Chapter 784: Nangong Involved

On his way back to the Drifting Cloud Sect, Han Li glanced at the storage pouch at his waist. When Han Li returned the ancient lantern in exchange for the rare materials, the Moulan had returned the flower basket ancient treasure and the Purple Cloudlace without any prior discussion. 

It seemed the Moulan clearly understood that if they were to stay in the Heavenly South for long, they couldn’t afford to offend their high-grade cultivators. As such, the ancient treasures were returned to him so that there would be no grudges between them. Since Han Li had shown immense power at his young age, even the Moulan Divine Sages viewed him with dread.

With the ancient treasures returned, Han Li promptly gave the Purple Cloudlace back to Silvermoon. Although she only made use of the treasure while she was in her demon fox body, she had used it to great effect. Since Han Li wasn’t the ungrateful sort, he gave the Purple Cloudlace over to her as a reward. 

When news spread out that the Heavenly South cultivators and the Moulan had joined hands, the Soaring...

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