Rookie Talent Agent Knows It All

Rookie Talent Agent Knows It All

10 Reviews
Jung Yoon-Ho, the Midas Touch of the Entertainment Industry, regresses to a first-year talent agent. 
The life of the unrivaled ‘Rookie Talent Agent’ starts now.
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211 Chapters
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H.SIN / Golem Factory


Original work ©2020. H.SIN all rights reserved

Launch date: 29 December 2023

Editor: Maggy

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

10 Reviews
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5 months ago
Update: I’m at chapter 159 and I’m still loving this novel! It’s so well written that I’m totally invested in these characters! I highly recommend reading it ✌🏾

I’m twenty chapters in and I’m enjoying this slice of life so far. The concept isn’t new but the main character is truly a very likable character. He was successful in his first life, professionally and financially but he failed himself, morally and ethically. The big reveal of how he’d been used, while on his deathbed, was tragic but cathartic for him. This gave him new goals on how he would strive to live his new life. The scheduler concept is a bit weird but definitely a great cheat! It’s a bit of a stretch that someone would be that meticulous in documenting their life but it is fantasy. I’m looking forward to reading more. Happy reading ✌🏾

Bangtan boys
5 months ago

Well, I just read all the available chapters which is 20 for me and the writing was fantastic so far. It might also feel like this cause I have read too many fantasy and Chinese novels especially the Ye Guan one. If you have read the synopsis it didn't tell much but, he dies, and his wife and colleagues betray him it's the Clichy start I know but all novels start are Clichy nowadays. So he regresses and he owns a cheat but this MC is not too cold type. It's a great slice of life although it might not be for everybody'.

5 months ago
I am a sucker for entertainment manager novels and if you like Top Management (or similar novels), you will like this.

The premise isn't anything new with the MC going back a set amount of years with the intention to change time, but the motivations behind his desires is well fleshed out in the first chapter. Without any major spoilers, he has lived his life unethically and with many regrets, and he wishes to change this in his new life. Quite a simple and often used premise but so far is done well.

The power that aids him is different from Top Management and comes in the form of a scheduler with its own set of rules which I do find quite intriguing, but will need to see more.

I just binged all the chapters and already want to champion the novel so that should show my review of this novel so far.

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It's Ristretto Again~

5 months ago

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