Chapter 792: The Far West

Han Li took a seat on a chair and wryly smiled as he answered, “The Yin Sifting Sect Elder only knew the method to cast the curse, not dissolve it. According to what I found out from the Soul Searching Technique, only the Yin Sifting Sect Master and the sect’s great elder know it. All the other elders wouldn’t know the method to dissolve it either.”

“He didn’t know the method to dissolve the curse?” Senior Martial Brother Cheng frowned and spoke with a tone of disbelief.

Han Li’s wore a gloomy expression, “That’s right! It seems that the removal of the Soul Seal Curse involves an incredibly powerful technique belonging to the Yin Sifting Sect. Only the Sect Master and the Great Elder are ever taught it.”

Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s expression turned grave. “Without the method to dissolve the curse, Little Sister Nangong will...”

Han Li’s gaze flickered and he continued, “Although there is no way to directly dissolve the curse, it's not as if there are no other methods in this world. From what...

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