Chapter 2136: Obtaining the Crystal

Violent energy fluctuations were released by the five-colored sun, and a burst of incredible power surged out of it in a frenzy.

Right at this moment, the small black mountain struck the five-colored sun amid a resounding boom, and the surface of the five-colored sun caved in significantly as black and five-colored light intertwined.

Almost at the exact same moment, the three pillars of black light also struck the same spot on the five-colored sun one after another.

An ear-splitting screech abruptly rang out, and holes were finally punched into the five-colored sun by the string of attacks, revealing the body of the Magnetic Light Beast within it.

However, the five-colored light around the holes that had been created surged, and the holes quickly began to seal.

Han Li naturally wasn't going to allow that to happen, and he took a step forward before instantly vanishing on the spot.

In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted beside the five-colored sun, and Han Li re-emerged before reaching out like lightning toward the hole created by his previous attacks.

The Magnetic Light Beast clearly knew that it was in a life or death situation, and it let loose a thunderous roar of fury as a translucent spear then shot forth out of its body, hurtling directly toward Han Li's outstretched hand.

Not only was the spear extremely sharp, it was giving off a powerful glacial aura due to certain rare stones embedded in the giant beast's body, and a burst of fearsome glacial power instantly surged toward Han Li.

The Magnetic Light Beast wasn't very intelligent, but it possessed a wealth of battle experience, and it knew that it would be able to survive this ordeal as long as it could briefly impede Han Li's attack.

A cold smile appeared on Han Li's face upon seeing this, and a burst of silver flames suddenly erupted from the fingertips of his outstretched hand. The flames then instantly covered his entire hand as he continued to grab toward the translucent spear.

The giant flame-covered hand struck the glacial spear in a ferocious clash, but no sound or energy fluctuations erupted as a result.

Not only was the spear unable to pierce into Han Li's hand, it was completely swept up and inundated by the silver flames.

Within the span of just a single breath, the spear had been melted into liquid, then disintegrated without being able to offer up any resistance.

Not only that, but Han Li's hand wasn't impeded in the slightest, and it reached into the hole in a flash before grabbing viciously onto the Magnetic Light Beast's body.

A crisp crack rang out as the giant hand pierced into the giant beast's body with ease before grabbing firmly onto the glowing green rock.

However, right as Han Li tried to withdraw his hand, the Magnetic Light Beast suddenly let loose a roar of agony, and a burst of enormous power erupted to lock his hand in place.

Han Li harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and the silver flames burning around his hand swelled drastically in size, completely enveloping the green rock before immediately beginning to refine it.

A sizzling sound rang out as the giant beast shuddered, and the five-colored sun vanished to reveal its giant body.

Right at this moment, golden light flashed from Han Li's body and he swelled to close to 10,000 feet tall, then slammed a mountainous golden palm onto the giant beast's head.

With Han Li's unfathomable strength in his Giant Mountain Ape form, the massive beast's head was slammed into the ground without being able to offer any resistance.

The giant beast let loose one agonized howl after another as it thrashed with all its might, frantically slamming its flailing limbs into Han Li's body, but all of its efforts proved to be futile Han Li continued to hold onto its head in a vice-like grip.

The giant beast's attacks were easily repelled amid flashes of golden light, and Han Li was left completely unscathed.

Meanwhile, the silver flames burned with greater and greater ferocity within the Magnetic Light Beast's body, while the green rock quickly began to dim, and the giant beast's struggles began to wane.

Finally, after one more screech of despair, the Magnetic Light Beast fell completely still and unresponsive.

Han Li immediately raised his hand and clenched it into a tight fist before aiming a vicious punch at the giant beast's head.

The Magnetic Light Beast's head was instantly smashed into countless crystalline fragments, and at the same time, a ball of green light shot forth into the distance in a flash.

It was none other than the Magnetic Light Beast's soul!

However, Han Li was already prepared for this, and he opened his mouth to release a golden sword projection, which swept through the entire area within a radius of several hundred feet.

The Magnetic Light Beast's soul was naturally caught in the scope of the attack, and was instantly destroyed.

Only then did Han Li manage to withdraw his hand from within the giant beast's body, and at this point, it was well and truly dead

Within the silver flames, the green rock had rapidly shrunk down to a green crystal that had a diameter of only around one foot and was giving off a gentle green light.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he rapidly shrank down, reverting back to his human form amid a flash of golden light.

Spatial fluctuations then erupted beside him, and the Leopard Kirin Beast appeared beside him before appraising the crystal in his hand with curiosity in its eyes.

Han Li patted the Leopard Kirin Beast's head as he murmured to himself, "I didn't think that I would obtain this much material from refining the beast's devilish core. With this much material, I should be able to refine the Five Elemental Yin Yang Extreme Mountain."

The Leopard Kirin Beast appraised the green crystal for a while longer before suddenly yawning in a drowsy manner, and Han Li was rather amused by this.

He swept a sleeve through the air, releasing a burst of azure light that swept up the Leopard Kirin Beast before stowing it away into his sleeve.

After that, he inspected his surroundings to find that the area in a radius of over 50 kilometers around him had been severely ravaged by the battle he had just endured against the Magnetic Light Beast.

The ground was riddled with pits and craters, and the nearby mountains had all been severely damaged.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this. Even with his unfathomable powers, he couldn't cover up such a widespread scene of destruction.

After considering the situation for a moment, he rubbed his hands together before raising them in unison, releasing countless balls of silver flames that enshrouded the Magnetic Light Beast's entire body before incinerating it into ashes.

As for the rest of the signs of battle, Han Li simply ignored them and flew away as a streak of azure light.

This was a rather secluded place, but his battle against the Magnetic Light Beast had resulted in a massive commotion, so high-grade devilish beings were most likely going to arrive on the scene soon.

With Han Li's current level of power, he was naturally incredibly fast, and shortly thereafter, he was already hundreds of thousands of kilometers away from the site of the battle.

Not long after Han Li's departure, spatial fluctuations erupted in the distance, and a ball of blue light emerged before rapidly flying toward the place where the Magnetic Light Beast had just been slain.

The blue light faded, and a huge bird that was covered in blue flames appeared.

The bird had a pair of silver eyes, and after quickly flying over the nearby area, it suddenly transformed into a blue-robed middle-aged woman.

The woman had a set of ordinary facial features and wore a cold expression that matched the glacial aura she was giving off.

Before the blue-robed woman had a chance to inspect the signs of battle that had just taken place, her expression suddenly changed slightly, and she cast her gaze toward another direction.

Shortly thereafter, golden light flashed in that direction, and a golden flying boat appeared.

The golden boat appeared to be flying at a leisurely rate, but it somehow managed to cover a distance of over 10,000 feet in the blink of an eye, arriving close to the blue-robed woman.

"You seem to be a little late, Liu Ji," the blue-robed woman said in an indifferent manner.

"I'm not the one who's late, it's you who's early, Sister Lan Pu." A delightful female voice rang out in response from within the boat, following which a slender young woman emerged amid a flash of azure light.

"Hmph, you know full well whether I'm early or not. Why have you suddenly decided to pay me a visit?" the blue-robed woman asked in a cold voice.

One of the two women was a clone of Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji, while the other was the true body of Sacred Ancestor Lan Pu.

Neither of them paid any heed to the wreckage down below and began to discuss other topics instead.

"I've sent a clone all the way here, so I naturally have something to offer you in exchange for the assistance you provided me with last time," the young woman replied with a smile.

However, Lan Pu's expression immediately darkened upon hearing this.

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