Chapter 2134: Magnetic Light Beast

Han Li's question clearly came as quite a surprise to the three mine slaves, and they exchanged a few glances before the remaining two mine slaves settled their eyes on the middle mine slave again.

The mine slave's expression changed several times, and he knew that he wouldn't be able to hide their secret any longer.

Thus, a wry smile appeared on his face as he replied, "Originally, all of the Foreign Devilish Metal in this area had already been mined, but during the past few days that we've been trapped in here, we stumbled upon another area that was filled with Foreign Devilish Metal while attempting to dig a tunnel out of here. However, the three of us alone naturally weren't able to mine the area, so we could only seal it up with mud and rocks for now. If you're interested, we can take you to see it."

"I see. I'm assuming Wu You and the others either didn't know about this or didn't dare to delay any longer and decided to abandon the area. In any case, I'll stand to benefit from this. Before that, show me where the incidents took place first," Han Li instructed.

"Yes, Senior!" The mine slave in the middle felt this request to be rather strange, but he naturally didn't dare to offer any opposition.

Thus, the three mine slaves rose to their feet in an uneasy manner before leading the way.

Around an hour later, the sites of the incidents had been shown to Han Li, as had the new area of the mine that the three mine slaves had discovered.

"Your information has proven to be very useful, so I'll give you a way out," Han Li said with a pleased expression as he swept a sleeve through the air to release a vast expanse of azure light.

Azure light flashed before the eyes of the three mine slaves, and their surroundings suddenly changed, following which they found themselves in front of the collapsed section of the mine tunnel again.

After that, spatial fluctuations erupted beside them, and Han Li emerged nearby.

The three mine slaves were both elated and fearful to see this as they didn't know if Han Li would keep his promise.

Han Li paid no heed to the three of them as he raised a hand before raising a hand toward the blockage up ahead.

In the next instant, a ball of golden light emerged from his palm, then transformed into a dazzling pillar of light that shot forth through the air.

A dull thump rang out as a gust of scorching wind surged through the area, and a tunnel with a diameter of around 10 feet was blown into the massive pile of loose rocks.

The edge of the tunnel was red-hot, but it then quickly cooled off and turned black again.

"You can get out of this place through this tunnel," Han Li said to the three mine slaves before vanishing on the spot in a wraith-like manner.

The mine slaves were overjoyed to see this, and they all extended respectful bows toward the spot where Han Li had just disappeared before entering the tunnel one after another.

The edge of the tunnel was still very hot, but the three of them gritted their teeth and forged ahead regardless.

At this point, Han Li had already returned to the sites of the incident and drawn several wisps of green Qi out of the nearby ground.

After that, he carefully stored the green Qi into a small vial before arriving at the hidden mine tunnel again.

The green Qi was naturally Baleful Yin Qi, but the mine slaves that had acted as its hosts had all been killed, so the Baleful Yin Qi hid itself underground again and didn't harm any more mine slaves.

Thankfully, Wu You and the others were too fixated on mining Foreign Devilish Metal to carefully examine this place. Otherwise, if they had discovered the Baleful Yin Qi here, perhaps another twist in the tale would've followed.

As for this new mine tunnel, it was actually situated only just over 100 feet away from the original mine tunnel.

According to the locations where the Baleful Yin Qi had seeped out, Han Li had concluded that if there were any Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light to be found here, it would most likely be under this new mine tunnel.

Thus, he immediately returned to this tunnel after dismissing the three mine slaves, then swept a sleeve through the air to release around a dozen balls of azure light.

The balls of light then transformed into a series of azure ape puppets, each of which was around 10 feet tall and were giving off cold auras.

Han Li issued an instruction to these puppets through his spiritual sense, and they immediately strode into the mine tunnel to mine the Foreign Devilish Metal there.

After that, Han Li pondered the situation for a moment before releasing a small golden beast out of his sleeve.

It was none other than the Leopard Kirin Beast, and it had clearly been taking a nap in the spirit beast bracelet. As soon as it emerged, it opened its bleary eyes in a disoriented and rather adorable manner.

Han Li was quite amused by this, and he instructed, "Keep a lookout and don't let any outsiders come in here."

After that, yellow light flashed from his body, and he sank directly into the ground.

Only then did the Leopard Kirin Beast fully understand the situation, and it immediately sprang to its feet to stand on lookout while also overseeing the azure ape puppets.

All of the azure ape puppets possessed Core Formation Stage power, allowing them to easily tear through the hard soil to extract the pieces of Foreign Devilish Metal buried within it.

It would've taken over 100 mine slaves around a month to completely mine this tunnel, but the puppets were able to do this in less than six hours.

Thus, the Leopard Kirin Beast collected all of the Foreign Devilish Metal into a storage bracelet before waiting on the spot along with the azure ape puppets.

Around two hours later, the Leopard Kirin Beast was growing very impatient, but just as it was planning to take a stroll, the entire mine tunnel suddenly tremored violently. Countless rock fragments rolled down from the stone walls, and it was as if the tunnel were about to collapse at any moment.

The Leopard Kirin Beast faltered slightly upon seeing this before immediately splitting up into several projections that shot forth through the air.

All of the azure ape puppets were quickly stowed away, following which the projections combined as one again before flying upward as a streak of golden light.

In the instant that the Leopard Kirin Beast departed, the mine tunnel finally collapsed amid a resounding boom.

Countless loose rocks came crashing down, and the entire mine tunnel was instantly filled.

Right at this moment, the giant sword-like mountain on the surface also quaked violently before collapsing amid an earth-shattering boom.

Countless rocks of different sizes were sent flying in all directions, and it was as if doomsday had arrived!

A sharp howl rang out, and a golden figure emerged from amidst the countless rocks before rising up into the air, revealing itself to be the Leopard Kirin Beast.

The beast looked down at the collapsed mountain, and a hint of concern appeared in its eyes.

Almost at the exact same moment, an explosive boom akin to a rumbling thunderclap rang out, and countless rocks erupted into the heavens like a volcanic eruption from the site where the giant mountain had once stood.

The Leopard Kirin Beast was quite startled to see this, and it quickly swept a paw through the air, unleashing a series of golden claw projections that eradicated all of the rocks flying toward it.

All of a sudden, a long cry akin to a dragon's roar erupted from down below, and an azure sword projection that was over 100 feet in length abruptly emerged from the ground.

All of the rocks in its path were instantly destroyed, and Han Li appeared in mid-air amid a flash of azure light.

His face was slightly pale, and he was holding a fist-sized green rock that was enveloped in a ball of green light in one hand, and a giant shimmering golden sword that was around 10 feet in length in his other hand.

The Leopard Kirin Beast was ecstatic to see him, and it immediately sprang to his side before rubbing its furry head against his leg in an affectionate manner.

Han Li turned and gave the Leopard Kirin Beast a smile as he patted its head, and said, "Be careful, there's a fearsome beast down there that'll take some killing!"

As opposed to being alarmed by this, the Leopard Kirin Beast was ecstatic at the prospect of an enemy. Golden patterns emerged all over its body as it swelled drastically in size amid a loud roar, instantly transforming into a giant golden beast that was several tens of feet in length.

Several enraged cries rang out down below, following which the ground tremored violently, and a yellow monster suddenly emerged.

The monster had a dozen or so compound eyes on the top of its head, and all of those eyes were scrutinizing Han Li in a vicious manner.

Not only was the monster as massive as a mountain, its yellow skin was riddled with rocks of different colors and sizes, some of which were extremely valuable gemstones.

"This is a Magnetic Light Beast! I've heard of this type of beast before, but never did I think I would see one here! Looks like I have this beast to thank for this piece of Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light that I just found. This beast has been with this piece of Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light, so it must possess some of the true light's power; if I can capture and refine it, I should have enough materials to refine another extreme mountain," Han Li murmured to himself with a smile as he glanced at the giant beast down below, then at the green rock in his hand.

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