Chapter 862: Feeding the Core

When Senior Martial Brother Cheng heard Lu Luo, he was stunned. He hastily examined Han Li’s inner Qi with his spiritual sense and saw that Han Li had truly entered mid Nascent Soul stage, much to his shock.

“I knew that with your quick wits, you would’ve quickly discovered it. I did indeed come across a fortunate encounter inside Devilfall Valley and bitterly cultivated to enter the next stage. As a result, I was able to enter mid Nascent Soul stage after such a short amount of time, something that even I hadn’t expected. But if I hadn’t known that you two were protecting Wan’er, I would’ve spent my many years trapped inside the pocket dimension with worry on my mind, preventing me from wholeheartedly cultivating. My progress is much in thanks to you two as well.”

Han Li then saluted the two and uttered his thanks.

“What is Junior Martial Brother saying? Since I am Sister Nangong’s sworn brother, it is only natural that I look after her. And it's not like we did much with regards to that. To our shame, she is still trapped in ice!”

“Junior Martial Brother Han reached mid-Nascent Soul stage...

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