Bonus Chapter 1

In the westernmost region of the continent, a sturdy-looking stone door suddenly exploded from the outside amid a resounding boom.

Countless stone shards flew in all directions while an azure-robed young man strode into the room in an unhurried manner.

The young man had a dark complexion and a very ordinary appearance, but his eyes were remarkably clear, and there were hints of blue light flashing deep within his pupils.

"So this is the sacred hall of the Thousand Bamboo Sect that disappeared several thousand years ago. It doesn't appear to be all that remarkable, but the restrictions outside were quite powerful. Even though they had lost most of their efficacy, it still took me close to a day to break through them," the young man murmured to himself with slightly furrowed brows after drawing to a halt and inspecting his surroundings.

Beyond the stone door was a secret chamber that was over 300 feet in size. Aside from a grey and antiquated...

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