Chapter 717: Ambush

Setting Sun Hall was the residence for the great elder for many successive generations of the Masked Moon Sect. Not only was a spirit well placed there, but the hall was also heavily layered with restrictions. Apart from a few other elders, none were able to easily approach the hall without the permission of the great elder.

At that moment, a streak of red light flew across the horizon. It revolved several times around Setting Sun Hall and was able to enter without obstruction.

The red light passed through several layers of restrictions as if they weren’t there, and entered a side room after taking a few turns. Inside the room was a woman of graceful beauty meditating on a prayer mat. Her skin seemed icily pale, and she appeared to be in her early twenties. Her body faintly emitted an icy Qi.

In the instant the red light appeared before the woman, she slowly opened her eyes and frowned. She beckoned to the red light and it then dropped down...

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