Chapter 714: Thoughts of the Past

When the white-clothed woman saw Han Li enter, she stroked the silver sword before returning it to the wooden box. She then raised her head and gently gazed at Han Li. The face that Han Li yearned for in countless dreams had appeared before him.

A slightly pointed chin, a delicate nose, and bright, enchanting eyes. These traces of familiarity caused Han Li to feel a trace of excitement along with a sliver of warmth in his heart that had remained dormant since he had last spent time with her. It felt like it had been ages ago.

Any thoughts or words had already been released from his mind at that moment. Only an overwhelming passion remained.

When Nangong Wan saw that Han Li was so imprudently staring at her, she was stunned for a moment. With a pensive expression appearing on her face, she unconsciously frowned.

Nangong Wan raised her head and turned to the yellow-clothed woman that had guided Han Li. She calmly said, “Yu’er, go down first. I will be speaking with him alone.”

After a moment of brief...

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