Chapter 720: Another Ring

Nangong Wan’s scarlet moon was lagging behind in its attempt to chase her Senior Martial Sister, granting her senior martial sister the opportunity to fly towards the ceiling and strike it. 

With a muffled thump, a red light pulsed from the ceiling, but it was unbroken; only a few loose pieces of rock had fallen down.

The icy woman was stunned. Before she realized what had happened, the roof flashed with light and swarms of black, gold, and silver beetles emerge from it. Buzzing, they quickly gathered at the room’s center and formed a tri-colored shield.

In the icy woman’s alarm, she waved her hand without any further thought, summoning a silver talisman in between her fingers.

When Nangong Wan saw this, she naturally knew what her senior martial sister planned to do. Her expression immediately sank and slapped her storage pouch rather than using the Divine Incarnation Light. A small red flag appeared in her hand and she immediately flung it into the gro...

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