Chapter 2431: Slaying the Immortal (1)

"You don't know what a vial spirit is? Hmph, looks like you don't have anything to do with that traitor then. In any case, it's a massive pleasant surprise to be able to recover the vessel. As for what the vial spirit is, a being from a lower realm like you has no right to know about it. After I capture you and search your soul, I'll send you on your way," Ma Liang said with a cold smile.

As soon as his voice trailed off, the dark green vial in his hand vanished, while the crimson seal in his other hand was tossed forward.

All of a sudden, the crimson seal vanished, but eight rivers of blood descended from the heavens before transforming into eight five-clawed blood dragons that pounced viciously toward Han Li.

These eight blood dragons were all comparable to Grand Ascension Stage beings, and in Ma Liang's eyes, they were more than enough to take care of Han Li's duo.

Right at this moment, Daoist Xie transformed into a giant golden crab amid a flash of silver lightning, then swung its giant pincers viciously through the air, sending two balls of lightning the size of houses hurtling directly toward two of the blood dragons. 

He then flew forward as a ball of lightning himself, and thus, a fierce battle ensued between the golden crab and the two blood dragons.

Meanwhile, Han Li took a deep breath and stowed his azure vial away, and the sea of azure swords around him suddenly transformed into a massive sword formation that spanned an area of over 100 acres.

He pointed a finger at the sword formation from afar, and a ball of azure light appeared at the center of the formation before expanding rapidly, following which a giant azure dragon that was several thousand feet in length flew out of the azure light.

The dragon was of an exuberant green color, and every single one of its scales was glistening with a cold light.

As soon as it appeared, it pounced toward the blood dragon that was nearest to it.

The blood dragon immediately opened its mouth in retaliation, releasing a pillar of crimson light that struck the green dragon's body with unerring accuracy.

However, countless streaks of sword Qi immediately erupted out of the green dragon's body to eradicate the crimson pillar of light, leaving the green dragon completely unscathed.

Ma Liang's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, yet before he had a chance to formulate any concrete thoughts, the green dragon and the blood dragon had already clashed.

Within the span of no more than two breaths, the blood dragon was torn to shreds. However, the remaining five blood dragons also took advantage of this opportunity to unleash powerful attacks toward the green dragon in unison.

The green dragon remained completely unfazed as countless streaks of lethal sword Qi were unleashed out of its scales in retaliation.

Right at this moment, the blood dragon that had just been torn apart instantly regenerated before pouncing toward the green dragon again.

Even though the sword Qi being unleashed by the green dragon was extremely fearsome, it was quickly riddled with wounds from taking on all six blood dragons at once, and after tearing another blood dragon apart in a kamikaze attack, it was also destroyed by a flood of crimson light.

The remaining blood dragons immediately turned to attack Han Li, who made a hand seal in an expressionless manner, and the azure sword formation before him abruptly vanished.

In the next instant, the sword formation appeared directly beneath the blood dragons, and another azure dragon emerged to clash with the blood dragons again.

Meanwhile, Han Li remained still on the spot, and even though it looked like he was keeping the five blood dragons at bay with ease, he was actually expending a significant portion of his magic power to maintain the sword formation.

As he had progressed in his cultivation base, the Azure Coil Sword Formation had become immensely powerful, but at the same time, it also expended far more magic power than it had in the past.

If a normal Grand Ascension Stage being with average magic power and spiritual sense were in Han Li's place, they wouldn't be able to use any additional treasures or abilities while controlling this sword formation.

Ma Liang raised an eyebrow upon seeing this, and he suddenly made a hand seal while chanting an incantation.

A burst of loud rumbling rang out above Han Li, and a mountainous crimson seal projection appeared amid a flash of crimson light.

A burst of law fluctuations surged down from above, and the projection descended toward Han Li.

As opposed to being alarmed by this, a faint smile appeared on Han Li's face. "As expected, your powers have been severely debilitated; you can't even conjure up the other four blood spirit puppet giants anymore."

Immediately thereafter, he swept a sleeve through the air to release his three extreme mountains, which swelled to over 100,000 feet tall in the blink of an eye at his behest.

The trio of mountains clashed with the gargantuan seal projection amid an earth-shattering boom, and they managed to keep the projection at bay, preventing it from descending any further.

At the same time, the law fluctuations being released by the crimson seal encompassed the area down below, causing Han Li's magic power to become quite sluggish.

However, Han Li remained completely unconcerned as a dark green sword mark appeared on his forearm, and another burst of law fluctuations instantly erupted forth.

The two bursts of law fluctuations clashed violently before eradicating one another, and thus, Han Li's magic power returned to normal circulation.

Ma Liang was quite stunned to see this before a furious look appeared on his face.

If he were at the height of his powers, an incomplete set of extreme mountains and a Profound Heavenly Treasure would be nowhere near enough to oppose his Myriad Spirit Blood Seal. 

However, in his current severely debilitated state, he simply couldn't unleash much of the seal's power.

Just as he was hesitating about whether he should unleash some other type of attack, Han Li made a grabbing motion, and a dark green wooden sword appeared in his grasp.

At the same time, the Provenance True Devil Projection flew forward and vanished into his body in a flash.

In the next instant, several balls of light of different colors flew out of his body, each of which contained a different true spirit projection.

The projections were giving off vastly contrasting auras that were all extremely fearsome, and they vanished into Han Li's body again in a flash.

Piercing purplish-golden light immediately radiated from Han Li's body, and he swelled drastically in size as purplish-golden scales and silver spirit patterns rapidly appeared over his skin.

At the same time, he grew two extra heads and four additional arms, and in the blink of an eye, a gargantuan fiendcelestial with three heads and six arms had appeared.

This was none other than Han Li's Third Nirvana Transformation, and it had a horn on each of its three heads.

It was clear that he knew that using normal abilities and treasures would be futile against this true immortal, so he was bringing out his trump cards from the get-go.

It only took Han Li an instant to complete his transformation, and as he brandished his green wooden sword, a line of silver runes immediately appeared on the surface of the blade.

The world's origin Qi in the entire area tremored, and countless specks of five-colored light appeared before flooding toward the wooden sword in a frenzy.

Ma Liang's expression darkened slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately swept a sleeve through the air, releasing eight silver talismans that transformed into giant silver weapons before sending them flying directly toward Han Li.

Right at this moment, Han Li took a stride forward, then slashed his giant green sword through the air.

An extremely long dark green crescent was unleashed by the sword before condensing into a thin dark green line that released a burst of fearsome law fluctuations.

The oncoming giant silver weapons stood no chance against the dark green line, and all of them instantly exploded upon contact.

The green line was traveling so quickly that it reached Ma Liang almost as if through instantaneous teleportation, and it was releasing a burst of glacial power that made Ma Liang feel as if even his blood had been frozen solid.

Ma Liang's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, but instead of taking evasive measures, he swept a sleeve through the air to summon a black shield, while also opening his mouth to release a pristine white sword.

The dark green line struck the black shield and only faltered momentarily before slicing the shield cleanly in half, upon which it was met by the small white sword.

A dull thump rang out as the two clashed, and strangely enough, they both fell completely still, as if time itself had drawn to a standstill.

In the next instant, a crisp crack rang out, and the small white sword shattered without any warning, while the dark green line also faded away.

In the instant that the small sword was destroyed, an unnatural flush appeared on Ma Liang's face, and he threw up a mouthful of golden blood essence.

"How dare you destroy my Originslash Immortal Sword? I'm going to make sure you suffer the most torturous death possible!" Ma Liang said with a furious expression, and it seemed that the white sword had been extremely important to him.

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