Chapter 2139: Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation

After that, the grey-robed man also swept a sleeve through the air and vanished amid a flash of grey light.

Two days later, Han Li exited Blue Waterfall City on a beast-drawn carriage and traveled toward the Vast Origin House again.

At the Vast Origin House, Han Li was once again greeted by Lan Ying, and they stayed in a secret chamber for several hours before Han Li emerged with a mysterious smile and returned to the city.

On this occasion, Han Li stayed in his room in the inn for several days without setting foot outside.

Han Li had issued sufficient devil stones for a month's stay when he had first arrived, so the employees at the inn didn't think much of this initially.

However, the one-month deadline quickly approached, but Han Li still showed no signs of leaving his room, and the employees were finally beginning to grow concerned.

On the final day, one of the employees carefully knocked on the door to Han Li's room before making his way into it, only to find that Han Li was already nowhere to be found.

At this point, Han Li was seated in a grey flying carriage with his eyes closed in meditation.

Seated across from him were Daoist Xie and Zhu Guo'er, the former of which was as still as a wooden statue, while the latter was constantly looking around.

After departing from the island, Han Li had returned to the location they had previously agreed on, and the trio had immediately set off.

After flying for several days, they had already flown out of the Blue Waterfall Lake area, and that was quite a relief to Han Li.

Having reaped such a bountiful haul of rewards, he was naturally planning to leave the Elder Devil Realm and return to the Spirit Realm.

Of course, he wasn't going to return along the same route that he had come from. Instead, he was planning to return to the Spirit Realm through another devilish node that the Long Family patriarch had already scouted.

According to the Long Family patriarch, that devilish node was situated in a very secluded part of the Elder Devil Realm, so there weren't many high-grade devilish beings guarding it, and the node would lead to the Wood Tribe territory in the Spirit Realm.

Even though the Long Family patriarch and the others had already perished, Han Li was still planning to take this predetermined route.

After all, he had no idea where the other nodes led to, and if he were to end up on another continent in the Spirit Realm, it could take him centuries to return to the human race.

The thought of Violet Spirit suddenly sprang into Han Li's mind, and his heart began to throb faintly once again.

It was naturally impossible for him not to harbor any feelings toward her, and it pained him greatly to have to leave her in this perilous realm so soon after their long-awaited reunion.

Of course, if she weren't being restricted by Liu Ji, he would've definitely taken her back to the Spirit Realm with her and tracked down a way to expel the devilish Qi from her body so she could revert back to a human body. 

However, as the situation currently was, his hands were tied.

Thus, his mind began to stray back to the experiences he had shared with Violet Spirit in the human world, and another gorgeous figure soon also crept into his thoughts.

After a long while, his expression suddenly changed slightly, and he immediately opened his eyes.

At the same time, the light emanating from the flying carriage faded, and it drew to an abrupt halt.

"Did something happen, Senior Han?" Zhu Guo'er immediately sprang to her feet with an alarmed expression, while Daoist Xie continued to remain seated like a statue.

"We seem to have unintentionally stumbled into a super formation. The formation was set up in a very discreet manner, so I failed to notice it," Han Li said with furrowed brows as he also stood up.

"A super formation that escaped even your notice? Could it be targeting us?" Zhu Guo'er was quite concerned to hear this.

Instead of replying to Zhu Guo'er, Han Li turned to Daoist Xie, and asked, "Brother Xie, what do you think of this formation?"

Daoist Xie also opened his eyes upon hearing this, and after a brief pause, he replied in an unhurried manner, "This seems to be an incomplete version of the Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation. If I were you, I'd continue on toward the core of the formation. That's where the formation will be most powerful, but also the only point through which we can leave this formation."

After that, Daoist Xie fell silent again.

"Six Extremes Azure Lightning Formation? I've never heard of such a formation, but I'm sure you wouldn't falsely identify it. Let's keep going then. Regardless of whether this formation was set up to target us, there's only one way for us to get out of it," Han Li decided after a brief pause.

After that, he gently tapped a foot down onto the flying carriage, and a grey light barrier instantly appeared around it.

After that, it began to fly through the air again, but on this occasion, it was traveling more than twice as fast as it had previously.

Zhu Guo'er looked around frantically with wide eyes, trying to glean any traces of the formation, but was unable to discover anything.

"Don't bother looking; there's no way you'll be able to detect the formation with your current cultivation base," Han Li said.

Immediately thereafter, he swept a sleeve through the air to send a golden sword projection flying out of the carriage.

A resounding boom rang out as the space up ahead was torn apart by the golden sword projection, and a boundless sea of white mist suddenly appeared around them, significantly slowing the flying carriage's progress.

Zhu Guo'er was very alarmed to see this, and Han Li explained, "This is only the beginning. If we had turned back, we would've activated even more powerful restrictions within the formation."

"Even so, the restrictions within this formation will begin to actively attack us soon. Even with your powers, you'll have to be careful, Fellow Daoist Han," Daoist Xie cautioned without even opening his eyes.

"Thank you for the words of caution, Fellow Daoist Xie; I'll be sure to be on my guard," Han Li said as he raised both hands up into the air, releasing several tens of balls of spiritual light, all of which instantly vanished into the space surrounding the flying carriage.

Those were all formation treasures, and in the next instant, a series of devilish patterns surged out of the flying carriage, forming a string of formations on its surface.

After that, Han Li clasped his hand behind his back and looked on into the distance in silence.

Blue light flashed within his eyes, and he was able to see some things through the layers of white mist.

All of a sudden, his expression darkened slightly, and he made a hand seal while chanting something.

A series of runes surged out of the black patterns on the walls of the flying carriage, instantly forming a black net of runes outside the grey light barrier.

Moments later, the faint buzz of lightning began to ring out within the peaceful sea of mist.

Initially, the sound wasn't very loud, but it soon escalated to rumbling thunderclaps, and azure lightning began to flash within the sea of mist.

At the same time, a sea of white mist became as viscous as a swamp, slowing the flying carriage even further.

Han Li harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, then opened his mouth to release a burst of azure Qi that vanished into the flying carriage in a flash.

At the same time, azure light revolved around his feet as he injected bursts of spiritual power into the carriage.

A faint buzzing sound rang out from the carriage, and the black net of runes outside tremored to disperse the surrounding white mist, allowing the carriage to speed up again.

As the flying carriage accelerated onward, bolts of azure lightning began to appear around it, bombarding it from all sides like countless azure lightning snakes.

Each bolt of lightning that struck the net made it tremor slightly, and with so many bolts of lightning crashing down upon it at once, the net was soon on the verge of falling apart.

However, Han Li paid no heed to this and merely continued to spur the flying carriage onward at an incredible speed.

Finally, the black net was destroyed by the azure lightning, and several tens of bolts of lightning came crashing down toward the flying carriage.

Han Li immediately flicked his fingers upward in retaliation, and bolts of golden lightning erupted out of his fingertips, forming a net of golden lightning that kept the azure lightning at bay.

During this moment of respite, the black patterns on the flying carriage released countless black runes to form another black net.

Thus, despite the fearsome storm of lightning, Han Li was able to keep the flying carriage safe with relative ease using the formation and his Divine Devilbane Lightning.

In the blink of an eye, the flying carriage had traveled for close to 10,000 kilometers, and the mist had begun to thin out, but the concentration of azure lightning was steadily increasing, indicating that they were approaching the center of the formation.

Shortly thereafter, a series of fist-sized balls of azure lightning appeared up ahead, but all of them merely hung in mid-air in a completely stationary manner.

Right at this moment, a female voice suddenly rang out in the distance. 

"Sister Bao Hua, you've already exhausted all of your tricks; there's no way you'll be able to get away now! If you surrender now, I can leave a wisp of your soul behind to enter the cycle of reincarnation."

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