A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm

A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm

46 Reviews
Wang Yu (忘语)
Having transcended countless trials and tribulations, Han Li has finally managed to ascend to the Immortal Realm… or has he? Instead of the Immortal Realm, Han Li somehow finds himself in a lower realm known as the Spirit Domain Realm, having been stripped of his powers, treasures, and memories of the past 300 years. Trapped in a foreign realm with limited resources and none of his allies from the Spirit Realm, Han Li must piece together what happened in the past 300 years. Will he be able to return to the Immortal Realm, or will he be forced to languish in this lower realm for the rest of his existence? It seems that as usual, the odds are stacked firmly against Han Li…
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The long-awaited sequel to A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality.

46 Reviews
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10 months ago
10/10 The first instalment is my favourite book on Wuxiaworld so I have high expectations for this one.

I would not read this without reading the first instalment as Han Li’s character development is superb and his current character may be uninteresting without the 2000 previous chapters for context.

I did read ~ 50 chapters of this continuation on webnovel when they were translating it and it followed a very similar story line to when Han Li ascended in the last book. Defiantly a trope we have seen before but I enjoyed the similar arc in the last book so I’m not worried with how the author will handle it.

This is simply a story of 1 man cultivating to immortality and so far it’s fantastic.

10 months ago
If this is even a fraction as good as the first part then I am going to be hooked. The first had everything, good character development, the typical start to a romance with some forced reasons but then actually evolves into a decent dao partnering that you were actually rooting for the moments it would pop back up. Han Li is a bad ass and lives by his own code. The thing that drew me the most was that he didn’t shy away from unorthodox cultivation techniques and really has some cool combos that he comes up with. I didn’t think we would get to see this sequel and am thrilled it’s here. Though I hate the Metroid start over trope and it drives me insane the potential has me locked in.

10 months ago
Have high hopes for the sequel, Han Li's character development is superb and really well-written story, I like most of the facets of the story. In the beginning, there is barely plot amor until chapter 300-400 it starts to get more but still really decent throughout the whole story.

I hope his road to immortality will be a cultivation focused, skill-mastering story like the prequel, and we can see even more heights of his dual cultivation, which I really like.

Like in Martial World the 3 Cultivation System, which he also has because of his insane spiritual sense.

Im Hyped!

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5 months ago

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