Chapter 2185: Black and White Lightning Ball

Han Li looked up at the house-sized ball of black and white lightning up above, and his pupils immediately contracted slightly.

He knew that this was the final moment of the true lightning tribulation, and his ability to successfully transcend it would depend on whether he would be able to withstand this final ball of lightning.

Thus, he immediately took a deep breath, then opened his mouth to expel three mouthfuls of blood essence before making a hand seal.

The blood essence instantly transformed into dozens of crimson runes, which surged up into the air before vanishing into the three extreme mountains in a flash.

The three mountains then began to converge toward the center before combining as one to form a massive three-colored mountain, and it shrank down to only several hundred feet tall while an enormous aura began to emanate from it.

This technique of combining the three mountains as one appeared to be rather similar to the final form of the Integrated Five Extremes Mountain, but the two were actually completely different.

The Integrated Five Extremes Mountain was created by truly fusing all five mountains as one through refinement, and it could be easily integrated or separated at will. As such, its powers far exceeded that of this forced amalgamation of the three extreme mountains.

Not only was expenditure of blood essence required to combine the three extreme mountains, they would only be able to maintain this form for a very short time and withstand only a single attack.

This was a technique that Han Li had devised specifically to help himself withstand the Grand Ascension Stage tribulation, and after the three mountains combined as one, the black and white ball of lightning came crashing down from above, hurtling directly toward where Han Li was situated.

This black and white ball of lightning was far different from the previous lightning attacks as it was imbued with the power of laws of heaven and earth. It had already locked onto Han Li's Nascent Soul, and it would follow him to all corners of the realm unless it were to be nullified.

Of course, what was most fearsome about this ball of lightning was the power that it contained.

If a normal Body Integration Stage being were to even be glanced by this ball of lightning, they would immediately be reduced to ashes.

Han Li immediately began to chant something upon seeing this, and the Provenance Golden Body thrust its six palms up into the air in unison.

Six balls of golden light erupted forth, then fused as one in front of the combined extreme mountains to form a massive golden vortex.

The vortex was several acres in size with countless runes surging out of it alongside a burst of enormous power that struck one with a sense of asphyxiation.

The black and white ball of lightning was immediately drawn to the center of the vortex by the suction force, upon which golden light and black and white lightning intertwined in a fierce clash.

The golden vortex shuddered amid a resounding boom, then immediately shattered into specks of golden light, following which the ball of lightning re-emerged and appeared to be completely unscathed.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and the azure sword lotus revolving above his head suddenly vanished.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted beneath the ball of lightning, and the azure lotus reappeared before transforming into countless streaks of azure sword Qi that struck the ball of lightning in a continuous barrage.

Even the fearsome ball of lightning was forced to falter slightly in the face of the relentless stream of sword Qi, and it was temporarily forced to a halt.

Han Li was ecstatic to see this, and he immediately injected his magic power into the azure lotus flower with all his might.

The number of streaks of sword Qi flying out of the azure lotus flower instantly doubled, and azure light covered virtually every single inch of the ball of lightning, threatening to tear it apart at any moment.

All of a sudden, a dull thump rang out, and the arcs of lightning revolving around the ball of lightning thickened significantly, repelling all of the oncoming streaks of sword Qi.

At the same time, the ball of lightning itself began to descend once again.

A solemn look appeared on Han Li's face as he harrumphed coldly while pointing a finger up at the azure lotus flower, and the flower instantly swelled drastically in size, while the sword Qi it released also became noticeably thicker.

However, the massive ball of lightning still vanished into the azure lotus flower in a flash, and the lotus flower began to revolve in a frenzy, unleashing a relentless stream of sword Qi in an attempt to tear the ball of lightning into shreds.

However, in the next instant, a piercing screech suddenly rang out within the azure lotus flower, and its petals began to bulge and warp while rapidly expanding.

Han Li was quite alarmed to see this, yet before he had a chance to do anything, an earth-shattering boom suddenly rang out from above.

The azure sword lotus instantly exploded amid countless arcs of black and white lightning, reverting back into 72 flying swords that had dimmed significantly and scattered in all directions.

Due to Han Li's spiritual connection with the swords, his face paled slightly as he threw up several mouthfuls of blood, and his aura was also somewhat debilitated, but he had no time to pay any heed to this as he hurriedly swept a sleeve upward.

The 72 flying swords immediately flew back into his sleeve, while the black and white ball of lightning began to descend once again.

The combined extreme mountains began to slowly rotate on the spot on its own while releasing countless runes of different colors.

At the same time, a layer of translucent light flashed over the surface of the mountain, and it took on a near-transparent quality as it rose up to meet the descending ball of lightning.

A dull thump rang out as the ball of lightning struck the peak of the mountain, and countless arcs of black and white lightning sprang forth to bombard the mountain with devastating force.

The combined extreme mountains tremored violently as it resisted the black and white lightning with all its might, and Han Li was also injecting what remained of his magic power into the mountain without any reservation, causing it to glow as bright as an incandescent sun.

The ball of lightning and combined extreme mountains both began to tremor incessantly as shockwaves erupted in all directions amid deafening explosions.

The two of them appeared to be evenly-matched, and as time passed, the ball of lighting became smaller and smaller, but Han Li's magic power was also rapidly being expended.

If it weren't for the fact that Han Li's magic power was far more abundant than that of the average Body Integration Stage being, it would've most likely already been completely exhausted.

Even so, Han Li's expression had become extremely grim as he discovered that his magic power would run out before the combined extreme mountains could completely nullify the ball of lightning.

However, Han Li had made extensive preparations for this breakthrough, so he had prepared some rather risky countermeasures for situations of this nature.

Thus, he immediately gritted his teeth as he abruptly withdrew his magic power from the combined extreme mountains, then swept a sleeve through the air to release an inky-black bracelet, which instantly swelled to around 10 feet in size.

Immediately thereafter, a burst of bright golden light radiated through the air as he transformed into a giant golden ape.

The Provenance Golden Body situated above him then disintegrated into specks of golden light before vanishing into the giant ape's body in a flash, while Han Li quickly laid a hand onto his own head to release a golden Nascent Soul.

The Nascent Soul waved a hand through the air, and several true spirit projections flew out of the giant ape's body.

These projections immediately plunged into the body of the Nascent Soul, following which the Nascent Soul flew into the massive ape's body as a streak of golden light.

In the next instant, the giant ape let loose a thunderous roar as it thumped its own chest violently. At the same time, a series of purplish-golden scales appeared all over its body, while an azure horn emerged on its head.

What was even more astonishing was that the giant ape had grown two extra golden heads on its shoulders and four additional scaled arms out of its ribs.

However, only two of the heads and two pairs of arms were substantial in appearance, while the other head and pair of arms resembled blurry projections.

Han Li had unleashed his Holy Nirvana Physique, and even though this was still only the Second Nirvana Transformation, it was clearly significantly improved from before.

If Han Li could manifest all three heads and three pairs of arms into a substantial form, then he would've mastered the Third Nirvana Transformation.

At this point, the combined extreme mountains was no longer able to resist the ball of lightning without the support of Han Li's magic power, and it split up into three balls of spiritual light that scattered in different directions.

Meanwhile, the black and white ball of lightning began to descend rapidly once again, crashing into the massive black bracelet in the blink of an eye.

Black light flashed beneath the lightning, and the bracelet instantly exploded, releasing countless giant golden beetles into the air.

These were none other than Han Li's Gold Devouring Beetles and beetle monarch candidates.

However, all of the beetles were currently rather sluggish and disoriented, doing nothing more than hovering in the mid-air while flapping their wings in a wooden manner.

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