Chapter 712: Entering Disguised

Not long after Yuan Kun began shopping in the village, he smoothly gathered all the items he needed and flew back to the Gemcut Mountains with his two assistants. But when the three only traveled fifteen kilometers away from the city,  silver light suddenly flashed ahead of them, revealing a gorgeous young woman. She looked at the three with a captivating smile.

“We are Masked Moon Sect disciples. Senior...” Although Yuan Kun’s cultivation was low, the strange scene that appeared before him indicated that the woman was beyond ordinary. He immediately fell back on his identity as a sect member to protect them.

However, it seemed as if the woman didn’t hear him. She chuckled and blew out a pink mist from her mouth. The mist appeared to be slow, but it enveloped the three in an instant.

Yuan Kun and company were unable to resist due to their meager cultivation. After smelling a trace of the scent, they felt their minds fade away as they...

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