Chapter 2128: Violet Spirit's Crisis

"It's not an actual restriction, but the devilish arts I'm cultivating were created by her, so she's naturally set up some precautionary measures. Unless my cultivation base progresses to outstrip hers one day, she can strip me of my entire cultivation base with just a single thought. Also, Liu Ji had informed me of her intentions to make me a backup clone, and I agreed to this path, so I really can't blame her. Without her help, I wouldn't even have been able to ascend; I would've already perished in the human world at this point," Violet Spirit sighed.

"What happened to you? How did Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji end up assisting you in your ascension?" Han Li asked.

"Back in the human world, I was limited by my aptitude and was unable to progress to the Deity Transformation Stage. At my cultivation base at the time, venturing into a spatial node would've been akin to committing suicide. Hence, I had no choice but to begin traveling to all of the secret regions of the human world to search for spirit medicines that would help me break through my bottleneck. I had thought that at the very least, I would be able to find some powerful protective treasures, and I would take a risk to venture into a spatial node before my lifespan ran out.

"However, after searching for several centuries, I didn't find any suitable spirit medicines or treasures, but stumbled upon an ancient devilish altar and unintentionally triggered it instead," Violet Spirit said with a resigned smile.

"Could it be that you contacted Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji through the altar?" Han Li asked as an enlightened look appeared in his eyes.

"The process wasn't quite that simple, but yes, that was the end result. A wisp of Liu Ji's spiritual sense descended into the human world through the altar, and with its assistance, I injected the residual devilish Qi in the secret region into my own body, thereby switching to a devilish cultivation art. As a result, I was quickly able to progress to the Deity Transformation Stage, and the ease with which the breakthrough was made was astounding to me. According to Liu Ji, I possess the extremely rare Yin Maiden Physique, meaning I was virtually born to become a devilish cultivator. 

"This was why she had helped me ascend to the Elder Devil Realm; if a normal human cultivator had managed to contact her, she would've simply ignored them. Only after I ascended to the Elder Devil Realm and met Liu Ji was I made aware that she had only helped me so that I could become a backup clone for her," Violet Spirit Said.

"In that case, there was no need for you to agree to become her disciple. As for the debt you owe her for the part she played in your ascension, you'll just have to repay her some other way in the future," Han Li said with a dark expression.

"Thing's weren't that simple. At the time, she gave a choice; either she would strip away the devilish Qi and devilish cultivation art she bestowed upon me, thereby reducing me to a low-grade cultivator again, or I had to become her seventh disciple and backup clone. She had made it very clear that due to the limitation in the cultivation art that she was using, she could only have six clones, including her true body, so if nothing happened to any of her clones, then I wouldn't need to fill in. With Liu Ji's lofty status as a devilish matriarch, even her clones are generally very safe, so there's a good chance that I'll simply continue to act as her disciple.

"Her eldest disciple has already reached the pinnacle of the late-Body Integration Stage and lived for tens of thousands of years without having to fill in for one of Liu Ji's clones. If Liu Ji were to ascend to the True Immortal Realm someday, she wouldn't need any clones, and we would truly be free then. Prior to this, she would supply us with all of the cultivation resources that we required. According to my knowledge, the Elder Devil Realm is a far more perilous place than the human world and the Spirit Realm, so countless high-grade devilish beings perish every year during their search for cultivation resources. If you had been in the same position as me, what would you have chosen, Brother Han?" Violet Spirit asked with a slightly dejected look in her eyes.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he raised his head to the heavens as he heaved a faint sigh.

"I've always admired your resolute willpower; perhaps if you had been in my place, you really would've made a different choice. However, on one hand, I would have to fall back to square one and struggle to survive in the perilous Elder Devil Realm, while on the other hand, I would at least be able to live for tens of thousands of years without having worry about cultivation resources; the temptation simply wasn't something that I could resist. Hence, I became Liu Ji's seventh disciple. I've forged a bit of a reputation for myself in the Elder Devil Realm, and I even have my own subordinates now," Violet Spirit sighed.

"It's no wonder that you made such a decision; I would've most likely done the same thing. However, you can't just live the rest of your life like this; haven't you explored any ways to escape these restrictions?" Han Li asked.

Violet Spirit had clearly already considered this, and a wry smile appeared on her face. "The six disciples above me are all Body Integration Stage beings; if there were a way to escape Liu Ji's control, they would've done so long ago. Besides, Liu Ji is a devilish matriarch with countless subordinates willing to do her bidding; even if we could escape her control, how long would we be able to hide for? The only way would be to flee to another realm, but without the abundant devilish Qi here in the Elder Devil Realm, my devilish arts would be completely ruined. Not only will I have no chance of making further progress, there's a very good chance that my cultivation base could plummet drastically."

"That is indeed very troublesome, but there is a rather risky solution," Han Li said with a contemplative look in his eyes.

"You have a solution to this situation, Brother Han? Forget about it; you are indeed quite powerful right now, but you still can't contend with the likes of Liu Ji; please don't place yourself in harm's way for my sake," Violet Spirit said as she shook her head in a concerned manner.

"It would indeed be impossible for me to contend with Liu Ji right now, but my cultivation base isn't just going to remain stagnant. Give me some time; I have some confidence that I'll be able to progress to the Grand Ascension Stage. When that time comes, I'll be at least close to being able to match Liu Ji in battle, and I'll be able to negotiate with her then," Han Li said with a cold smile.

"You're confident that you'll reach the Grand Ascension Stage?" Violet Spirit already had a very lofty evaluation of Han Li's powers, but she was still stunned by this, and even her voice was trembling slightly.

"There should be a decent chance for me," Han Li replied with a confident smile.

Violet Spirit stared blankly at Han Li for a while before replying in a gentle voice, "You're not one to make baseless claims, so I definitely believe in you, but let's discuss this matter after you reach the Grand Ascension Stage. When that time comes, you should be able to tear through space and enter the Elder Devil Realm with ease."

Han Li contemplated the situation for a moment before determined that this was indeed something that he couldn't resolve in the near future, so he could only repress his own concern. "Alright, your current cultivation base isn't very high, so even if one of Liu Ji's clones does fall, you won't be next in line to replace it, so you'll just have to wait for me for now."

"We've been discussing me this entire time; why don't you tell me about your experiences, Brother Han? You've progressed to the late-Body Integration Stage in such a short time; I'm sure your experiences in the Spirit Realm have been far more spectacular than mine." Violet Spirit changed the subject in an attempt to distract Han Li from his concerns.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before replying with a smile, "I did indeed have many interesting experiences in the Spirit Realm."

Thus, he began to recount his experiences following his arrival in the Spirit Realm through the spatial node. Of course, there were some secrets that he intentionally neglected to mention.

Violet Spirit was completely enraptured by his recount, displaying a vast array of reactions in response to the experiences that Han Li detailed.

After Han Li finished his own recount, Violet Spirit also gave him a recount of her time in the Elder Devil Realm, and also told him about how she had made Lan Ying's acquaintance.

Only then was Han Li made aware that Violet Spirit had once saved Lan Ying's life by chance, which was why they had become as close as sisters.

All of a sudden, a thought occurred to Han Li, and he asked Violet Spirit what she had asked Lan Ying to conduct divination about.

However, Violet Spirit blushed deeply upon hearing this, and she refused to tell him no matter what.

Her display of embarrassment was already enough to tell Han Li everything, so he merely smiled and didn't pry any further into the matter. Instead, he asked if Lan Ying had any way to help Violet Spirit resolve her predicament, in response to which Violet Spirit shook her head in a resigned manner.

Even the Vast Origin House was powerless to do anything as a devilish matriarch was concerned.

The former master of the Vast Origin House was Lan Ying's grandmother, who passed away during an accident, which was why Lan Ying had been handed the reins.

However, many of the high-grade powerful beings of the Vast Origin House had perished during the same incident, so the Vast Origin House was currently in an extremely feeble state.

Otherwise, if the Vast Origin House had been at the height of its powers, even Liu Ji would've been quite wary of it, and perhaps she would've been open to releasing Violet Spirit from her obligations if the Vast Origin House had stepped in.

Han Li nodded in response upon hearing this explanation.

Thus, the two of them chatted for close to half a day, discussing matters surrounding cultivation and daily life.

They were completely engrossed in their conversation and didn't notice the passage of time at all.

After a long while, the five-colored light barrier enshrouding the room suddenly rippled, and Lan Ying's voice sounded in the room.

"Have you two finished your chat? It's already night time, so our Vast Origin House is about to close soon. Brother Han, regarding the question you asked me earlier, would you like an answer to it now?"

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