Chapter 749: An Adopted Sister

A white-haired old man sitting across from Lu Luo in the meeting politely asked, “Brother Lu, did you receive any information about Elder Han?” He was an early Nascent Soul cultivator by the name of Xu Changjing, an elder of the Heavenly Dao Alliance’s Water Mirage Sect, and a longtime acquaintance of Lu Luo. He had arrived at Skyfirst City the day before.

After a moment of pause, Lu Luo smiled and answered, “There is no news for the time being. But it seems that Brother Xu is showing quite a bit of interest in Brother Han.” 

Xu Changjing chuckled. “It is only natural. From your tone, it seems that others have also asked you the same question. This should come as no surprise. Before I arrived at Skyfirst City, I had already heard many rumors with regard to Fellow Daoist Han. Tch tch! An early Nascent Soul cultivator was actually able to escape a Moulan Divine Sage’s pursuit. This isn’t something that the likes of us are capable of. Furthermore, I’ve also heard that Fellow Daoist Han condensed a Nascent Soul only recently. If that’s true, then it’d be all the more shocking.”

As the old man spoke, the other cultivators nearby glanced...

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