Chapter 2142: Re-emergence of the Spirit Domain

Zhu Guo'er was looking on with her mouth agape in shock, clearly not expecting Han Li to instruct the giant golden crab to attack the formation as soon as he left it.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face, and he said, "Thank you for your help, Brother Xie; I wouldn't have been able to identify the weakest point of this formation and destroy it with a single attack on my own."

"If this were a complete Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation or if I were in the formation, then I wouldn't have been able to do this, either, but under these circumstances, it was quite an easy task; just don't forget to issue me the Faux Immortal Elixir for this," the giant golden crab said in a nonchalant manner.

"Rest assured, Brother Xie, I definitely won't owe you any elixir," Han Li replied with a smile.

"Regardless of how much elixir you can provide me with in the future, as soon as all of the elixir you've supplied me with to a certain point has been exhausted, I won't do your bidding any further unless you supply me with more," the golden crab said in a brusque manner.

"Alright, seeing as you're unwilling to compromise, we'll stick to our original agreement, but the elixir I've issued to you thus far should be able to sustain you for some time," Han Li said with a wry smile.

The giant golden crab was very intelligent, but as soon as the elixir was mentioned, it would immediately become completely unyielding and unwilling to compromise.

On this occasion, the golden crab didn't say anything and merely looked down with a cold look in its eyes.

The massive hole that had been blown into the formation was quickly sealing, and the sea of mist down below was beginning to become concealed again.

Right at this moment, spatial fluctuations erupted beside the flying carriage, and Bao Hua emerged amid a flash of pink light.

Her face was pale, and as soon as she appeared, she took a glance at Han Li before immediately producing a small red vial, which she tipped a pill out of, then quickly swallowed.

Before Han Li had a chance to say anything to her, the illusionary restriction down below completely vanished in a flash, revealing the sea of white mist in its entirety.

Almost at the exact same moment, two enraged cries rang out from within the white mist in unison.

Two humanoid figures, one golden and one blue, rose up into the air above the sea of mist, and they were naturally none other than Liu Ji and Lan Pu, both of whom were appraising Han Li with cold resentment in their eyes.

"We were planning to let you off the hook, but it seems that you're determined to get yourself killed!" Liu Ji said in a frosty voice as she tossed her silver buddha statue up into the air.

The statue instantly swelled to over 100 feet tall, and black devilish flames appeared all over its body before converging to form a black devilish beast that resembled both a cow and a horse.

The devilish beast's entire body was comprised of black flames, and it had a pair of thick curled horns on its head. It had a long black mane around its neck, and it presented a very intimidating sight to behold.

Meanwhile, Lan Pu didn't even bother to say anything to Han Li before rubbing her hands together, upon which wisps of blue light surged out of her body, forming a giant mountain of ice that was several thousand feet tall around her.

At the same time, the giant blue turtle beneath her feet let loose a low roar, and its body rapidly expanded to a size that was comparable to that of the ice mountain. Crimson light flashed within its eyes, and it was releasing a fearsome late-Body Integration Stage aura.

A solemn look appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, and he immediately transformed into a giant golden ape that was around 70 feet tall amid a flash of golden light.

After that, he made a grabbing motion with both hands, and his pair of extreme mountains appeared in his grasp.

At the same time, golden and green light flashed on either side of him as the Provenance Golden Body and immortal zoysia spirit body emerged.

After undergoing a complete transformation in the Spirit Cleansing Pond, Han Li was confident that he would be able to take on a devilish matriarch clone with the assistance of his two clones.

As for Sacred Ancestor Lan Pu, she would obviously be left to the golden crab.

He wasn't expecting the giant crab to be able to kill a veteran Sacred Ancestor with ease, but it should at least be able to keep her occupied.

A rumbling thunderclap erupted from the giant golden crab's body, and countless arcs of silver lightning instantly sprang forth. The crab then slammed two of its giant pincers together, and two balls of golden light appeared between them.

Even though the balls of light weren't unleashed right away, the formidable power emanating from them was very alarming to Lan Pu and Liu Ji, and they couldn't help but falter in their attacks in a display of wariness.

"Do you really want to battle me here? Regardless of the outcome of our battle, there won't be much of a chance that you'll be able to capture Senior Bao Hua," Han Li said as he cast a quick glance toward Bao Hua.

He didn't know what type of pill that Bao Hua had just taken, but during this brief period of respite, a hint of color had returned to her cheeks, and her magic power fluctuations had also somewhat recovered.

"Even if there's only a sliver of a chance, we can't afford to let it slip. If you don't want to perish in this battle that doesn't even concern you, you can still leave now, and we won't stop you; we can even get in touch with Yuan Yan and tell him to withdraw the Immortal Vanquishing Order that he issued so you can return safely to the Spirit Realm. Otherwise, even if you can survive this battle, I'll be issuing an additional Immortal Vanquishing Order against you," Liu Ji threatened.

"I've already chosen to become involved, so I certainly won't back down now. As for the Immortal Vanquishing Order, one has already been issued against me, so there's no reason to fear a second one," Han Li said in an indifferent voice.

He had already decided to return to the Spirit Realm, so he naturally wasn't concerned about the threat that was being raised.

With his current powers, even if he couldn't defeat the true body of a devilish patriarch, there was still a good chance that he would be able to ensure self-preservation.

"Alright, seeing as you're determined to meddle in this affair, I'm going to keep you here even if it means I have to sacrifice this clone! Sister Lan, you face the golden crab for now; I'll unleash a secret technique to trap them here, and we can kill them once your clones arrive," Liu Ji said as a hint of killing intent flashed through her eyes.

"Alright, my clones and subordinates will get here in 10 minutes at most," Sacred Ancestor Lan Pu replied in a cold voice before raising her hands and slowly thrusting them toward the giant golden crab.

The ice mountain around her instantly disintegrated into specks of blue light that vanished into thin air, but in the next instant, the specks of blue light appeared all around the giant golden crab before forming an ice mountain again to trap the crab within.

Meanwhile, the huge blue turtle beneath Lan Pu's feet opened its mouth to expel a burst of white Qi, which wound itself around the ice mountain like a rope several times in a flash, thereby further bolstering the mountain.

Instead of directly facing the giant golden crab in battle, Sacred Ancestor Lan Pu was intending to merely temporarily trap it.

Right at this moment, Liu Ji made a hand seal, and the giant silver buddha before her thrust its hands toward both Han Li and Bao Hua. The black fiery devilish beast behind it opened its cavernous mouth, releasing a wall of black flames over 1,000 feet tall that swept directly up into the air.

Bao Hua and Han Li were situated right under the black wall of flames, and Han Li harrumphed coldly upon seeing this before preparing to toss his pair of extreme mountains up into the air.

At the same time, the two clones beside him were also preparing for battle.

However, right at this moment, Bao Hua suddenly heaved a forlorn sigh.

As she did so, she raised a hand and gently blew out a ball of pink light.

Upon closer inspection, one would discover that the ball of light was comprised of countless runes, each of which was the size of a grain of rice. The ball of runes only rotated on the spot for a brief moment before exploding on its own, and countless runes began to dance through the surrounding air like pink flower petals, creating a spectacular sight to behold.

A wisp of green light flashed at the very center, then blurred before transforming into a small green tree that was around a foot tall, and it quickly began to expand at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye.

Within the span of a single breath, it had grown to become a full-sized tree, and its roots had fused as one with Bao Hua's hand. The tree's leaves were glowing with faint green light, and it could be seen that it was constantly absorbing magic power from within her body.

At the same time, the tree suddenly blurred, and specks of pink light began to appear all over its branches, then instantly transformed into countless flower buds.

A rich floral scent instantly wafted through the entire space, and the area within a radius of over 10,000 feet had been transformed into a sea of pink, as if it had become an individual world of its own.

What was even more incredible was that the ice mountain, white Qi, silver palms, and wall of fire were all instantly destroyed within the sea of pink light with a casual wave of Bao Hua's hand.

"Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain!" Liu Ji exclaimed as her heart immediately sank.

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