan.” The Saber God smirked.

The Sword God tried to push the sword into his heart, but at that moment, the Saber God used his magic power to break his heart himself. Boom! His Neidan broke along with it. Magic power exploded, expanding until the Saber God’s body popped like a balloon. Then, the magic power soared to the sky and began to write something in midair. The power of the Legendary Beasts whirled together like a spider web, following the last vestiges of the Saber God.

Realizing what was happening, the Sword God’s eyes widened as he shouted the Saber God’s real name. 『Hanryeong!』 But before he could do anything, a magic circle spread out to create a large portal over the Sword God and the Cheonghwado. A shiny red-scaled head with vertical pupils and sharp fangs began to emerge, pressing down everything with its aura. It was Dragon Fear.

The Summer Queen, one of the rare red dragons that had already gone extinct in the Tower, landed in the middle of the Cheonghwado’s territory.


Red Dragon’s players fell like rain in the wake of the Summer Queen, Yeon-woo among them. He opened his Draconic Eyes and lifted his head to see the power of the Legendary Beasts fading away. Since they were already mixed together and bound to the Saber God, they didn’t fall apart easily. Yeon-woo thought it was a good thing, and he extended his left hand. Bathory’s Vampiric Sword burst open, sucking up all the energy in the sky.

[You have begun to absorb the magic power of the Four Legendary Beasts. The title ‘Successor of the Legendary Beasts’ is being applied and speeding up the process.]

[Your magic power has increased by 5 points.]

[Your magic power has increased by 10 points.]


[‘Magic Circuit’ skill proficiency has dramatically increased. 55%, 56%...61%, 62%…68%...]


[Your vessel has expanded. Spiritual growth has been confirmed. The halted succession process is resuming to complete the empty section.]

[Current Progress: 100%]

[The succession process has been completed.]

[Your Dragon Body is awakening.]

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