Chapter 2180: Spirit Tide

Han Li paused momentarily before sweeping a sleeve upward, and three small mountains immediately appeared overhead amid a flash of light.

The three mountains then descended toward the edges of the crystalline platform down below at his behest, then crashed heavily down onto the ground, where they instantly swelled to over 1,000 feet tall each, enclosing the platform within a giant barrier of mountains.

After that, Han Li sat down onto the ground and began to meditate.

Day transitioned to night, and night transitioned back into day...

On the two mountains in the distance, Daoist Xie and Silvermoon were constantly appraising Han Li with different expressions.

Daoist Xie's expression was very placid and tranquil, while Silvermoon constantly had a hint of concern in her eyes.

Four hours later, just as the first ray of sunlight appeared above a nearby mountain, Han Li opened his eyes before making a hand seal, and an enormous aura erupted from his body as his Provenance True Devil Projection appeared behind him amid a flash of golden light.

The Provenance True Devil Projection then swelled to over 1,000 feet in size at his behest before opening its eyes and making a different hand seal with each of its six hands.

A string of loud rumbling booms rang out as fierce winds swept through the air, bringing with them a blanket of dark clouds.

Han Li completely disregarded all of this as he sat on the platform and merely cast another incantation seal.

All of a sudden, the spirit patterns on the surface of the giant platform seemed to have sprung to life, forming hundreds of formations of different sizes that fluctuated erratically in brightness.

The world's origin Qi nearby surged violently, and countless specks of five-colored light appeared in the air, stretching as far as the eyes could see and creating a breathtaking sight to behold.

After doing all of this, Han Li closed his eyes in an expressionless manner and began to meditate once again.

As the formations on the platform flashed, his aura was slowly climbing virtually with each passing moment.

Even though this rate of enhancement was very slow and almost unnoticeable, it would still amount to a significant increase given sufficient time.

Meanwhile, the projection behind Han Li also began to slowly expand, growing around 10 feet taller per two hours. 

At this rate, the projection would be able to grow over 100 feet taller in a day, and as it grew, its projection-like body also became more and more substantial.

Time slowly passed by, and Han Li's aura continued to swell with no signs of stopping...

Half a month later, Han Li's aura had swelled to a point that would be enough to strike fear into the hearts of all Body Integration cultivators, and his Provenance True Devil Projection had grown to over 3,000 feet tall while adopting an extremely substantial form.

The sky had become pitch-black under the dense blanket of dark clouds, and the entire basin had been plunged into complete darkness, giving the area an air of eeriness.

The only sources of light came from the specks of light formed by the world's origin Qi that were hovering in mid-air, and they had also grown from pea-sized specks of light to around the size of eggs.

From a distance, it looked as if there were countless giant fireflies hovering still in mid-air, giving off a gentle light.

At this moment, Han Li finally opened his eyes, and piercing blue light was flashing within his pupils. He immediately laid a hand onto the top of his own head, and a golden Nascent Soul that was several feet tall emerged amid a flash of golden light.

The Nascent Soul wore a slightly tense expression, and it immediately pointed a finger upward as soon as it appeared.

Silver light flashed within the dark clouds up above, and a thick bolt of lightning came crashing down amid a rumbling thunderclap.

The golden Nascent Soul narrowed its eyes slightly, and instead of taking evasive measures, it opened its mouth to expel a burst of azure light.

The huge bolt of lightning was allowed to crash down without any impediment, only to be completely devoured by the Nascent Soul. Immediately thereafter, the golden Nascent Soul rubbed its hands together, and countless arcs of lightning erupted from its body, forming a series of massive silver lightning runes that shot forth in all directions.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and the lightning runes all vanished into the surrounding space.

In the next instant, a burst of invisible power exploded throughout the nearby space, following which a stir ran through all of the surrounding balls of five-colored light.

The balls of light then began to revolve through the air, while the golden Nascent Soul sat down in mid-air before making a hand seal. 

All of a sudden, an enormous aura erupted from Han Li's physical body, and a burst of terrifying spiritual pressure instantly descended upon the basin.

A massive invisible vortex abruptly appeared in the air with the giant platform at its very center, and the surrounding balls of light were drawn into the vortex in a frenzy before being funneled downward as streaks of spiritual light. Right at this moment, a series of shimmering silver spirit patterns suddenly appeared on Han Li's physical body and the golden Nascent Soul, and as soon as the five-colored light came into contact with his skin, it instantly vanished into those silver spirit patterns.

The balls of light in the air above the basin were constantly being swept into the giant vortex, then injected into Han Li's physical body and Nascent Soul in a relentless stream.

As time passed, the Nascent Soul gradually brightened, while the skin of Han Li's physical body became smoother and more translucent.

Shortly thereafter, the golden Nascent Soul was concealed within a layer of golden light, while Han Li's entire body had taken on a jade-like appearance.

At this point, all of the balls of light above the basin had finally been cleared away, leaving behind a vast expanse of empty space.

The golden Nascent Soul's expression darkened slightly upon seeing this, and one of the heads of the massive golden projection behind it suddenly let loose a low cry.

Immediately thereafter, it withdrew the hand seals it was making, and a huge ball of golden light appeared over each of its palms before being tossed upward in unison.

The six balls of light instantly shot upward before combining as one to form an even more massive ball of golden light.

The Nascent Soul waved a chubby hand toward the giant ball of light, and it flashed a few times before exploding with a rumbling boom.

Countless golden runes surged forth in a frenzy, forming another huge golden vortex that instantly fused as one with the original vortex.

The Provenance True Devil Projection then began to chant something as golden light flashed within its hands, and six pillars of golden light that were as thick as water tanks erupted forth before vanishing into the bottom of the vortex.

The golden vortex instantly swelled drastically in size amid a loud buzzing sound, and within the span of just a few breaths, it had become so massive that it was taking up virtually a third of the entire basin.

A hint of elation appeared on the golden Nascent Soul's face upon seeing this, and it made a hand seal before pointing a finger at the vortex.

The buzzing within the vortex immediately subsided, only to be replaced by delightful heavenly music. At the same time, bursts of enormous suction force that threatened to tear the entire heavens apart swept forth in all directions from it.

A short while later, an even more astonishing boom rang out in the distance, and it was as if a tsunami wave were approaching.

Spiritual light flashed, and a hint of dazzling radiance appeared in the distant sky, following which a boundless expanse of dazzling light came surging forth.

The golden Nascent Soul's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and blue light flashed through its eyes, allowing it to instantly identify the spirit tide as an incredible phenomenon formed by countless five-colored balls of light.

A hint of elation appeared on the Nascent Soul's face upon seeing this, and it took a deep breath as the giant golden projection behind it raised its six hands again, unleashing around a dozen more pillars of golden light that shot directly into the golden vortex. As a result, the vortex swelled even further in size and released several more bursts of enormous suction force.

In the face of such tremendous suction force, the incoming waves of suction light were all drawn into the golden vortex, and the silver spirit patterns on the Nascent Soul and Han Li's physical body began to absorb the five-colored light once again.

Their bodies were like insatiable voids, seemingly with an infinite appetite for world's origin Qi.

Meanwhile, the giant vortex had forcibly gathered all of the world's origin Qi within a radius of tens of thousands of kilometers, creating a spirit tide that also appeared as if it would never subside.

However, even though Han Li's Nascent Soul and physical body were far more powerful than those of the average late-Body Integration Stage being, such a massive influx of energy still quickly brought him to a point of saturation.

If he were to continue absorbing energy, not only would his Nascent Soul and physical body fail to become any more powerful, it was very likely that he would perish from self-detonation.

Thus, the silver spirit patterns on his physical body and Nascent Soul quickly faded, and at the same time, the Provenance True Devil Projection opened its three mouths in unison, easily devouring all of the world's origin Qi in the surrounding air, upon which it expanded even further.

Even though Han Li's Nascent Soul and physical body were no longer able to absorb the world's origin Qi, the Provenance True Devil Projection was taking over from them in a seamless fashion.

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