Bonus Chapter 2

"That's right. I've already mastered the first few layers of the Great Development Arts; all I'm missing are the mantras for the final three layers that you've never disclosed to anyone, Senior," Han Li replied in an honest manner.

"You mastered the first four layers? I don't believe you. Show me!" the golden figure demanded after contemplating the situation for a brief moment.

"Sure, I'll show you some of the techniques of the fourth layer of the Great Development Art as proof," Han Li replied with a smile.

"Alright, then go ahead," the miniature golden figure challenged.

Thus, Han Li made a hand seal, and one of his fingertips turned a golden color as he thrust it through the air while uttering the words "Spiritstun Thorn".

His voice wasn't very loud, but the golden figure's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

A layer of faint silver light instantly erupted out of its body, and the light barrier shuddered slightly before returning to normal.

"I didn't think that...

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